Hi everyone! A new multi-chap story from me. I've abandoned The Unexpected Visitor for the moment cos I had no idea where to go with it. This one is all planned out though and I know what I'm doing with this one :D Again thanks to wallygreengiant for the beta and the title ;)

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The water splashed across Cal's face, dripping down from the small stubble and splashing into the sink. His hands caught one more palm-full of water, wetting his face once more, before clutching onto the sink, holding on for dear life and praying for the thunderous racket consuming his mind to end. Too many thoughts were jumbled together, trying to vie for his attention, making him grip the sink tighter to stop himself from falling apart. One voice overpowered the others as he heard the words that chilled him to his core repeated over and over.

You have a daughter, don't you Dr. Lightman?

The sneer could be heard in his voice, you didn't have to be Foster to hear that. All thoughts now turned to the owner of that sneer, sending a shiver through Cal. In all the cases he had worked he had only met a handful of men like Aaron Clarkson; good looking, successful, egotistical, and a complete psychopath.

He shouldn't let it get to him, after everything he had been through since they had started the Lightman Group and even before at the CIA, he should be able to separate himself from his cases. This time was different though. He felt sick to his stomach as Clarkson's taunts floated around his head.

A headache began to form, thumping loudly against his temples. The thumping got louder and louder until Cal realised it wasn't in his head, someone was banging on the door to the bathroom. Two guesses as to who it is, Cal thought, smiling as Gillian Foster's worried voice wafted in through the closed door.

"Cal? Cal, are you ok in there?"

Despite the inner turmoil that was raging within him he managed to convince her that he was ok, or at least he thought he had. He was shocked when a few minutes later when the door flung open and Gillian barged in, locking it behind her.

She stopped short when she noticed his struggle and calmly reached a hand towards him, laying it on his shoulder in a comforting gesture. When he didn't protest she wrapped both arms around his waist, pressing herself flush against his back and resting her head on his shoulder where her hand had been only seconds before.

Comfort wasn't what he wanted, the anger and fear in him causing a hostile response, but this was what he needed. Trust Foster to know exactly what he required after a case like this, he thought wryly. Soon he found the embrace wasn't enough and spun quickly in her arms before wrapping his own arms around her and burying his face in her neck, breathing in her scent.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

He mumbled no into her neck causing her to giggle as his breath tickled her. Finally they broke apart, Cal trying to avoid eye contact and Gillian trying her best to read him.

"You're not gonna read anything here, Foster."

She released an exasperated sigh, her shoulders slumping forward in obvious defeat but she still offered him a small smile which he returned gladly.

"Whatever it is, Cal, you should talk about it. It's not healthy to keep it all bottled up inside."

"I know, luv. Don't worry bout me though, I know just who to talk to."

He hurried past her, trying hard to ignore the micro-expression of sadness that flashed across her face at his words.

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