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Chapter 7



I lay there holding the sleeping form of the girl I am crazy about. I've had a crush on Hayley (and a few other girls) since grade school. Yeah, I've dated girls here and there but nothing lasting. Mainly because I never thought I truly had a chance with Hayley. She is so out of my league. Thankfully to the Troop we have gotten a chance to get to know each other better. Where we would likely never interact otherwise due to our differing social circles, we are now friends. Not just friends but best friends along with Felix.

My crush growing the closer we became and the more we worked together. I let it slip when we pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend to catch the Eris Fairy. But not wanting to embarrass myself thinking she didn't feel the same way, I told her I was just faking that I was just doing my job.

I don't think I fooled her though. When she and Felix wanted to be eaten by the Zylork she used it against me to escape. She approached me, still beautiful although covered in sugar and sprinkles. Her voice got softer and huskier as she seductively moved closer to me. She talked about creamy nougat in her husky tone. She kept moving closer and closer until she was inches away. I was too entranced to move. My lips parted for a taste of those sugary sweet lips. Unfortunately, I discovered the deception when I was clocked in the back of the head with a ladle by Felix.

I wondered if she started returning the feeling. An extra long hug after a mission here, a lingering look there, dirty looks towards the girls I've asked out. I wondered if those were all my imagination, wishful thinking. But last night she kissed me! The conversation was getting heavy and I thought I'd break the tension with a joke, but somehow her kiss on the cheek turned into so much more.

I could not believe Hayley Steele kissed me. But her quick kiss left me wanting more. I did not let the chance to kiss her pass me by. I pulled her in for more. It was the "making out" that I had been dreaming of since Hayley told my sister we were doing back at Christmas.

She fell asleep in my arms. Nothing felt so right like that moment. I was afraid it would all disappear when she woke and thought about what happened. I felt her stir. She turned her head toward me.

"Good morning." I brushed some hair out of her face.

"Good morning." She smiled and leaned up to give me a small peck on the lips. I let out the breath I had been holding. It wasn't all a dream. She still wanted to kiss me.

"How are you?" I smiled down at her.

"Hmmmm." She hummed as she smiled.

"We should get up." I said reluctantly. The last thing we needed was for Mr. Cooper to arrive and neither of us dressed. Especially after they trusted us alone together.

She groaned. "You're right." She rolled out of the bed. I suddenly felt cold and lonely. I watched as she left the room. Dragging myself up I got ready.

I heard the phone ring and Hayley answer. I walked in to find out what the call was about. Mr. Cooper had called. We weren't needed that morning or afternoon so we had the day to do as we chose. The director of the North American region was to be in town and we were all to go to dinner with him. Mr. Cooper would pick us up at 5:30.

"So what should we do until then?" We had the whole day.

Hayley's face lit up. "Give me 45 minutes."

I went back to my room and turned the TV on. After 45 minutes Hayley walked in. She had our whole day mapped out. We were to do more site seeing. I groaned but went along as long as it made her happy.

After a long exhausting day we headed back to the hotel. At 4 pm there was a knock at the door. It was Sandy. Hayley was so excited. She pushed me into my room and closed the door to the connecting rooms.

An hour and a half later Hayley opened the door. Her face was flush with excitement.

"I'd like to introduce you to Sandy." Hayley announced proudly.

"Umm, I already met Sandy."

"Not like this." She smiled.

Out from behind Hayley stepped Sandy. I barely recognized her. Replacing the oversized, draping clothes were a form fitting top and a mini skirt. Her hair was down in loose curls draping her shoulders. Her face was accented with subtle makeup. Sandy looked gorgeous. She smiled shyly at me.

Before I had a chance to ask why Mr. Cooper knocked at the door to pick us up. He did a double take when he saw Sandy. Not having much time he ushered us to the car.

Mandy, Drew and the commissioner Dr. Brandenburg were already there. I remembered my conversation with Mandy last night. She cornered me at the restaurant wanting to kiss, but all that I had on my mind was Hayley. I had to break off whatever was going on between Mandy and me. It was only fair to her. She wasn't very happy but she was good about it. I still felt uncomfortable around her though.

When Sandy walked into the room every eye turned to look at her. Drew's jaw dropped. I chuckled to myself as his feelings about her were written across his face. I knew exactly how he felt.

I sat next to Drew across from Hayley and Sandy at the table. It was an interesting dinner. Dr. Brandenburg made speech about how proud of all of us he was and how we were making history with all of our captures. It made me proud to be a member of the elite Troop. After the speech and dinner we went as a group to a teen club.

Drew and I sat at a high top table sipping some cokes as the girls all went to cut a rug on the dance floor. We watched the dancing. Drew couldn't tear his eyes away from Sandy. I couldn't blame him as I watched Hayley move across the dance floor.

"Just tell her already." Drew said.

"Excuse me?" He had startled me.

"Hayley. You should just tell her how you feel about her." I turned to look at Drew.

"What do you mean?" I turned back to watch the dance floor. I tried to play it off.

"You love her. I can see it in your face. Just tell her. " He looked at me with a smirk.

"I don't know. Besides look who's talking." I switched the subject to him and Sandy.

"What?" He tried to pretend he didn't know what I was talking about

"Sandy. I've seen you watching her. You should tell her."

"Sandy doesn't like me that way. We are just members of the same team is all." He must be blind.

"Dude, did you notice how she looks tonight?" I asked him.

"Yeah. She's hot. I mean she's always beautiful but tonight..wow." He looked like he could eat her up.

" Its for you, you idiot. Why do you think she dressed up? Because she wants to get your attention."

"Really?" How can a guy so smart be so dumb at the same time?

"Duh. You should go ask her to dance."

"What about you and Hayley? Do you think its real or do you think it's the circumstances?" He had a point. What if Hayley is only into me because of our close proximity? I looked out at her dancing and laughing and it didn't matter to me at that moment. "I'll ask Sandy if you ask Hayley. Deal?"

"Deal." I agreed.

We made our way out to the dance floor. There was a fast song playing and we joined in the dancing with the girls. As luck would have it the next song was a slow one. I looked at Drew. He took a big breath for courage then turned to ask Sandy to dance. I then turned to Hayley.

"So you want to dance?" I asked scratching the back of my neck. She didn't say a word. She just reached up and put her arms around my neck.

We danced getting lost in each other's eyes. She smiled and leaned over and planted a slow, passionate kiss on me. I knew it was going to be a good night, but I couldn't get rid of the seed of doubt that had been planted. Was this just a circumstances deal or the real deal?

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