Chapter 1: Prologue


"Your Majesty!" a guard burst into the courtroom. He has two bull-like horns and a dark cape on covering the back of his silver armor. He had a third eye that resembles that of a Cyclops. His long waving purple hair flutter down to his shoulders as he back up a bit for interrupting.

"What is it, Rosario?" the king asked angrily for being interrupted. He was about to begin the meeting when the guards interrupted. The seven councils sat around him with a disturb expression on. It highly concludes that they absolutely did not like this interruption as well.

Rosario got down on one knee and kept his gaze on the ground in fright of what he's about to reveal, "Your Majesty, King Hades, the crown prince Lucifer escaped the underworld and had gone into the human world!"

"What!" King Hades roared loudly through the palace walls as he storms up and out of the room leaving the councils following behind. He continued to storm through the hallway into a pitch-black room where a single light manages to shine through the cover windows. Inside the light was an empty sword holder. The king growled angrily as he stops. Behind him, gasps were heard through out the palace.

"The sword Of Pandora's box!" shouted in shocked and disbelief from everyone in the one.

"My king," one of the council steps up. He wore a dark green cape and much to Rosario's comment, they are almost alike in appearance. The one thing that could tell them separately was that the council had green instead of violet hair.

"Bezel," the king replied in his state of shock. Bezel took this chance to finish, "My king, should we go after the crown prince. He possibly couldn't have gotten to far in the human world."

"Rosario," the king said impatiently.

"Y-Yes," he stammered in fright.

"Who else went with Lucifer?" the king asked in his calm voice.

"The General Marik and Vice-General Bakura, sire," he answered, a little relief.

King Hades let out a long and heavy sighed before turning to his council, "Find Lucifer! Capture the two general that helps him escaped. I want the Sword of Pandora's box back in the underworld before the total eclipse."