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September 3, 1980

Dwight Correctional Center

"It's really dark in here." Elwyn mumbled. A light flicked on and filled the small room with light. Elwyn sat in a chair on one side of a large table which almost took up the entire room. There was a microphone pointed at Elwyn connected to a tape recorder set up in the middle of the table. Elwyn looked up and glared at the lights. "Now it's really bright." The lights automatically flicked off and Elwyn sighed. "I'll deal." The lights went back on and the door she came in opened. She squinted to see who it was because the lights were still very bright. She silently wished she had her sunglasses.

"Your name kid?" The person asked from the doorway and closed the door behind them. It was a man. He moved to the table and turned on the recorder. Elwyn noticed he seemed tall, had a short buzz cut on his brown hair, and he was smoking. She groaned internally when she saw it and started craving some cigarettes.

"Elwyn Blues." Elwyn said and the man sat down at the other side of the table in a normal folding chair. The guards had shackled Elwyn's ankles to the chair. She told them it wasn't necessary but the guards claimed she was on a watch list. The man had a folder with him and he flipped it open.

"This says Elwyn Cohen." The man said reading off a paper in the folder.

"I changed my last name to Blues when I was 9." Elwyn said and the man nodded and looked down at the papers. Elwyn placed her hands on the table and looked at them. She pulled them as far away from each other as she could with the handcuffs on them. She relaxed them and looked at her fingers and inspected her nails. On her right hand, on each finger, is a tattooed letter. Starting with her pinky is E-L-W-Y and on her left pointer finger is an N.

"Kid do you know why you're here today?" The man asked and pulled Elwyn out of her inspection.

"Why do you keep calling me kid?" Elwyn asked. "And who are you anyways?"

"You're younger than me, I'm 27 and you're 26. I'm Agent Andrew Maynard of the CIA. Now, why are you here Elwyn?" He asked calmly.

"I can't be sure of what exactly." Elwyn started and Agent Maynard started to talk.

"Reckless driving on a public sidewalk, exceeding speeds of 120 mph, exceeding speeds of 100 mph under 'El' tracks, making a U-turn at speeds of 90 mph, exceeding speeds of 100 mph in Lower Wacker." He listed them off like a grocery list.

"Can I call you Agent Drew?" Elwyn asked.

"Sure, how can you explain those offences?" Elwyn looked around the room and shrugged.

"Well, I drive quickly." She said with another shrug of her shoulders. She moved her hands back down onto her lap.

"Elwyn, just tell the truth, start from the beginning. I have time." Agent Drew said and Elwyn looked down and played with the handcuffs.

"Wrong place at the wrong time I guess. Met some guys." Elwyn started to laugh quietly s if she was remembering something. "They were great; you better as hell have got them though."

"If you're talking about the Blues Brothers, yes we got them." He said back and Elwyn nodded. He moved a few papers around in the folder.

"Did you talk to them?" Elwyn asked after listening to Agent Drew shuffle around papers. She looked at him and his head was still looking at a sheet of paper.

"I personally did not, but they both said that we should talk with you and your sister." He moved a paper to a pile that he started near the folder.

"This was bound to happen, we give a couple guys our trust and they turn us in. Well you have them too, but still, we're here too." She looked down at her shackled ankles and waited for Agent Drew to respond. She maneuvered her right foot around and managed to get her shoe off then did the same with her left. She glanced back up at Drew who was still looking through the folder. Without looking down, she sat up straight and tried to pull her feet out the top of the shackles, but no such luck. "Agent Drew, do you know how long we've been on the run?"

"Elwyn, you've been running ever since you could walk." He continued to sort papers.

"True, wait, how do you know that?" She asked quickly.

"It's a fact of your life. You grew up in an orphanage; most of those kids don't go anywhere. Look around, this is where you are today." Agent Drew said with a shrug and continued shuffling and sorting.

"I never met my parents. I read in the police report that they brought me to one of the El train stations and left me there. Officer Cohen found me and brought me to Our Lady of Victory Orphanage in Calumet City. The report said the witnesses saw a teen couple, who looked frazzled, left me there. No one knew them though, so I never met them." Drew looked up from his shuffling.

"Go on." He said and gave Elwyn his attention.

"What do you want to know?" Elwyn asked slowly. He looked down at a paper then back up.

"How are you and Jade sisters if you were abandoned?" He asked.

"When I came to Our Lady, Jade was already a year old. See, her birthday is in July and mine is in December. We were assigned to the same dormitory. We just kind of liked each other more than all the other girls. We gave each other family there." She said and nodded her head.

"When did you meet the Blues Brothers?" Elwyn squirmed in her chair and looked down at her feet again.

"Can you unlock my ankles?" She asked and Agent Drew looked under the table at Elwyn's feet and noticed she wasn't wearing shoes.

"Tell me your history first, then I'll a guard to unlock you. Why'd you take your shoes off?"

"None of your business why." Elwyn and Drew glared at each other.

"Yes, it is my business." He said and Elwyn sighed. Lost that battle, she thought to herself.

"I was trying to get my feet out of the shackle. It didn't work."

"Where'd you go to school Elwyn?" He asked out of the blue.

"Isn't it written down somewhere?" She asked.

"I want to hear you tell me." Elwyn shrugged again. She thought to herself, I may as well help out.

"I went to the school at Our Lady till 6th grade, then Saint Christopher Junior High, and for High school Saint Mary Academy. They were all in Calumet City."

"You went to church right? All these Catholic schools and an orphanage ran by sisters, you must have." Agent Drew assumed.

"Fucking Penguins." Elwyn mumbled under her breath.

"Excuse me?" Agent Drew asked.

"Oh, nothing really. Jade and me called the sisters Penguins because that's what they look like. Penguins." Elwyn said. "And they sent us to Our Lady of St. Knock Church, and Sunday School every year till I was confirmed. Then they just made us go to mass every week."

"Did you go every week?" he stressed 'every.'

"Usually." Elwyn said and she started rolling up the sleeves on her blue shirt. She struggled at first with the handcuffs but managed to push them up.

"Did you meet the Blues Brothers there?"

"Jake was in Jade's class, Elwood was in mine."

"Did you know them before?"


"How did you meet them then?"

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