A night Alone!

Pairing Riley/Zane

It was late nearly 12:30. Zane was over "studying" for the night because of a big imaginary test they had the following day. So in other words Zane was over spending the night and Riley's parents were gone to some convention. They were watching a new movie called "THe Olympians." The movie was boring but Zane had picked it out and didn't have the heart to tell Zane so.

Riley rolled over on to his side and looked at his boy friend. Hmm. He could look at him all day, he was almost flawless. Zane looked over and smiled. That smile made Riley melt.

"Hello, Gorgeous."

Riley looked around, "Where?" Zane Rolled his eyes. "Ri you seriously need to find better jokes."

"Whose joking?' Riley couldn't help but smile, this was Zane he was talking about. Zane rolled over to look at him better. He moved closer so they were no more than an inch apart. Riley looked up and down Zane's body and how close they had become.

"Zane you're offly close." It came out more of a whisper then an actual statement. Zane moved closer, "But you like it."

"I do, that is true." Then Zane did something he didn't nornally do he starting to kiss him, hard.
He rolled Riley on to his back and stratled his hips. Usually it was Riley who was Dominant but having Zane on top was making his body go crazy. Zane moved from Riley's lips to he throat and nipped and liked at this throat causing Riley moan "Z-Zane."

"Shhhhhhhh. No talking Zane's busy."

"This is so hot."

Zane pulled at the bottom of Riley's shirt and pulled it off exposing his perfect chest. He continued kissing downward.
His chest, his stomache, all over. Zane started to undo Riley's belt. Zane looked up "You are always in control, now its my turn!"

"You a-are so h-hot when you w-want c-c-control." Riley could barely control him self he wanted control but Zane was making it too hard to resist. Zane took that as a yes and removed Rileys pants revieling a hard on through his thin boxers.

"Now thats unfair." Riley spoke.

"What?" Zane thought he was doing well.

"You're still fully dressed." Zane smiled.

"Well let me fix that." Zane slowly stripped his clothed, teasing Riley. Riley let out a growl.

Zane looked down and let out a big laugh, "What was that."

"You're taking too long." Riley grabbed Zane's waist and flipped him over on his back. Good now he was in control. Riley finished stripping zane and became kissing him hard. Zane ground against riley making him groan. Zane started to move faster, the friction intensified. Riley removed the rest of his and Zane's clothes and slipped under the covers.

Zane was in for one hell of a night.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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