Title: Blood for Roses
Fandom: BTVS
Pairing: Drusilla/Amy
Setting: Vague Season 2
Rating: Hard R
Warning: underage, I guess.
Summary: Witchy gifts and midnight magic in Sunnydale.
Notes: Written for the 10k LIllies porn battle prompt : Buffy the Vampire Slayer, vampire/human, I don't know how I ended up here.

"I don't know how I ended up here," Amy called out into the dark as she swung her legs over the edge of what felt like a bed and stood up with a wobble. "But, I need to go home. You can't keep me here." Half a dozen spells came to mind as she considered the situation she had woken up into. "Seriously though, I'm busting loose."

The lights turned on, too bright after the darkness, to illuminate a run-down room decorated like a Gothic Victorian parlor. A pale woman, her dark curls swept up into a bun, wearing a long red dress of lace and satin, stood in front of a closed door. "Not polite to leave so quickly."

Amy gasped at the familiar voice. "I know you."

The other woman bobbed her head with a small smile. "Called out to me in your sleep, you did. Invited me in. Such magic I felt in you."

"I thought that was a dream." Amy raised her hands to her mouth.

"No." In a blur, the woman somehow moved from the door to inches from Amy. She raised a chill hand and brushed the back of her fingers against the girl's cheek. "Neither is this, dearie."

Amy's heart sped up as she understood that she wasn't dealing with a human. She shouldn't have been surprised considering the night before last and what she thought had been her most inappropriately erotic sex dream yet. Amy lived on the Hellmouth, she understood the dangers, vampires shouldn't be the stars of her sexy time. The girl on girl part was pretty awesome though. Now that it turned out to have actually happened... Amy felt both fear and lust as well as a bizarre relief that her dad hadn't been home at the time.

The woman hushed her. "Now, now, no need to fret. I only wish to give you a gift." She stared into Amy's scared eyes before chuckling. "Not that one, silly." She smiled and tapped Amy on the nose with a index finger. "A witchy gift." She kissed Amy softly on the lips before leaning back to make eye contact. "Look into my eyes. Be in me." Her gaze was deep, dark, and intense.

Like Alice down the rabbit hole, Amy fell far into that stare. Boiling brews and drying herbs flashed in her mind followed by mad dancing around a bonfire then the images assaulted her faster and faster. Words hit her-chanted, yelled, whispered, and intoned-in so many languages that she couldn't keep up. Soon it was no longer images, but whole scenes, slowed and sped up, came to her mind of rituals done by people from around the global in mansions and in shanties Her brain hurt as everything started to piece together. Spells, amulets, rituals, summoning, conjuring – pure and raw magical knowledge downloaded into her brain. Thank you, Hecate, she thought. Amy didn't care about the pain anymore. She brought her face closer to the vampire's and held on to her shoulders. Amy's eyes watered.

The vampire pushed her back onto the bed with a giggle. "That's enough, my greedy pup." She tilted her head, looking down at Amy. "Promise me that you'll study your letters and dark craft?"

"Yes. Thank you so much, lady. I don't know what you did, but whoa, its spectacular."

"That isn't enough, Amy." The woman struck, pining her to the bed, and looking deep into her eyes. "Blood for roses."

Amy nodded, there was a price for everything, and let herself drift away in the vampire's hypno-stare. The bite felt like hot sin, her breath hitched, and she let her legs fall open wider. Maybe she ought to make deals with demons more often, she thought dreamily.

The vampire pushed her thigh against Amy's core as she tightened her grip on the witch.

Sparks and runes floated in her vision as she lost herself in the midnight magic.