Hello I'm AliceFan1888!I hope you all like the book I'm going to write!

Damon: Wait What your writing a book cool! :D

Megan: Congrats!

Logan: Yay!

Me: Yay I know I'm awesome!

Me: My fans I'll try to write everyday if you like it!

Thank you so much Nicholas Sparks!

Perfectly perfect not even close

Chapter 1!

The best part about going to school is you get to see your friends and you know your one step closer to grad!My best friends of all time are Megan Samoan and Logan Paterson and Bethany R (I don't know her last name). My worst enemies are Lena Sibson and Selena Demetrio. There is a guy I really like named Damon Garson and I liked him since the 3rd grade but that jerk Lena has took that sweet sweet heart and ripped it to shreds!Man, everyday she gives me more reasons to hate her more and more everyday. Lol. I think I got over him I kept saying to myself but my sista kept bugging me " Cassandra stop talking to yourself!" " Mary I'm not talking to myself just go sit by your best friend Alexandra!"Sometimes I wonder why cant I have a normal life? I get off the bus and get 3 bear hugs all around?"Cassandra!" I turn around there's Logan& Bethany& Megan. Of course Megan's on her phone again! So basically I'm dead!So I go "You guys need to stop scaring me like that! Sorry but we cant help ourselves!"So we walk guess what I see Damon holding Lena's stupid hand Like Emily Osment's song she's pretty, smart, and has really nice man. I'm just an average girl" Um guys I know you guys are in love with your boyfriends doesn't it suck that you don't know what they'll do?"What do you mean?"said Megan."Megan, I mean you don't know if they'll cheat on you!"They had to think. Nothin came out."Exactly!"I had thought that in my brain but after I heard how selfish that sounded. We go to get our classes. I have 5 classes with Damon&Megan.4 with Logan. And 2 with Bethany. So I go to home room with Logan& Megan& Bethany. When I enter Homeroom I hear Mrs. Simpson calls me over."Yes ? Cassandra the principal would like to see you."So I went to the principles office. I walk in and see Lena standing there. Oh no either I'm in trouble or Principles little princess wants something.( Lena Is the principles daughter)Principle: "Cassandra Clare, Lena would like to switch your classes with you would that be okay with you?.No Principle Sibson!I will not for your stupid loser selfish daughter! Excuse me?Dad Cassie called me bad names! Oh shut up evil step sister!I know sweet heart, Cassandra your suspended for 3 weeks!But sir!No buts!Go Home!

Me: Hope you liked it!

Logan: Liked it loved it!

Megan: Same

Damon: Yay

Lena: I hated it cause I know who your talking about FYI!

Me: How did you get on my page I blocked you!

Lena: You didn't do to well.

Me: Oh shut up and get off my page!Sorry about the fight hahahaha um embarrassing hahaha *Runs in room hiding face feels peps watching her runs back types* PEACE!

Megan: Both of you shut up your giving me a headache !