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Warning: Violence and gore. (lots of it)


The air around me seem seemed to grow still and the world seemed to pass into silence despite being in the middle of the city. I could feel the blood drain from my face and a shiver ran up my spine as a low chuckle broke that silence. I looked up to try and get a clear idea of what I was up against.

The only thing that came to mind, as I looked up at the creature that had been sent to destroy me, was that he looked like a giant homeless man. He was wearing an oversized sweatshirt, with the hood drawn up over his head, and faded, worn jeans. His sneakers were falling apart and the smell coming off of him was worse then Mrs. O'Leary after a bath.

"Um... who are you looking for? Percy... what was it...Jackson? Never heard of him."

I know it was a lame thing to say but my mind had gone completely blank. There I was, kneeling on the ground, with a chunk bitten out of my shoulder and in the shadow of this behemoth. The sun was quickly setting and the streetlights started to come on, casting his shadow even longer over me. After a few seconds he was kneeling down to studying my face in the dim glow of those streetlights.

"Don't play dumb with me, boy. I know exactly who you are," He said in an annoyed tone. "Ares made sure to give me all the information I would need on you, little hero."

My eyes widened as I realized I wasn't going to be able to talk my way out if this. I began to turn, ready to push off from the ground and run as fast as I could out into the street on the other side of the alley. Unfortunately, Tityos had other plans.

As quick as I was, Tityos was quicker. The moment I started to shift away from him his hand wrapped around my ankle. In one hard jerk he throw me across the alley and into the brick wall on the opposite side, like a rag doll. My head connected with the wall before I felt gravity's familiar tug downward. Pain erupted in my ankle as I landed in a heap on the pavement. I'm pretty sure it was at least sprained.

I heard his foot steps getting closer to me, and as I lifted my head a wave of dizziness came over me. I could only guess that I had a mild concision and with a sprained ankle my chances of getting away were getting slimmer. I drew Riptide and waited for him to approach.

Apparently he found this funny as a mocking laugh rang through the alley.

"What are you going to do with that toothpick, boy?" he said between chuckles. I narrowed my eyes, grit my teeth, leveled Riptide with his heart, and with my good foot, launch myself towards him.

His grin stayed in place as he ducked his arm under mine and then in an upward jerk, knock my arm to the side. The motion caused Riptide to slip from my fingers and skid across the alley's floor. My heart stopped as it skidded towards a storm drain, teetering for a moment on the edge before plunging into the sewer below. Now I had lost Riptide, and thanks to my own momentum, I couldn't stop myself before running straight into his chest.

His monstrous arm quickly rapped around my much smaller torso as he lifted me off of the ground. I felt his grip tighten and heard the audible crack of one of my ribs breaking and an ache the told me a few more of them were threatening to go.

"Come on demigod," Tityos said quietly. "I was told that you would be heard to take down. Don't tell me the Ares oversold you?" In that moment he let go and I crumbled unceremoniously to the ground. As my bad ankle connected with the pavement pain shot up my body and I had to clamp down on the scream that threatened to escape. Tityos moved to stand over me and started to fidget with the front of his jeans. "Oh well, this just means that we can skip to the fun part so much sooner. Now how in Hades do I get these damn pants off?"

What I did next may have been the dumbest thing I've ever done, considering that I was in no condition to run. It was so tempting, Tityos was just standing there, legs spread apart, all his attention on trying to figure out how a zipper works, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I kicked him in the balls.

A howl rang trough the alley as Tityos grabbed his crotch and fell to his knees. I knew it wouldn't be long before he recovered and came after me, angrier than ever, so I had to get as far from him as a could before that happened. Unfortunately this was much harder then I thought it would be considering my sprained ankle, broken rib, and the gaping, bleeding wound on my shoulder. I gathered all the strengthen I had and started to crawl as fast as I could to the opening of the alley. My best hope is that someone would see me and maybe a crowd would gather. Hopefully Tityos would back off if there were a lot of people around. Of course if he didn't, he might kill everyone and it would be completely my fault.

"Get back here you little bitch," Tityos gritted out as he took advantage of my momentary hesitation and made a grab for my calf.

"No!" I yelled in alarm as I felt his finger close around my shin. "Let go! Let go! Help! Someone!"

Screw it, I was out of options, my best hope was that someone might hear me and call the cops or something. As his other hand grabbed high on my thigh, right over my vine tattoo, I felt the panic rise on my chest. "Someone! Please! HELP ME!"


The air shifted. A strong odor of grapes consumed the alley. I didn't even need to look up to know that the calvary had arrived. Dionysus was here.

Tityos reared back with a loud screech, clutching the hand that had been on my thigh and the smell of burnt flesh seeping into the air.

"You!" Tityos screamed. "You dare interfere! I'll-" what ever he had been about to say was cut off and only a choked gurgle escaped.

Tityos stumbled back with a horrified and panicked look on his face. He started to claw at his throat, but it was a useless exercise as vines started to pour out of his mouth. His eyes began to bulge and bleed before being forced out of his sockets by the vines that quickly sprang out to fill the void. His struggling ceased as vines started to grow out of his ears. His body seemed to hang limply in the air before I notice a writhing movement under his hoody. The writhing became more frantic before his stomach was stretch as far as it could go and Tityos exploded into nothing but a massive pile of vines as blood splattered across the alley. The vines continued to twitch around before slowly retreating into the ground.

A familiar weight was suddenly in my pocket as I realized Riptide had finally come back. But even my sword's frustratingly bad timing couldn't dispel the memory of the horror that I had just witnessed.

"Disgusting animal," Dionysus growled out disdainfully. I turned to stare at him, my eyes wide and disbelieving what I had just seen. My head started to swim as the adrenaline started to fade and the blood loss started to get to me. Dionysus turned towards me and began to walk calm to were I lay sprawled out on the ground. Once he was in front of me he began to kneel down to survey the damage, but despite my best efforts, I could feel my eye lids starting to drop.

"It's alright, your safe now." Dionysus's voice sounded oddly soothing, and before I could decide if I believed him, my tired eyes had made the decision for me.

Ok everyone, I know it as short but it was action packed, so that's good right? I hope you liked it. Have a happy holiday season and if you have snow please stay warm (it's 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) here in Miami so I don't get a white Christmas, but I do get tourists... lots of tourist o_o)

Anyway, I love you all, so take care.