For the first time in her life, Ariana Osgood was finally free. Free from her past, free from her former life, free from all the drama that had recently unfolded.

Free from Kaitlynn Nottingham and her insane antics.

Her entire life she had lived with a shadow over her. At Easton, it had been her mother. Always pushing her to do the right things, say the right words, hang out with the right people.

In Texas, she had to follow Briana Leigh Covington's rules. She was still forced to say the right things and keep her cover under control.

And then, once she thought she had a fresh start at Atherton-Pryce, Kaitlynn had shown up. She was like Big Brother, always watching. If Ariana slipped up once, it was game over.

And now, it really was over.

Easton was gone, Briana Leigh was gone, and Kaitlynn was gone. She put Kaitlynn back in her past, where she belonged.

Not that she didn't have some help with that.

"Ana!" Lexa Greene shouted from across the quad. Ariana looked up and waved. She hadn't seen Lexa since last night, when they had taken care of Kaitlynn.

Lexa walked over to Ariana calmly, although she could see the red blush creeping up Lexa's face.

"Hey, Ana," Lexa said. Her blue eyes met Ariana's and she looked down.

"Is something wrong, Lexa?" she asked. She didn't like not being in the know. Especially with the fact that Ariana had just now found out a host of things about Lexa. Such as the fact that she was president of Stone and Grave. Or the fact that she knew about Ariana's secret relationship with Palmer Liriano.

"Oh, no. I was just thinking about, um, Lillian," Lexa said. Of course. After they had buried Lillian's body, Lexa had seemed very shaky. A few drinks had calmed her down, but now she was bound to keep thinking about it.

"Don't worry, Lex. I took care of it," Ariana said. This morning she had thrown out all of Kaitlynn's stuff, as well as forged a note in her handwriting saying she had left Atherton-Pryce.

"Oh, good," Lexa said. "You wrote the note and everything?" Ariana nodded.

"What did it say?"

Ariana shrugged her shoulders. "A bunch of stuff about how she wasn't happy here, and how she was going back to where she came from," Ariana said.

Lexa slowly smiled. Ariana couldn't help but following.

"I want to thank you again, Ana. For saving my life. I know how hard that must have been for you. To, uh, kill, your roommate," Lexa said, and Ariana had to stop herself from laughing.

As if she hadn't spent every waking minute of every day thinking of how to get rid of the bitch.

"No problem, Lexa," she said instead. "We have to have each others backs. Plus, you mean more to me than Lillian ever did."

Lexa blushed again, then looked into Ariana's eyes.

"Thanks, Ana. Plus, maybe it's for the best. That she's gone before she could hurt anyone else," Lexa said.

As Lexa looked down at the ground wistfully, Ariana let her words sink in. If only they were true.

If only she could have killed Kaitlynn before Kaitlynn killed Brigit.

Brigit, she thought. I'm so sorry you had to die. But don't worry, it's over. I took care of her for you. You got your revenge.

As she and Lexa walked toward the main building, she looked at the bracelets she was wearing. The one's that used to be Brigit's.

Revenge couldn't bring her back.

Nothing could.