"Kyril, stop!" Andarc called.

"What is it, Andarc?"

The party was at the border of the Midow Marsh: a watery, swampy area betwee the Northern Kooluk Border and its imperial capital . Anyone crossing it would be knee deep in water the whole way.

"Every step here will weaken you."

"I'll just use my Rage Sword Rune." Kyril replied.

"The entire way?" Andarc asked, "That will be just as tiring."

"So what do you suggest?"

"Corselia," Andarc began, "If you gave Kyril your flowing robe, he could walk across in safety."

Kyril went instantly red. Wearing something that Corselia had...it made him heat up.

"Then I'll have nothing to wear" Corselia said innocently.

Kyril clutched his nose.

"We have a one-piece dress in our bag of holding. Its almost as good." Seneca said. "Come on, I'll help you change into it."

She put an arm around the princess' shoulders and lead her behind a bush, winking at Kyril as she did so. The young leader fidgeted as he heard clothes rustle, and Corselia giggle.

"Kyril, are you ok?" Andarc asked.

"I'm fine." Kyril replied, voice cracking.

Finally the girls re-emerged, and Kyril's breath caught in his throat. It wasn't a formal dress nor was it entirely clean from being shoved in their bag of holding with all their other junk, even so, its effect on Kyril was staggering.

The bodice laced up the back and clung to her figure. The fancy necklace, the one they recovered from the bandits in the Calanbal ruins, shone like a star on her neck. Her gloves were simple leather, like everyone else was wearing, but on her they appeared as evening gloves. The way she clasped them in front, and her smile, and the ponytail...

"Kyril..."Corselia asked, nervous, "Does something look wrong?"

"No!" Kyril said quickly, "You look great!"

A becoming blush graced her cheeks, which made him color all the more.

"Maybe we should let them go alone," Seneca said elbowing Andarc, "Since their both water innates." The couple blushed.

"Oh...yes, their crush combo should work better too." He said. They laughed as the couple blushed harder, though Andarc's sounded awkward and rusty.

"H-here you go, K-kyril." Corselia said, holding the flowing robe.

"T-thanks, C-Corselia." Kyril reached out to take it, and actidentally grabbed her hands instead. Both gasped, but since the robe hid them, they entwined their fingers and smiled.

Heinz, the party pooper, spoiled their fun by reminding them of their journey. Andarc moved next to Seneca and said,

"Now you can't say I don't know how to relax."