Title: Golden Silence
Fandom: supernatural
Rating: teen
Summary: Ruby had always been better alone.
Notes: This was written for the awesome lady ficathon for the prompt 'spn, Ruby, better alone'

Hell is (her borrowed brain freezes at the memories) a void where either you're being tortured or torturing to the sounds of taunts and screams echoing deep down into the abyss. Hell wasn't a place, it was alive, and Ruby concentrated on the belly of the beast itself. On a clear day, you could see miles upon miles of souls writhing in agony (crowded together, popes to popstars, all the same in their pain), but Ruby was never one for a view. Even when the tables turned, she kept her focus (her hands trembled the first few times she cut a soul open), tried to block out the rest of the mewling damned and mocking demons. It was how she knew the door was opening.

The fight was brutal (); hell heaved and groaned as the demons left their posts and the damned looked to escape; Ruby never looked back at the fallen.

She took to the skies as soon as she got to the surface. Speeding away from any demon, she rose higher and higher until it was only her and the clouds drifting in a golden silence.