The Immunes


I have always wanted to live inside the fences in a safe and protected town. I was infected by my father. I was ten at the time. I stayed with him until the end. He bit me through the chain link fence after he had Returned. My mother waited a day because the bite was not serious. She made me climb over the fence the day after I was Infected. I still remember her watching me reluctantly climb over the fence. Before I was even on the other side, my mother ran back to her cottage sobbing. I realized that is was her cottage now. Just hers. She was the only one living there.

When I jumped over, I was not attacked by the Avide. It was like I was already one of them. Two days later, I still had not died and Returned.

Five years later, I roam around the forest looking for food and water sources. The fever still throbs in my body. My heart still pumps blood. The Avide could care less about my presence. I am an Infected that will never Return. A true Uninfected. Ultimately an Immune.