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"Ron," Kim said, a shudder in her voice, "I had no idea it would be that big."

"Seems like I said something about that before I asked you over." He considered the sitch with something akin to annoyance. "So now what?"

Kim already had Wade on the Kimmunicator, filling him in.

"Man!" Ron's annoyance changed to anger. "I didn't want the whole world knowing about it. I think I remember saying 'KP, I don't want the whole world know – "

"Indoor voice, Ron! I can't hear Wade."

"Hold the Kimmunicator up," said the young genius, "so I can get a look at this thing."

"Awww, man!" Ron watched aghast as she did as Wade asked, completely ignoring his wishes on the matter. "Great. Why don't you call KXKVI while you're at it. Have them send down a reporter or two. 'Film at Eleven.'"

"Chill, Ron. That thing could be – dangerous."

"The Ronman has everything under control. I just need to know what to do to get it back to, you know, normal size."

"Tell Wade how it got like that in the first place."

The young man hmmed and hawed a moment, finally deciding that, at this point, he had nothing to lose. Or to hide. "You know that I lost that library book last week. A Brief History of Cheese."

"Boy, do I ever," came the tinny voice from the Kimmunicator. "What's that got to do with this? "

"When I got attacked by Dementor's mutagenic plants, I'm guessin' some mutagen got on me. And then when Mom asked me to bring in the groceries, I got it on the produce somehow." He regarded the gigantic fruit bulging from the Stoppable garage with something akin to awe. "That's the biggest date I've ever seen."

"That's not a date, Ron." Kim sighed. "That's a prune. Even I know that."

"Well, that explains why the date nut bread was such a disaster."