This is Edward's POV of his leaving in New Moon.

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight.

''I don't want you.''

Three simple words. How could three simple words be so very powerful? They began to take effect immediately. She was crumbling before my very eyes. However, I had to stay strong. It was what was best for. Even if it was tearing me apart inside. Even if she didn't realise it. It was what was best.

How could she believe me so easily? After so much time. After all my professions of love. How could three simple words erase all of that? Seeing their effect was like a knife twisting itself in my heart. She begged me to reconsider. I could not. I would not. I would do what was best for her. I would.

I saw the moment she gave up. So very easily. All her greatest insecurities realised. Her pain was evident in her entire body. I could see it. I could feel it. My face remained impassive. I had to convince her that I didn't care. I had to. She needed to be able to move on.

I asked her to be careful. To take care of herself. She said she would. She promised. I could only hope that she would keep that promise. The fact that she agreed calmed me. I vowed that she would not see me again. Then, I turned and left. I heard her calling for me. Pleading. Stumbling through the forest. Begging. Her voice and steps soon faded to nothing. I continued to run. It caused a wrenching agony in my chest, but I kept running. She would forget me. I would never forget her, but that didn't matter. She would and she would be happy. With someone else. Someone normal. The pain was all consuming. But I would bear it. As long as she was happy.

''I don't want you.''

Such simple words. Meaningless really. But today, they had a frightening power. The power to destroy the only true happiness of my existence. I would always hold her in my heart. Hopefully she would not do the same.

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