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Duck or Chicken?

Girly or Not?

A little girl with ebony locks and shining emerald eyes was watching her mommy. The little girl was seven years old and she loved playing on the swing set in the park that was closest to her house. The swing she was currently on was her favorite. It had been her mommy's favorite too. You could see everything in the whole entire park if you went high enough.

Currently her mommy was feeding her baby brother, Toshiyuki. He was two years old. She had an older brother too. He was nine! Right now he was playing with his friends. His name was Naoko. She loved Naoko.

Her mommy was waiting for the other Mommies to come and join her. They would probably talk about boring Mommy stuff.

The girl frowned when Shin and his mommy entered the park first. Usually they were last. Shin was as loud as his daddy and as annoying as a bee. Her mommy said that it was a shame that Shin wasn't more like his mommy.

"Hey Sumiko! Where's Takehiko?" Sumiko glared at the boy for interrupting the peace and quiet in the clearing. Shin had purple/blue hair just like his mommy, but that was about all he got from her. His sparkling blue eyes and the way he styled his hair (not to mention his loudness) were from his daddy. Her mommy was right, it really was too bad.

"You got here first today Shin. Congratulations."

"I did! Really? Are you lying to me?"

Sumiko nodded. "Yes you did, and does it look like I'm lying to you? He's not here is he?" But that wasn't entirely true, as soon as she'd finished saying this to Shin, Takehiko entered the park with his mommy.

Takehiko had brown hair like his mommy, but the similarities ended there. Takehiko had pale white eyes like his daddy (and like Shin's mommy). Shin and Takehiko were related in some way, but they were totally different.

Shin had his hair short and it was uncontrollable. Takehiko's hair was groomed and long.

Shin was loud. Takehiko was quiet.

Shin was annoying. Takehiko wasn't.

Sumiko liked Takehiko more than she liked Shin.

For some weird reason they were really good friends, probably because their parents were good friends. Sumiko hadn't thought about it much.

While the boys favored their fathers, Sumiko favored her mother. She may have had her father's hair, but the only other thing she got from him was his glare. Other than that she was her mother's child through and through.

When Sumiko said she liked Takehiko, what she really meant was that she like liked Takehiko. Usually Shin teased her about it. But whenever he did that, Sumiko teased him about Asuka. Asuka was blonde haired and brown eyed. She was lazy like her daddy and loud like her mommy. She was also Sumiko's best girl friend.

Shin had been talking about random stuff (mostly ramen) in all the time it took Takehiko to get to the swings where they were.

"Hi Takehiko!" Sumiko chirped. He raised his hand to her and she smiled. But then he used that same hand to whack Shin in the back of his head.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"For being loud. I could hear you all the way by the monkey bars." Sumiko's eyes widened. The monkey bars were half way between their mommies and them.

"You're a bully!" Shin said, pouting.

"You're stupid." Takehiko said calmly.


"Dead-last." That was something her daddy called Shin's daddy.


"Porcupine head!" Sumiko tilted her head. Shin's head did vaguely resemble a porcupine. She giggled.

"My head may be shaped like a porcupine but at least I don't have GIRL HAIR!" Sumiko gasped. Takehiko flinched.

"You…you butt!" Takehiko said, pointing at Shin. "My hair isn't girl hair! My daddy has the same hair as me."

"His hair is girly too. My daddy said so." Shin shrugged.


"Is too."

"Is not."

"Is too."

"Is not."



Sumiko sighed this could go on forever.

"Sumiko! Could you please convince Shin my hair isn't like a girls."

"Sumiko! Could you please convince Takehiko his hair is like a girls."

Sumiko sighed again and jumped off of the swing she'd been on.

"Sumiko!" Takehiko said. Waving his hands in front of her face. He looked shocked. "Don't do that! You might get hurt!" Sumiko inwardly smiled. So he does like me. Shin had said so…but he was Shin. And usually you can't believe what Shin says.

"Sumiko and Takehiko sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes the love. Then comes the marriage. Then…then comes..the…I don't know this part." Shin looked confused. Both Sumiko and Takehiko were blushing.

"Umm…Takehiko? Do you like me?" Sumiko half whispered.

"No. I was just worried if you got hurt because then your mommy would kill me and Shin. She's scary."

"Oh." She said softly.

Shin seemed to have forgotten what he was saying because he was once again asking her to tell Takehiko that his hair was in fact girl hair.

"Takehiko." She said, "Your hair looks like a girls."

Takehiko was shocked, to say the least. He'd thought Sumiko would stand up for him. Sumiko smirked at the disbelief on Takehiko's face. Serves him right she thought. But not even Sumiko could be that mean. She was about to continue when Shin started gloating.

"See! I told you so! Sumiko never lies!"

"Wait!" Sumiko said. "I never got to finish." Shin looked at her expectantly while Takehiko looked kind of nauseous. "Takehiko. Your hair looks like a girls, but I like it." She smiled at him and he smiled back. "I think it looks cool." Shin looked kind of disappointed. Takehiko looked happy.

Suddenly Shin remembered the rhyme he'd been singing and started all over again. He still couldn't remember the last part.

"Tag!" Sumiko said just to shut him up. She and Takehiko ran away from Shin who was standing there confused.

"Sumiko!" It was her brother, Naoko. "Sumiko! Takehiko! Shin! Where are you guys? We all have to go home!"

"Coming!" Sumiko yelled. Shin ran ahead of them and Sumiko and Takehiko walked at a much slower pace.


"Yes, Takehiko?" Takehiko quickly pecked her on the cheek, right before the entrance to the park where their mommies were waiting, both immediately blushed.

"Thanks." And then, still red in the face, he ran off towards his mommy.

"Hey Sumiko! Did you have fun today?"

Sumiko nodded. Her mommy smiled, "Well that's good. How about you Naoko?"

"I had fun Mom." Sumiko watched as her mommy pouted.

"When did you stop calling me 'Mommy' huh? I miss that." Sumiko laughed. Their mommy was weird.

That night Sakura was on the phone with TenTen.

"Even their names rhyme perfectly with each other! Sumiko and Takehiko!"

"So cute! I can't wait until they're married. They'll look so cute together!"

"I know!" Sakura squealed. Then said in a sing-song voice.

"First comes the love. Then comes the marriage."

"Then comes the baby in a golden carriage."

Both women were unaware of their children watching them.

That (sob) is the end.

Meaning of their names:

Sumiko: clear/pure thinking child.

Takehiko: soldier prince.

Shin: truth.

Naoko: straight, honest.

Toshiyuki: alert and happy.

Asuka: tomorrow fragrance.

Now, you can see why I chose the names that I did.

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