Hey guys, long time, no write. I'm afraid, though, this isn't the long awaited 11th chapter. I'm done with this story. I've just gotten bored and don't really want to work on it anymore. I'm kind of sad about it, because I actually had a kind of good story coming up, after they recruit some people (one of which would be based on Noah from Total Drama Island which I was excited to write, although probably none of you know who that is) and talk to Casey's dad (I had no idea how that was going to work out though). At one little lab in Vegas, Casey and Chloe were going to get kidnapped vampires that were working for the Cabal guys in a completely unrelated to Chloe's gang way. Then there was going to be a whole rescue and other stuff that I hadn't really planned out. Oh, and the vampires would be hard core Princess Bride fans, actually incorporating quotes into their little threatening speeches and stuff. So yeah, it was at least a kind of interesting idea, but the work it would take to get there and make it fully formed wasn't really worth the trouble. I've just lost interest in the story, and for a long time I've felt like I have to keep working on it, not want. Plus, I have better things to do, as well as things that aren't better but I have to do. So sorry for anyone who still reads this damn story, and go ahead and hate me, but it won't make me start writing this story again. And I won't write any other stories for Darkest Powers for sure, probably not for anything else either. I've realized the worthlessness of fan fiction and really just how fricken' bad it is usually, and don't really want to be associated with it anymore. So, that's it guys. Sorry again for anyone who really cares. Bye, I won't be back.

(P.S. One last of my probably annoying opinions, the Hunger Games movie was ih, nowhere near as good as I hoped and worse than I thought they could ever make it. And what the hell happened to Peeta's leg! That bastard needs to lose an appendage!)