"H-hey! Tobi, that's mine!" Izuna complained with his mouth full of bred. He had wanted to save his sweet, cream-filled snack (doughnut) to after breakfast… And then the damn Senju dared to eat it! Tobirama just licked his lips seducingly and grinned at his boyfriend's cuteness in response.

"And just what are you gonna do about it?"

"…" Izuna pouted childishly, but then got an idea for revenge. Smirking, he leaned in over the table and grabbed Tobirama's doughnut, and -


- threw it down on the floor.

Tobirama gaped at him.

"Oh, no you didn't…"

"Oh, yes I dii-iid!" Izuna grinned big time. Tobirama smirked at him.

"Oh really?"


"You're in big trouble!" Izuna mirrored the Senju's actions (the smirking part).

"Oh really?"

"Hell yeah!" Tobirama grinned theatrically, bringing a doughnut into view. Just as they were about to jump up from their seats to attack each other (playfully) and have a doughnut fight, the door slammed open.

"Hey, boys." Hashirama greeted, taking off his jacket. Their attention fell straight on the Senju.

"Hey, Hashi-nii."


"Have any of you seen 'Dara?"

"I believe he's at the library, studying." Izuna answered, taking a sip of his tea. He then noticed some doughnut-stuff on his boyfriend's face. "You got cream on your face, Tobi." He wiped it of with a finger, making the Senju blush in the process.

"… Thanks."

"You two are so cute together." Hashirama commented with a small smile. He then looked down on the floor, frowning questionly. "Why is there a doughnut on the floor?"


"… Were you playing a game with those? … One were Tobi is naked?"

"… Okay. Whatever you say." Izuna shrugged with a comical smile. "… The whole is a bit too small though." Hashirama raised an eyebrow, but then shuddered and rushed out the door not even a second later, not wanting to hear more, with the words:

"… I seriously DON'T want to know." Tobirama, too, raised an eyebrow.

"… Fine. Good to know. Feel the same way!" he yelled after him. His boyfriend titled his head in confusion.

"You don't know the size of your brother's…?"

"… No! … Do you…?"

"Yeah, of course! I mean… he's my brother!"

"… Y-yeah. Whatever…" Izuna smirked at his embarrassment, but then turned his attention on the doughnut still lying on the floor, picking it up.

"You know… we should try that game some time. It sounds like fun!"

"… No."