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Haha, blame my friend for introducing me to Hetalia…and the wonderful pairing of which is Arthur and Alfred. Btw, don't hurt me, this is my first Hetalia fic, and I accept constructive criticism!

Arthur opened his eyes, 'Ugh...what happened?' The British nation lifted his head and looked around, he was in a dark room. "W...Where the hell am I?" he asked out loud, he tried to stand up, but he soon found out that he was tied down to a chair, "What the hell...? How did I get here?"

Arthur's self-questioning was interrupted as a door opened and bright light flowed in. Arthur squinted, trying his best to make out the form that made its way in front of him, "Who are you?" he asked, tensing up. No answer.

Arthur gritted his teeth, "I said, Who are you!" Again, no answer.

Arthur was about to shout out a threat, until his green eyes locked onto the familiar blue ones in front of him.


But that wasn't the only thing that had Arthur surprised. Alfred donned a formal look, a White dress shirt with a Black jacket and Red tie, pants and shoes. A red handkerchief was tucked in the front pocket of Alfred's jacket.

Arthur was shocked, "AL-?"

Alfred quickly put a finger to his lips, "Shh..." he shushed. The American nation gave a serious, but soft, smile to his ex-caretaker. "I'll explain later," Alfred whispered, "Just stay quiet for now, I'm getting you out."

"But-!" Arthur was interrupted again, Alfred's blue eyes sparkled.

"Shh...just for now, keep your sophisticated trap SHUT."

Arthur didn't like to be told to shut up, but he did so anyway. Alfred looked serious, so he obeyed.

Alfred quickly made his way behind Arthur and cut the ropes tying the Briton down to the chair he was sitting in.

The ropes fell from Arthur's arms and sides and the green eyed nation rubbed his arms, "Thanks," he whispered. Alfred smiled, "You're welcome," he whispered back, "Now let's get out of here."

Arthur wanted to ask, "Where IS here, though?" But he didn't. He stayed quiet as Alfred held his hand and led him out of the dark room.

Arthur had to blink several times as his pupils dilated from the brightness of the lights, 'Ow. The lights burn.' he thought.

The two males made their way across the hall and of course, there HAD to be security.


"Put your hands up! NOW!"

Arthur heard a muttered, "...Shit." and he glanced up at Alfred, his narrowed green eyes disapproving of the younger nation's cuss.

"STOP!" The guards demanded, Alfred just smirked at them, "Fuck no, bitches."

Alfred grabbed Arthur's shoulders, pulled out the red handkerchief and told Arthur, "Shield your eyes,"


Screw being silent, they were discovered already.

Alfred didn't answer; he just picked Arthur up bridal style and ran for the nearest window.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Arthur screamed, "Shield your eyes." He was cut off as Alfred repeated himself...and he jumped through the window, glass shattering as Alfred crashed through.

Arthur's stomach dropped as soon as he realized how high they were, "OH DEAR LORD!" Arthur shrieked; he didn't like heights. The Briton covered his eyes with the red cloth he had fisted in one hand, while gripping onto Alfred with the other. He heard the American laugh, "I told you to shield your eyes before!"

"ALFRED, if we survive this bloody mess, I'm going to FUCKEN KILL YOU, YOU BLOODY WANKER!" Arthur screamed, Alfred just laughed, "You've used that on me before, remember? And you never do since we always survive these kind of crap."

Arthur growled but it turned into a squeak as Alfred landed on a blimp that was coincidently floating by, ran across it and jumped onto the nearing roof-top. "There, we're not free falling anymore." Alfred laughed, "You can stop pinching my shoulder now and see for yourself."

Arthur's growl returned, "For all I know, you deserve being pinched for jumping through a window 25 STORIES HIGH!"

Alfred laughed again as Arthur set himself down, "So where the hell were we?" Arthur demanded.

Alfred's face solidified back into the serious look he had before, "You really don't know?"

Arthur shook his head. Alfred pointed up at the building they were at. Arthur's eyes followed...

and he blanched. His stomach dropped.

"...Are you bloody fucking with me?"

Alfred shook his head, "No. No I am not 'fucking with you'." Inwardly, Alfred's heart stopped at the indirect implication of Arthur's words; and he hid his rising blush.

Arthur was shaking, "I...I was held captive...IN A PLAYBOY MANSION COMPANY?"

Alfred shook his head again, "Not just any playboy mansion company...this one is for men." Arthur couldn't help but notice how his ex-charge's eyes flashed. 'Was that jealously I just saw?'

If Arthur actually took the time to notice, Alfred's eye was twitching, but it wasn't from laughter, "Francis thought, since they were holding a contest for a new model for their calendar, that you'd be the perfect choice. So, he sent you in. Tied up and all."

Arthur twitched, 'He's going to die.'Alfred continued, "I found out and knowing you, you wouldn't have lasted in that place, so being the hero, well, I acted the part of being part of the shoot and spirited you out."

"...And why may I ask, if I was only tied up, did I wake up with a rather large headache?" Arthur asked.

Alfred made a face, "...If I was told correctly, Francis accidentally smacked you over the head with a big roll of tape he thought he'd need should you had yelled for help."

'Yeah, he's dead.' Arthur sent a mental death note to his brother.

Somewhere in France, Francis shivered.

"One more question," Arthur turned to Alfred, "Do tell me why was I in a dark room all by my lonesome?"

Alfred made another face, "Francis put you there. He said, and I quote, "No need for those men to stare at him and take advantage of him in this state. Oh no, that will not do...""

Arthur was silent.

Somewhere in that same part of France, Francis shivered again.

Alfred frowned, 'At least he did something right...strange roving eyes on Arthur, I'll rip them out of their sockets!'

"Well..." Alfred said, breaking the silence, "Let's not stay on the roof. It's chilly."

Arthur looked back up at the building, "I wonder what'll happen now that they're one auditioner short," he asked out loud. "They'll just have to deal with losing the winner." Alfred said, shocking Arthur. Startled and wide green eyes followed as Alfred made his way down the fire escape. 'What?' Arthur gaped. "Hey Arthur! You coming down or what?" Alfred's voice snapped Arthur out of his stupor. "Y-yeah, I'm coming!"

~At Alfred's House~

Alfred and Arthur both breathed a sigh as they walked into the relieving warmth of Alfred's house. It got cold really fast and both males were rather pink in the face for being out there for so long.

When they got to Alfred's room, the American turned to face his English guest, "You can get the restroom first, I'm just going to get out of this tux…man, it's tight!"

Indeed it was, Arthur noted. Watching Alfred move in the tuxedo, the way the jacket rippled across his broad shoulders and how his ass looked in those tight, and sexy pants as he walked… 'What the hell am I thinking about?' Arthur yelled in his head, 'Why am I checking the idiot out?' As soon as that thought entered his mind, Alfred turned to him.

'…Sweet merciful lord…' Arthur's blush was hidden by the pink of the cold. Alfred was standing in the path of the bright moonlight, his hands on his red tie, trying to undo the constriction on his neck. It didn't help Arthur that, because of combination of bright light and darkness on Alfred, the American had to slightly squint to find England, his glasses giving off a sort of shine. Arthur had trouble breathing, for the sight in front of him sent him on a flashback to what he saw earlier.

'Damn sexy git.'

"Arthur? What's wrong?" Alfred was about to step towards him, but Arthur shook his head, "N-Nothing…"

His heart was racing, his blood was pumping, and also added to the fact that he couldn't breathe because Alfred was taking it all away. "Arthur…?" Alfred asked again, walking towards the still man in front of him.


The sound of tearing cloth froze Alfred in his tracks, his sapphire blue eyes locked onto his black jacket where a slight tear had formed on the hem of the right shoulder. "Shoot, I knew I should have taken this off earlier." Alfred muttered, his eyes narrowing in annoyance.

Something inside Arthur snapped. Green eyes darkened as the mindset of Britannia started to take over, 'The stupid idiot thinks he can switch into a mature act, look bloody sexy at the same time and think I won't do anything about it…?' Arthur's lips morphed into a feral grin.

'Well he has another thing coming.'

"Wha?" Alfred blinked in surprise when he saw the Briton appear in front of his face in a second flat. A deep laugh resonated from the man in front of him. Alfred yelped as Arthur pushed, well it was more of a forceful shove, him onto his bed and climbed over him. The Briton grabbed hold of the pair of handcuffs the American had but forgot to put away, and chuckled darkly. Alfred's blue eyes widened in shock and a bit of fear, but before he could even start to struggle, Arthur had snapped both of his wrists to his bed posts with the cuffs and leaned down close to his face…a little TOO close, Alfred thought and a pink hue dusted across his face.

Arthur smiled widely and whispered into the ears of the pinned nation under him, "You said before that the clothes were TIGHT, didn't you?" The Briton's smile softened, but the predatory glint in the dark emerald eyes of his didn't fade away.

"Well, let's see what we…no, I can do about that…"

Alfred gulped.

'Oh shit…'

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