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She couldn't control it. Emotions bottled up inside her.

"No…Gone. No… No… NO!" Katara lay there beside her. Tears welled up in her eyes again and Aang, Suki, Zuko, Mai and Toph gathered round to comfort her. Sokka, on the other hand, just sat there. No emotion in his face. Completely blank. He stared into the distance, not saying a word. He said nothing throughout the funeral. Nothing throughout the after party. Nothing. He couldn't.

His grandmother was dead. Kanna was dead. She was just…gone. The spirits took her. Sokka remembered her jolly face, he stain blue eyes, her open smile. The face of an older Katara. How could he face it if Katara died? Just like that, Sokka vanished. He grew faint, was sick, and got thinner and paler.

The only hope now… was love. Katara gave him hugs every day, even though she had her own sorrow to hide. Yet, Sokka was so strong. He smiled, he laughed. But still wouldn't talk

Then the special day came. His little sister was getting married. His little sister was going to be an adult. Man. When did it happen?

He walked down the isle, and for the first time since his grandmother's death, he spoke.

"My little sister is no longer a little girl. Nor a teenager. She has become a woman. She has gone through that phrase and will be leading her own life now. And the thing I'm proud of her the most, is that she never gave up. She made the right choices… Just like Gran Gran. My little sister has had the owner of capturing the avatars heart. She has used her wit and cleverness and food-" Katara laughed at his comment. "To make it work. I am proud to announce my little sister, Katara!"

Katara walked out on the isle and soon, the marriage was sealed. Sokka thought of his grandmother once again, her witty remarks, her beef jerky… His thoughts made him smile. He looked out to the horizon and smiled, then took a deep breath.

"Goodbye Gran Gran."

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