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Not A Fairy Tale

When I was young, my mother told me all kinds of things. Stories when I went to bed, threats when I was bad, promises when I was good. But the thing that stuck, what I still remember, is a combination of all three.

I was being bad, I don't remember what it was exactly that I was doing; just that it got my mother mad. I still remember her voice yelling at me, telling me that if I didn't behave the rest of the day I wouldn't get a bedtime story. I really liked my bedtime stories so I was good for the rest of the day.

Then that night, my mother told me a story about a princess whose three wishes came true. I forget most of that story now, but the concept was that the princess behaved, was good and wished hard every night for her three wishes to come true. She could only have three wishes for some complicated reasoning that my little self couldn't understand. But because she was so good, the wishes came true without any backfire whatsoever. I was in awe of the magical fairy tale princess.

"Mommy, if I'm good will all my wishes come true?"

"Yes sweetheart."


"I promise."

Like a fool, I believed every word that came out of my mother's mouth. To me my mother was so powerful; she could get my father to do anything she wanted. She was like a goddess and I was a naïve young little girl. All she wanted was for me to behave, she didn't really believe in the story.

But I did.

And I really wanted my wishes to come true. So I did what any other child who'd heard this story would do. I behaved, did all my parents asked and wanted of me. I ate my vegetables, cleared my plate at dinner, cleaned my room, went to school and so much more.

And every night, right before I fell asleep I'd make three wishes. The same three wishes every single night since I heard that story when I was five up until they backfired when I was thirteen.

How many nights is that? I don't know, but I do know that God must have hated me because not only did they not come true. The exact opposite happened.

One by one, they all became impossible in the worst possible way. All of my wishes, all of the things, the people, in my wishes faded away. They were all out of my reach and I, I was left with nothing. Utter darkness. And I did what any other girl my age, any age, would do. I cried.

Not for the wishes, no. The wishes weren't as important to me as the way the backfired. How they backfired. Who they backfired on. And they backfired so exactly like how I wished them that I knew; I just knew that it was entirely my fault. No one else to blame other than me.

And every night, instead of wishing for three wishes I wished to know one thing, just one thing. Why use everyone I care about, to punish me?

What did I do wrong?

"Wasn't I good enough Mommy?"

I never got the answer to that question.

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