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The terrible dream that had haunted me so many years was back. It had plagued me ever since the war. World War III. It was always the same.

I was always standing in a park. Danny and I already should have been out of town but when I saw Jed carrying Matt we had to stop. We couldn't move any closer because Jed would have made us leave and get out of town.

Jed was holding Matt struggling to keep them both on the park bench in all of their equipment. It was winter in Idaho which meant that it was freezing cold and had been for quite a few months. I could see that they weren't going to make it.

I had kept this false hope until then that maybe somehow they would get out alive and join us. It scared me, the idea of escaping. It scared me almost more than the idea of staying in occupied territory did. I knew that Andy wouldn't have wanted me to stay. I think that it might have been the thought of having to get out and really find out what happened to his kids was what made me leave.

I heard Jed telling Matt over and over again that it was going to be okay. Jed was taking care of Matt until the very end. This part always ended the same way. Matt took one last ragged breath that you could hear how strained and painful it was. Then Jed would look up from his little brother's face and look straight into my eyes, right into my soul and say "It's your fault, Erica. Matt would still be alive if he had left instead of you. Now he's dead."

It was absolutely terrible. I knew that it didn't happen that way but it always made me quiver. I did feel responsible for their deaths, all of them. I know that I couldn't have done anything but I still felt like I should have tried.