Well, I'm kinda of rewriting some of the books so bare with me and please don't feed me to a snarlacc.

This is both an AU of Truce at Bakura and a continuation of my short fics: I'm Sorry, Lost and Found, Flowers, Answers; has ties to my fic Oath and contains spoilers for a latter piece.



Dominate, closing in on the Bakura System . . .

There was a certain buzz of excitement in the air, the Sklaven cackled with glee at the thought of soon bringing not only another human civilization under their control but also one step closer to bringing the traitorous Ashlans and Chiss under their control once again.

At least that was the mood on the Command Deck.

A few decks down the slaves the Sklaven had brought with them shivered. Some it was the fear of the battle that they knew was to come. Others it was the fear of being replaced in favor of a more pleasing looking newcomer. A few it was sorrow that soon beings would be ripped from their lives and become nothing more than manual labor for them and those that could touch the 'Flow' would be bred.

A few were curious about what the expedition would bring.

Dev Sibwarra and Ayrin Bitters, two of the latter, sent each other hand signals.

"Do you think that they'll find any Force Sensitives?" Dev signed. "They might find a few." Ayrin sent back.

"I wish that the Jedi were still around." Dev signed. "If the Jedi never were destroyed than we wouldn't exist." Ayrin sent back.

"At least it would be better than slavery." Dev signed back.

"Maybe," Ayrin sent as she blinked back tears.

Before she had been selected she had listened to her mother curse the Sith for destroying the Jedi Order. It broke her heart when her father explained to her how her mother had gotten many Jedi who had escaped the first wave killed and how she had only married him because she needed to hide. How she really didn't want her or her other siblings.

Why? Because love was against the Jedi Code along with children.

She could feel tears running down her cheeks at the memories.

I loved you because you were my mother. Would it have been so against you vaulted Jedi Code to have at least cared for my well being?

Ayrin failed to hold back her sobs. Soon the hold was filled with her sobs.

It's not my fault that you decided that to hold up the act you cemented your union and that I am the result of that night.

It's not my fault that you were mentally tortured every time you tried to teach my younger siblings and I the Jedi Way.

It's not my fault that I wasn't your first and last child.

I hate you! Ayrin thought bitterly.

Home One, orbit of the forest moon of Endor . . .

Luke Skywalker shifted in his seat.

They had received a transmission from a planet in the Outer Rim about 0310. They had said something about being under siege by a mysterious alien race. The aliens seemed to want to enslave them.

It could not be a coincidence that his dreams had been of an oppressed people, children ripped screaming from their parents arms, Force Users using their abilities to lift and move heavy objects from one place to another as beings with nasty looking whips watched and children that did not look like their parents.

He glanced across the table where Leia sat. He still couldn't quite believe that she had cut her hair so short. She still was beautiful and now you could she that her hair was wavy.

He stilled a smile at the memory of Leia walking into the room just five minutes ago.

"They are willing to take assistance from nearly anyone." Mon Mothma explained. "We have discussed the situation and we have reached an agreement that we will send some help. The next question is we would like someone to represent the Alliance, people to both protect the representative and assist in the fight. We would like someone with plenty of battle experience so that they know when they are either over their head and need more help or someone that knows how defeat a stronger enemy with fewer ships."

She looked at everyone at the table.

"Does anyone have any suggestions for the person to help command the battle? Admiral Ackbar is not available because he left for home before the transmission. General Madine is a bit tied up planning for any attacks from any Imperials and many others are talking to their former friends in the Imperial Navy so that we can resolve this without any more people dying."

Luke mulled the problem in his mind.

I would volunteer to coordinate the space battle but I really don't have the experience of coordinating a space battle. Maybe . . . .

"Ma'am, I think I know someone who could keep an eye on the attackers. She helped coordinate dozens of space and ground battles. The only problems are that it has been twenty-three years since she's coordinated a battle, she's not in the Alliance and I'm not sure if she'll accept."

Everyone turned to him.

"Who do you have in mind Commander Skywalker?" Mon asked, curiously.

"Ahsoka Sci-Fi, she was a Jed Apprentice during the Clone Wars. She knows a lot about battle strategy and she learned from one of the best: my father."

Everyone was silent.

'Are you sure that she's okay with us telling everyone that she's still alive?' Leia asked. 'Yes she's fine with it. She just wants it made clear that the only reason she didn't reveal herself was that she had heard of the fates of the Jedi that didn't hide then when she had a duty to her family.' Luke responded.

Leia nodded.

"I do not recall a Jedi Apprentice by that name." An Admiral whose name Luke couldn't recall at the moment said. "I remember a Togruta girl that followed General Skywalker around like a shadow named Ahsoka Tano."

"I remember her," someone else said. "So hopeful and such a bright future."

"The last name sounds familiar." Another said.

"You would know her as Soka Sci-Fi, a independent freighter and transporter. She changed her name after the Purge and went to her home world. She married and had three children and was expecting the fourth when her husband was arrested for speaking out. She didn't join his cause out of fear of what would happen not only to her children but the village they lived in.

"After his death she purchased as ship and did odd jobs.

"She sensed a familiar presence, her Master, and headed here. She felt him die before she arrived. When she arrived she was invited to join the celebration. There she noticed Luke and she approached him and introduced herself.

"She told us her story on the shuttle ride to Home One." Leia explained, purposely leaving certain details out.

"She is trustworthy." Luke said.

"She can only say 'no'." Leia said.

Mon sighed.

"Call her then."

Ahsoka walked into Briefing Room.

She was tired and didn't understand why the Rebel leaders wanted to speak to her at an absurd hour.

"You wanted to speak to me?" she asked as politely as she could.

"Yes, we received a call for assistance from a planet called Bakura. They are being attacked by an alien race called the Sklaven.

"The problem is that we do not have anyone available or qualified to lead a space battle. However you have some experience in conducting space battles." Mon Mothma explained.

"I have experience fighting droids and a few organics, I did help plan space battles where we did outsmart General Grievous." Ahsoka said slowly. "But I am willing to lend my expertise."

"Does anyone have any objections?" Mon asked.

A few hours later Ahsoka knelt in front of her children Asha, Ptera, Rayn and Anakin.

"Be good for Asha, Rex, Coric and Lando." She told them.

"I'll be back before you know it." She said wiping away Anakin's tears.

"I want all of you to work on meditating while I am gone." She continued

"You said that already mommy." Rayn said,, smiling.

Ahsoka smiled.

"May the Force be with you Mom." Ptera said.

"May the Force be with you too."

With that Ahsoka stood and boarded the shuttle that would take her to the newly rechristened Star Destroyer Republic Dream.

"Now I know how my Master felt when he had to leave me behind for a mission." She commented to Luke.

"It must be hard leaving them behind, not knowing if you're going to see them again." A rebel solider said.

"I feel that I will see them again." Ahsoka said softly.

They docked and Ahsoka braced herself for the semi familiar sights and sounds.

She was surprised to feel right at home.

She made her way to the bridge, her heart pounding.

"Captain Gilils, set course for Baruka." She ordered.

"Yes Ma'am," he replied.

Ayrin held a tray of Andoian Tea in her hands waiting on some Sklaven crew members.

"Soon we will crush their defenses and then our landing forces will be allowed to land on the planet." The commander said almost gleefully.

Ayrin shivered.

The ship rocked.

"It's just that pesky fighter, pay it no mind." The Captain said disdainfully. "He will be imprisoned soon enough."

I hope he gets away. Ayrin thought.

Alarms suddenly blared and then the ship rocked.

Ayrin dropped the tray in shocked panic.

We're under attack!

The Sklaven shoved her aside and hurried to the bridge.

A few minutes later she felt the ship make a jump to Hyperspace.

What's going on? She wondered.