Title: Family Dinner
Fandom: Supernatural
Character: Gabriel
Rating: PG
Set: way way pre-series
Spoilers: most of season four and five
Summary: Gabriel tries a good old fashioned Sunday dinner to bring his brothers together. It goes as well as one would expect.
Written for vikki's prompt, "family dinner", for the SPN!angel comment fic meme. This is my second spn fic and I'm not sure how well I did at Gabriel. Enjoy anyway.

Gabriel sat at the table long after the others had left. He shouldn't have been surprised. Hell, he could have predicted the whole evening but just this once, he hoped that they could be within a mile of each other without the petty bitching and immaturity, maybe act like the supremely powerful and eternal beings they are.

Gabriel had hoped the mortal farce of a family dinner would provide a cozy ambiance that, along with the alcohol, would loosen the sticks from Lucifer's and Michael's asses. Instead Lucifer declared it all stupid, picked a small fight with Michael, and left after ruining the mood and driving away most of the dinner guests. Like a good host, Gabriel stayed at his party until the pathetic end. It wasn't a surprise, but it still stung.

Gabriel stood. He snapped his fingers, it all disappeared, leaving him alone in a void of his own making. Maybe he should finally give up, he thought as he walked away.