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In Love with a Wolf

Chapter 24 – Red

Bella's Poin ot View

My eyes felt incredibly heavy, so I didn't dare to open them. My head – which was resting against something hard— felt as if I had been hit against the wall a million times.

A flash of scenes flashed through my closed eyelids, some I questioned if they happened or if they were a dream. However, I immediately discared that thought, because some looked far too horrible and painful to have been real. I couldn't imagine myself being tortured like that by those strange men in black and red.

But by the way I felt, every one of those scenes of me screaming in agony could have been real.

"She's conscious," I heard a woman announce. Almost immediately, I felt my heart skip a bit and felt my body jump just slightly when I heard that unexpected voice.

"Finally, after three days of waiting," another voice said. This voice sounded familiar.

I heard heavy footsteps getting nearer and nearer, then, when they stopped, I felt a very cold finger on my heated skin. "You can awake from your slumber now, little one. You've slept enough."

When I didn't move, I heard a heavy sigh. "Please, I don't want to hurt you." There was a pause, and when he spoke again, his voice roared like an angry lion. His rage could have made the most ferocious lion tremble. " Wake up, I said!"

I regretted the moment I moved, I regretted even more the moment I opened my eyes.

My vision drove me crazy the moment I opened my eyes. Even the dim light hurt my eyes. It was as if my eyes were burning; only blurry figures were all I could see.

It felt as if I was suffering from a migrane, only ten times worse.

"That will pass soon," the man said, his voice much calmer now. "Trust me."

I tried to focuse my vision on him, but I couldn't. Everytime I moved my eyeball the pain got worse and worse. I wondered what the hell happened down here; I wondered what did they do to me.

"Sebastian," the first voice said. "We must prepare everything. The most awaited day is only two sunsets away."

The man, whom I assumed was Sebastian, laughed darkly.

"You must sleep once more, but it's only for a little while."

This time, I looked at him, and through the blurry colors and lines and swirls that was my vision, I could see the shape of a man, a very tall man. Then I saw him life his arm, and the next thing I knew, something hard hit me on the head, and everything went black.

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