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September 3, 1980

Dwight Correctional Facility

"You like him didn't you?" Agent Drew asked.

"I did not." Elwyn snapped. "We were 7, come on." Elwyn counted in her head. "That was over 20 years ago." Well that makes me feel old Elwyn thought with a shrug to herself.

"Did you still call them the shadow boys?" He asked.

"Course, this was before the name change, so there wasn't any reason to call them something else." Elwyn said. Agent Drew nodded and pushed around some papers.

"So these boys, Jake and Elwood, essential got you into Blues music?" He asked. Elwyn smiled slightly.

"I guess so, yeah. They did."

August 11, 1961

The orphanages

"How long will you be gone?" Jade asked Jake who was across from her. Elwyn was sitting next to her, across from Elwood.

"That's the thing, I don't know how long." Jake responded. They all knew about being in a foster home, it usually wasn't too much fun. Jake was leaving tomorrow and he didn't know when he'd be back.

"The last time I was in foster, the people divorced." Elwood said.

"What'd you do?" Elwyn asked.

"I just sat there the whole time, didn't do anything. I think there were two other boys there too. But I made the parents crack." Elwood said triumphantly. Jade and Elwyn nodded silently. Jade didn't want to share her story of foster homes. She'd been in them twice, each time in a different place. The first time was with Elwyn. Jade was 5 and Elwyn was 3. They were at the home for exactly one week. They were placed a week before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving night they were promptly returned to Our Lady. Jade referred to that as the Great Turkey Explosion Event.

The other time Jade was alone. She stayed for around 3 months, this being last summer. Jade missed Elwyn terribly so she decided to wreck havoc on the house. She frequently decided to go missing, terrorize the family's cats, and attempted to set the house ablaze numerous times. She didn't mean to be bad, she just missed her sister.

Elwyn had been in foster a few times, one including the Great Turkey Explosion Event. Another time she just followed the mother around the whole day, literally only inches away. She was returned to Our Lady in a few weeks because she was nearly decapitated three times by a casserole dish.

August 18, 1961

The Orphanages

"Come on, we're almost there." Jade said supportively as her and Elwyn pulled Elwood between them. The three of them were walking by the factory entrance by the orphanages when a couple of older boys decided to attack. Mainly Elwood because his protector, Jake, was gone. The boys held back Jade and Elwyn and made them watch their friend suffer multiple punches.

"Go to Curtis." Elwood mumbled and the two girls nodded. Ever since they met Jake and Elwood they had became better friends. The boys would do anything for them as would the girls. They squeezed down one of the side alleys and pushed open one of the doors to St. Helen's.

"Which way again?" Elwyn asked quietly. Jade and Elwyn knew Curtis and the inside of St. Helen's very well now.

"Go right, down the stairs. Knock three times." Elwood said then took a deep breath. The bullies got him really bad. They turned right and went down a few steps. Jade knocked three times with her free hand. IN a matter of seconds, Curtis the janitor opened the door.

"Shit, what's this?" He said as he looked from the two girls then to Elwood who was fading by the second. He picked up Elwood and tossed him over his shoulder. "Come in." Jade and Elwyn ran into the room and Curtis closed the door behind them.

"Hi Curtis." Elwood said in a muffled tone as Curtis tossed him onto the beat up couch. The two girls stood at the bottom of the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible. Whenever they came down here, to the boiler room and Curtis's living space, they would listen to music and sing along. Elwood always tried to play along with his harmonica, 'he'll get it one day' is what Curtis keeps telling him.

Curtis took a first aid kit from under a workbench then set it on the table near the couch. He pulled out one of the chairs and sat down next to the couch. Elwood seemed to moan then cough. Curtis glanced at him, as if taking in the damage. He had a bloody nose that finally stopped but was getting dry under his nose. His tie was messed up and the front part was split so the insides were hanging out. Curtis raised his eyebrows over his own sunglasses when he noticed that Elwood's sunglasses were gone and in their place, was one blue eye and one black and blue eye.

"Boy, where are your shades?" Curtis asked and Elwood shrugged. Elwyn silently walked over to the table and Jade followed close behind her. Curtis and Elwood, with one eye open, watched them as Elwyn took a couple pieces of black plastic out of her shirt pocket.

"I don't think they can be fixed," Elwyn said as she put the pieces of Elwood's old sunglasses onto the table near the first aid kit. Curtis looked at the pieces then at the girls then at Elwood who was lying down on the couch.

"You needed a new pair anyways." Curtis said. The two girls smiled and Elwood grinned. Curtis stood up and walked over to a closet. "I'll ask how they were broken later." The closet door was open already as he reached for something on the top shelf. He glanced back at Elwood and the girls then took a box off the shelf.

Curtis set the box on the chair where he was sitting before and took off the lid. Inside the box were various odds and ends. He took out a pair of sunglasses that were identical to Elwood's broken ones and sat them down on the table. He reached back into the box and took out two more pairs of identical sunglasses. He glanced at Jade and Elwyn then handed them the sunglasses.

November 16, 1961

The Orphanages

"I'm surprised that they left you alone for a week though." Jake said. Elwood and Jake sat on their beds in their dorm. It was just before midnight now and Jake came back from the foster home after dinner. Jake was lying down staring against the ceiling while Elwood sat up and leaned against the wall.

"Hey Jake?" Elwood blurted after a long silence.

"What?" Jake responded half asleep.

"They gave me a black eye."


"It hurt." Elwood stayed silent and waited for Jake to respond. "Jake, they broke my glasses."

"They did what?" Jake sat up and looked at Elwood.

"Broke, my sunglasses." Elwood managed to stutter.

"I'm gonna kill them." Jake muttered.

"Curtis gave me a new pair though." Elwood mumbled. Jake glared at Elwood.

"I have to kill Curtis too now?"

"He gave the girls each a pair too."

"What?" Jake yelled at the top of his lungs. A couple boys stirred in their beds. "Now I have to kill them too!" He shrieked. Elwood shook his head and smiled.

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