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My summary:

One day, Bella decided to go on a walk through the woods like she did countless times on boring afternoons. But this time, she ended up with a scratched hand because she had slipped on the forest ground. When she was going to go home to treat the wound, she finds a large bronze wolf asleepnear a tree. When it wakes up, Bella is impacted by its gorgeous, intense and rare green colored eyes. But that's not all. The wolf had cured Bella's wound by licking it. A giant wolf that cures wounds…with its tongue? Now every afternoon, the bronze wolf comes to visit Bella and they often sleep under a big oak tree together. Till one night she wakes up to a man, instead of a wolf. But what happens now that she knows this secret? What happens when a strange man comes to take him away? Back to that place? From that day onwards, Bella's life takes an unexpected turn as she meets danger, passion, love and lust.

Helper With Stories' summary:

One day Bella was walking home through the woods. She finds a large Bronze wolf asleep near her house. It wakes up and they share a secret bond. Now everyday the wolf comes to visit Bella. They sometimes sleep under a tree together. Till one morning she wakes up to a man, instead of a wolf.




Sexual Content (adult situations)

Possessive Edward

Dark Jasper

In Love with a Wolf

Chapter 1- A guy?

Bella's POV

"The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations."

~ Eli Khamarov

I watched as he walked toward me slowly, cautiously. I smiled, letting him know that he could trust me, that it was safe to approach me. However, my reassurance didn't change anything. He was glancing to the sides as he walked away from the shadows of the forest, eyeing his new surroundings. He was very attentive to what was happening around us; it was clear. I could have taken a step toward him, but I decided to stay put, just letting him be comfortable, take his time.

"It's alright, it's alright," I assured him as he stopped when he saw a car pass by the road behind me. His ears flattened backwards as he crouched at the sound of the automobile. He was ready to run back into the forest, but my voice stopped him. His shining green eyes flickered to mine as he heard me. He was still crouched, however, and eyed the road as more cars passed by. It was clear that he was still very uneasy doing this, being exposed to the human eye, but it was safe now. Where I live, people are barely outdoors anymore. When they get home from work or school, they lock themselves up in their comfortable homes. No one will see him; no one is in the area, especially at 4 o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon. Nearly everyone is busy at work.

"Come on, it's alright," I said, smiling.

He took another step forward at the sound of my voice, but he was still glancing around. After a few minutes, he was in front of me. The breeze blew softly, sending my hair to fall over my shoulders and some strands resting on my face bothering me as I looked at the creature. His fur was long and bronze, and it blew backwards. He closed his eyes, breathing in deeply as the breeze kissed his face.

I never thought I would see him again… but I'm glad I did.

"Hello, again," I said and raised a hand out to pet his furry head cautiously. He let me.

He moved his head against my palm so I could pet him some more. I could only grin.

"I have never seen a wolf so big," I joked. I was petting him with both of my hands now; knowing he liked it and knowing he would let me. He wouldn't hurt me. "And green eyes. Usually, wolves are smaller, and they have dark eyes. You're different, big guy." I ruffled his bronze fur and laughed when he licked my hand.

"Gross!" I laughed. He just stared at me. "I'm glad you came back," I whispered to the bronze wolf. Big green eyes stared back at me deeply just like they were when I first saw him…

"Why did I even decide to come here today?" I wondered aloud as I walked in the wet forest. The forest ground wasn't a good place to be for people with poor balance skills, such as myself, to walk on. Roots of trees stuck out of the ground, moss covered every surface, everything's wet and slippery- I'm bound to fall -

I fell on the ground with a "thump" and grimaced as my butt ached. Damn that root of the tree!

"Ah hell," I whispered when I saw a scratch on my hand. It must've happened when I fell. I got up and held onto a branch of the century old tree beside me and eyed the wound on my hand. I need to go home to care this, I thought, and it's already getting dark, so…

I looked around to find the pathway that my dad had made here two years ago, so when I wanted to 'explore,' I wouldn't get lost. But the dirt covered up almost the entire pathway! How in the hell am I suppose to -

A loud snore cut my thoughts off. It was the sound of a sleeping animal; I recognized it well. My dog (he died a year ago) used to make those kinds of sounds when he was asleep. It usually meant he was in a very deep sleep. I wondered if it was a dog. The sound came from behind me, so I quickly glanced behind.

My heart stopped.

It wasn't a dog, or a fluffy animal. It was a wolf! A humongous, bronze wolf! It was fast asleep, curled up in a big fluff ball under a tree. Its head was resting on its large tail, his back arching up and down slowly as he breathed. Oh, hell! Oh, hell! I knew that I should run, but I couldn't. My feet wouldn't work! I hate it when my fear gets control over me! What do I do? If I move, he's bound to wake up. But I've been mumbling aloud before I saw it, and it didn't wake up. And how in the hell did I miss seeing this wolf here? It so big! Is this normal? Is this a different species of wolves? I didn't even know Forks had wolves.

I clasped a hand over my mouth -even though I wasn't talking aloud- and stayed absolutely still when the wolf moved suddenly. It stretched its front legs forward and made another sound. It was furrowing its brows, and I knew it was gaining consciousness!

Don't wake up! Please don't wake up. For the love of God don't wake up! Oh dear God, I'm going to die if it wakes up!

A pair if eyes opened slowly and flickered to mine.

It woke up!

"Oh God!" I breathed as it got up from the ground. It was eyeing me, even though I wasn't moving. I was trying my best not to tremble, or at least not let it see I was trembling.

The wolf walked over to me slowly. I closed my eyes tightly and held my breath, grasping the tree branch with all my might now. He's sure to bite me. He's going to kill me! But he didn't. All he did was sniff me. I opened my eyes as its fur tickled my skin, and its nose was all over my neck and hair. I stayed perfectly still, waiting for this wolf to stop sniffing me, and the moment he looked in another direction, I would make a run for it. Although I knew he would probably run after me…

When his eyes returned to mine, I saw the deep color in them, and I was shocked. His eyes were the most gorgeous shade of green that I have ever seen. Around the pupil, there were red rays that looked like the sun's, the tone of green had faint blue rays as well, and they had a glint that made it look breathtaking and terrifying all at the same time. The bronze fur complimented the eye color immensely. The wolf was looking at me deeply, his eyes very soft now. I wasn't as afraid as I was moments ago. Only because his eyes had a lonely glint, it made an impact on me. It called to me. It shocked me. I couldn't look away from this creature's eyes…

Only until he looked at my hand that I was able to look away from them. The wolf sniffed my hand that had been scratched and growled a little. It scared me now. Will blood make him aggressive, hungry?

Instead, he did something else. The wolf stuck out his tongue and licked the wound. I was shocked to see the wound disappearing, the pain vanishing. It healed it? Green eyes turned to mine again, and I looked at it in shock. Am I dreaming? Did a huge wolf lick my wound, and it vanished? I can't believe it.

The wolf walked ahead of me, and I followed it with my eyes. It was following the faint path. It looked back at me and nodded its head forward.

It wants me to follow?

I did so cautiously. After all, it did heal my wound, and it was walking on the path that Charlie had made.

In minutes, my house came into view. I looked back at the wolf, and met those green eyes. I wanted to pet him, but… would it be a reckless thing to do?

"Thank you," I said, even though I knew this animal wouldn't understand me. I walked through my backyard and glanced at the forest as I reached the house, but the bronze, green-eyed wolf was already gone...

I'm glad he came back, and that he's not scared to step out of the forest anymore.

I motioned him to follow me to the big oak tree that was located in the middle of my backyard. The humongous forest was right in front of us, which the wolf glanced at a lot. He lay lazily beside me, his front paws stretched before him. I began to run my hand through his fur, and watched him. He's such a strange wolf. I mean he cured a cut with his saliva? And he has green eyes?

"My name is Bella, by the way," I said softly. I grinned as an idea came. "Hey, I'm going to name you." I really had the urge to name him, even though he was a wild creature and he could never be mine, but I really just wanted to. "Would you like that?"

The wolf nodded its head.

"I thought so," I laughed. I placed my hand on my chin. "Let's see… How about…Wolfie?"

He glared at me, which made me laugh, but made my heart skip a beat. "Yeah, that's sounds… How about Dodger? Ricky? Tito?" Every time he glared at me. "Well… I am bad at naming..."

He yawned and laid his head between his large paws. He was so soft that the motion of petting him made me sleepy. The warm breeze added to the sense of calm around me. Without thinking, I rested my head on his side and closed my eyes. In seconds, I was drifting…

Something was tickling me. Something soft… What? Then there was the sound of a growl…

I opened my eyes lazily to find the wolf's face inches from mine. My eyes widened, and I jumped backwards with a yelp, and he stood up. Gave me a fright there… He stretched his long body and glanced at me, then at the forest, and then back at me.

"You wanna go home?" I wondered, petting him again. In response, he looked back at the forest. It was getting dark. The streetlights were already on, and the day was no more. It was dark. There was no moon -the clouds blocked it- there were only grey clouds, a sign that there was a possibility it would rain tonight. The breeze was cold now and smelled like rain, proving my thoughts.

"Go home, now," I told him and smiled. I watched the big bronze wolf run back to the forest disappearing from sight.

What a wolf, I thought as I headed back to the house. I'm so reckless. But he doesn't seem dangerous, although he is still a wild creature, and he doesn't understand anything I'm saying –at least I'm pretty sure he doesn't- but he has that lonely glint in his eyes, and he seems like a frightened kitten more than a big wolf. I wonder how he even got here. I mean, are there more of them?

I had the house all to myself for a whole month. Charlie was off to California because his father was very ill, and he was taking care of him. I volunteered to go as well, but he wouldn't let me. He said that I would miss too much school, and since I'm a senior at Forks High School, I couldn't afford it. Furthermore, I'm lucky that I can handle things on my own. I know how to do many things, since I practically took care of my mother, Renee, when I lived with her. I took care of the house, made sure the bills were paid, made sure there was food in the house and meals were prepared. My mother was careless sometimes, and she acted like the teenager she and Charlie claim I am not -although I don't know why they say that as if it was a bad thing. Would they rather I'd be a wild teenager?

I wasn't hungry, so I only ate a piece of bread with PB&J and then headed for my room to study. I checked my phone and e-mail before I sat down to study, however, and found two missed calls from Jessica, and an e-mail from Renee. I decided that I would just ask Jessica why she called me tomorrow. After all, I already knew the reason for the calls -her date with Mike. It was supposed to have been tonight. I'll just ask her how it turned out tomorrow. Then, I began to read Renee's e-mail, which was sent this morning.

Hi, baby!

I hope you're doing well! I wanted to tell you that Phil was planning a trip this summer to Italy. It's still undecided, but if we go, you know that there will be a ticket for you! Also, Charlie told me that you were staying alone while he was in California. I'm not going to say 'Be good,' because I know you are, but be careful!

PS. I hope you call me more often, Bella. You never call me anymore…

Love you, Mom.

I bit my lip nervously. She's doing the 'Please call me more often' thing… I hated that. The guilt was too much. I mean it's not that I don't like to talk to her, on the contrary, but I just… I began to type.

Hi, Mom.

I know that I haven't been in touch with you, but you know how I am with phones and such. I hope we can go on the trip this summer, though. Going to Italy would be cool.

Talk to you soon, Mom, bye-bye!

I was so tired, so I decided to skip reading the novel that we were studying in English -besides; I had already read it and just decided to go to sleep instead. Tonight, I dreamt of a certain bronze wolf.


It's been three days since the wolf started to pay me afternoon visits. It was like having a puppy. He waited for me in the shadows of the trees until I arrived home from school, then I watched as he appeared from them and came to me. My afternoons were basically resting with him against the big oak three, and lying there, reading, studying, eating… Right now, I was resting against him, reading the novel for my English class. The afternoon was calm and dry, which usually doesn't happen often in Forks. But sometimes, having a little bit of sun and warmth is good. It reminded me of the desert in Arizona, and the heat. I missed that.

I closed my eyes, tossed the book aside, and cuddled against the wolf, listening and feeling, as he breathed. His low snoring was my lullaby, and in seconds, I was drifting into unconsciousness just as he was.


It was so cold all of the sudden. I cuddled up against the wolf, wondering if somehow, the fur would help me get warm, but I found no fur.


I furrowed my brows as I touched something very soft, and it had the texture of skin. I trailed my hands up until I found hair. But it wasn't as long and fluffy as the fur my fingers had become accustomed to. My hands wondered around this strange yet familiar form. This form reminded me of a human body.

Wait, what?

I opened my eyes quickly as I felt a hand tangle in my loose hair, and a sigh as something cuddled closer to me. Hands…

I felt myself blush as I stared at a male chest. "What?"

I was trapped by a male body -a male, naked body. I couldn't see his face, I was staring at his chest, but he had one hand in my hair and the other on my waist, bringing me closer to him.

I screamed, which made him wake up, and he let out a yelp when I punched him in the face. I stood up quickly, my heart beating extremely fast, both by the embarrassment and by the confusion. He sat on the ground, groaning as he rubbed his cheek where I had punched him.

"Who the hell are you? A-and what are you doing here?" I stammered. I couldn't see his face; he was looking down as he rubbed his cheek.

"What the hell, Bella? Stop screaming, you're making my ears hurt like hell!" came his voice. His voice was like velvet but held annoyance.

"Who the hell are you? How do you know my name? And what are you doing here! And where's my wolf?" I shouted the questions at him faster than he could have answered them. Then something clicked. "And why are you naked, you pervert! L-lecher!"

He looked at me, shock and confusion written on his perfect features. "What are you talking about, Bella?" he asked me. His eyes were full of confusion. Wait… those green eyes… It can't be. But they look exactly as the wolf's, and his hair… It's bronze! But how -? No, it can't possibly -

"Wait," he whispered as he studied his hands. He had his brows furrowed as he studied his body. He gasped and touched his face and hair. He looked confused. "What the…?"

I got into defense mode as he stood up.

"Bella," he said, as he took a step toward me. There were so many emotions running across his face that I couldn't identify them. I stepped backwards, my guard still up.

"D-don't get closer!" I stammered a warning.

He looked taken aback. "Bella… It's me. I'm the wolf."

I didn't want to believe him, but he had those same haunting green eyes, that same lonely glint in them. Is he really the wolf? How is that possible!

He took another step forward. "It's me. Look into my eyes." he pleaded. Something told me it was him. Just by the way he was looking at me. Those green eyes, that lonely glint… It is him!

How did this happen?