Title: Nightmares on the Edge
Fandom: Supernatural
Character/Pairing: Sam, Sam/Ruby
Rating: PG
Setting: 3.11
Spoilers: Vague ones for seasons 2-5
Summary: Sam sees farther into his own future than he realizes.
Notes: Written for vikki's prompt, Lucifer and Castiel face off in Sam's dreams., for the SPN!angel comment fic meme. This is my first spn fic and I find it to be very random. I hope I didn't botch Sam's voice. :D

There were reasons why Sam couldn't sleep at night; things he couldn't explain to Ruby when he jumped awake; he hoped they were nightmares. They never felt like dreams. It was like he was spying on something he shouldn't like when walked in on Dean and a girl once when he was fourteen.

His brain was in overload. Was he just receiving visions? Was he getting even crazier? Sam couldn't answer either question. It felt like shadows crept around his mind and wormed their way into every nook and cranny even after he woke up.

The nightmares were icy and dark and there was only one ray of light. The dreams faded soon after he woke, but Sam could never shake the image of a single white feather drifting to the ground.

Maybe his mother had been right and angels were watching over him.

Sam looked over at the demon beside him.

Ruby watched him through her sleep tousled brunette hair and smirked.

He reached for her, trying to shake off the nightmares in the only way he could think of, as he tortured himself with the knowledge that the angels were losing the battle for his soul.