Title: The Best Damn Mango I Ever Tasted
Fandom: Firefly
Character: Zoe & Mal
Rating: Teen
Written for whedonland's gift extravaganza. Pre-series.

This hen-pecked, piece of nothing rock that their battalion was bleeding and dying for had little going for it, Zoe thought, except for the sunsets. The second sun drifted to the horizon behind red clouds.

She sat on crate beside Mal as they ate the last mango on the planet in slices.

Echoes of laser fire reached their ears from miles away. It wouldn't be long until the camp would buzz, like a upturned hive, with activity. Until then they waited- hushed and still.

Zoe felt the fear creeping up as the sun finally set leaving the clouds bruised.

Mal handed her a thin slip of fruit with a smile. "Best damn mango I ever tasted."

Her throat felt tight as she mechanically chewed and nodded.

It wouldn't be long now.