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Rekk was trying her best to look busy, guarding the emergency airlock.

This is pointless! Who's going to think of using the emergency airlock?

The ship shuddered, again.

Rekk hissed in annoyance.

We should have enslaved these people days ago! What are the elders waiting for?

Suddenly, to Rekk's surprise, the emergency airlock opened and a bunch of strange white and black beings stood there surrounding a human male and female.

Rekk shrieked in panic.

She reached for her shooter and fired.

The human female stopped many of the projectiles with her strange light sword. The rest more or less bounced off the white and black beings.

Rekk shrieked and tried to flee, only to be hit by a stun bolt.

Leia watched as a stormtrooper stunned the Sklaven and sighed with relief.

At least we're on the same side. She thought as she deactivated Ahsoka's lightsaber.

"Let's go." She said as she led the way out of the hatch.

For the first time in a long while Parus felt afraid.

They hadn't heard anything from Pasa in a long time.

There was the possibility that he had been captured, or worse: dead.

Parus hissed softly in pain.

Leia led the group through the ship, the stormtroopers were blasting anything that looked suspicious and stunned or killed any Sklaven they ran into.

Leia thanked the Force again that these stormtroopers were on her side. These guys had a deadly efficiency about them that reminded her of the 501st.

Carus hit the computer again, hoping that it would just start up again.

A younger Sklaven, Ki, burst into a fit of laughter.

"Shut up! Go see how close they are to restoring power." Carus growled.

Ki opened the door and shrieked in panic.

Carus turned just in time to see white armored beings burst into the room.

What are they? He thought as a red bolt hit him in the chest.

Ki hit the floor shrieking in pure terror.

"What should we do with him?" a male voice asked in Basic.

"We should see what he knows." another identical male voice said.

Ki found himself being picked up and placed in a chair.

"Do you understand us?" one of the asked in Basic.

Terrified, Ki nodded.

"Good, now do you know where is the human male that your people brought up from the surface?" One of the males asked.

Ki was silent for a moment, turned the words over in his mind.

Do I tell them that he was taken to the Bridge? He wondered.

"Well?" One of them pressed angrily

Ki wailed softly. Too scared to say anything at the moment.

"Careful Echo, you might scare him." one of them said.

"We owe it to the General to rescue his son Fives." Apparently Echo said.

Ki was silent.

"He's . . . he's . . . ." He trailed off.

"Spit it out." One of the men said; they all sounded and smelled alike.

"Bridge, he's on the Bridge." Ki yelped.

"Thank you,"

Ki sighed with relief only to shriek in panic when one of them pointed his weapon at him.

He shrieked again

Echo sighed.

"All that noise he was making was beginning to make my head hurt." he told Fives after he stunned the Sklaven.

Echo and his small group stepped back into the corridor.

"He's on the Bridge." He told Leia.

Leia closed her eyes, searching the Force like Ahsoka and Ani taught her.

She was soon rewarded with Luke's bright presence.

She could also feel the way to go.

"This way." She said.

Jess knew that he and the rest of his group was lost.

I should have stayed with the group instead of chasing that blasted Sklaven! He thought angrily

Just then he spotted the Sklaven.

The Sklaven saw him as well and darted into a room.

Jess hesitated.

It could be a trap. He thought.

"It could be a trap." He voiced out loud. "Do you guys still want to chase him?" he asked.

The men in his squad nodded.

Carefully they approached the door.

Jess gave Code the signal to open the door.

The door opened and they all pointed their blasters in the room.

Frightened screams rang out.

Jess's jaw nearly dropped.

The room was filled with beings.

They're slaves! Jess realized.

His eyes scanned the crowd for the Sklaven; he found him and shot him.

The beings screamed again.

"If you understand me raise your hand." Jess ordered.

Hands were slowly raised.

"Okay, tell those that don't understand Basic that we are not going to hurt you. In fact we are here to make sure that the Sklaven never hurt you again." Jess said.

Jess waited for his message to be relayed.

There were cries of joy to pleads to leave them.

Jess wasn't completely surprised; many slaves wanted out of their lifestyle but there were a few that clung to it because it was all that they knew or they had been lured into the trap that they needed their enslavers.

To put it bluntly Jess was disgusted.

Luke stood on the Bridge of the lead Sklaven ship.

He could feel Leia drawing closer with similar but different presences.

The corridor to the bridge was suddenly filled with stormtroopers and with them stood Han and Leia.

Luke frowned.

'What are you doing with them?' He asked, curious.

'They practically begged Captain Thanas to let them come and help rescue you. They said something about wanting to fight with a Jedi again and rescuing you was something that they had to do.' Leia responded.

Luke smiled.

"Surrender or die." One of the stormtroopers said.

Some of the Sklaven bolted for turbo lifts and the rest reached for their weapons. Those that reached for their weapons were quickly mowed down.

They allowed the ones that fled into the turbo lifts to live, for now.

Luke watched as the stormtroopers raced onto the bridge and started to check on the controls.

"Everything appears to be secure." One of the troopers said.

"Thank you Echo." Leia said.

One of the troopers dropped next to Luke and cut off the binders on his hands.

"Sir, is it true that the leader of your battle group is Ahsoka Tano?" The trooper asked.

"She's Ahsoka Sci-Fi now." Leia said.

Luke got to his feet.

"Thank you." He never thought that he'd be thanking a stormtrooper for freeing him from anyone.

"Your welcome," the trooper replied.

"Ma'am, Echo, Jess and his squad are missing." One of the stormtroopers reported.

"Have you tried to raise him over the commlink?" Echo asked.

"Not yet." Was the response.

Parus raced for an escape pod.

We'll have to abandon the slaves.

High Command isn't going to be pleased about this. He thought as he and a few others slid into a pod.

Losing all of the slaves in this group.

I should have never brought all the slaves on board of the Dominate! He thought miserably.

A few days later . . .

Ahsoka sighed as the medical droid finished examining her.

"You are free to go." It said.

Little Anakin beamed.

"Thank you," she said as she slid off the medical couch.

She took her son's hand and stepped out of the room and immediately froze. Stormtroopers filled the corridor.

"Good to see you back on your feet commander." One of them said

Commander? Ahsoka nearly frowned.

"Commander it's us, the 501st." Another one said.

Ahsoka heart pounded in her chest.

"It's good to see you alive and well." Another one said.

"We thought that you were dead." Another one said.

Ahsoka reached out with the Force and felt no malice.

"Echo, Fives, Jess?" She finally asked.

Three heads nodded.

"Are you going to kill me?" She asked.

"That would go against orders." Jess said. "Skywalker told us that we were not to be harmed."

Ahsoka smiled slightly.

"Welcome back guys." She said.

"It's good to have you on our side again." Echo said.

Jix watched as a ship docked and two old stormtroopers descend followed by three togruta children.

The children ran straight for Ahsoka.

He watched as wrapped her arms around them and laugh.

Jix smiled.

They have their mother back.

I should just leave. It will be better. The only person who's feelings will be hurt are Snips. She really likes me and-


Jix jumped at the sound of the retired Commander Rex's voice.

"Planning on leaving?" Rex asked.

"Considering it." Jix replied.

"You should stay, your Uncle D would want it. After all Luke and Leia are his children and Ahsoka was his apprentice who better to help them then their cousin."

Jix's jaw dropped.

Rex smiled under his helmet.

That was fun! He thought.

"Besides I saw that look on your face when Snips was greeted by her children.

"They like you."

Jix swallowed.

"But I haven't told them the truth about my employer. She'll hate me!"

"You never know." Rex said.

Rex turned to leave.

"Oh and we disabled your fighter and hid the parts. SO you can't leave until you talk to them, or at least talk to Ahsoka."

Gaeriel Captison watched as people milled around the hanger bay.

"I guess this is good bye." She said to Luke and Leia.

They nodded.

"We destroyed most of their ships and the rest fled.

"Ayrin told us that if this fleet failed then they would wait for several years before attacking again." Leia said.

Gaeriel sighed in relief.

Leia, Luke, Ahsoka, Jix, Han and Chewbacca bowed to Prime Minster Yeorg Captison.

"It has been an honor Minster." Ahsoka said.

"We hope that you visit again." Minster Captison said.

"We look forward to it." Leia said.

"May the Force be with you." Ahsoka said.

"And with you." Minster Captison replied.

"I need to speak to you guys as soon as possible." Jix said.

"We can speak after we are in Hyperspace." Ahsoka said.

Jix nodded.

Ahsoka stood on the bridge of the Republic Dream.

"Prepare to break orbit." She ordered.

"Yes ma'am."

"Set course for the rendezvous point." Ahsoka ordered.


Gaeriel watched as the rebel ships disappeared into hyperspace

"He's meant for another." Eppie said.

"What?" Gaeriel asked.

"Luke Skywalker, he's meant to be with someone else." Eppie repeated.

Gaeriel sighed sadly.

"He deserves someone who doesn't judge him because of his status as a Jedi." Gaeriel said.

Jix sat in a Conference Room.

Ahsoka, Luke and Leia sat around the table.

"So Jix what's so important that that it can't wait for later.

"I worked for Lord Vader."


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