Title: The Ones You Leave Behind
Fandom: Dollhouse
Pairing: Dewitt/Dominic
Rating: Teen
Written for whedonland's gift extravaganza.

Adelle poured herself a stiffer drink than company policy allowed after she left the imprinting room where Topher was

putting the unabridged Lawrence Dominic back in his wedge and wiping Victor.

Three years.

He had been as ever present as her shadow for three years and she had no idea. Above all in the organization, Adelle

trusted Dominic. She still expected him, efficient and collected, at her side.

Lawrence Dominic had betrayed her for three years, she told herself.

It still hurt to contemplate but it was better than the night Echo uncovered it all. Three years together and she could

still send him to the attic. These were the thoughts that sent her drinking on the clock. She knew how much she could stand

and still function with grace and dignity without anyone the wiser.

Except Dominic, but he wasn't here.