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"I almost can't believe that you brought him here..." Bran sighed and spun around in the small chair that the doctors often used when examining a patient. He seemed completely harmless, but Anna knew better, and so did the rest of the wolves in the room.

"Well what else was I supposed to do?" Anna asked with a stubborn glare at her mate, who was staring at the male that laid in the hospital bed.

"Not bring him to the hospital..." His voice was a low growl. Bran just continued to spin.

"Well sorry. I was kind of options. Besides-"

"Is Samuel on his way?" Bran asked out of the blue, his eyes closed to hide the beast that was roused at the smell of blood. And there was a lot of blood. Charlies took his attention away and shook his head.

"He's caught up in something more important he said. But he's sending someone else to take care of everything."

"Does he know of another doctor that can handle a wounded werewolf?" The Marrok asked, his shoulder visibly shaking. His control had faltered ever since his last mate, Leah, died. It's not that he'd actually liked her as a person, or liked her at all in general, but she kept his Beast in footsteps approached and the smell of foreign werewolf made his eyes snap open and they all looked toward the door which opened with a soft pop.

"Yes he does." Samuel grunted as he walked in.

"I thought you couldn't come."

"I'm not staying long. I just had to show her the way here." He huffed, his eyes giving away how tired he was, and how hard he was trying not to show it. Anna felt bad.

"Even though I told him that I could handle it." A young looking woman huffed and pushed Samuel into the room a little more so she could wiggle past him to see what she was up against. Her bright blue eyes scanned the room, though she was careful not to meet any of the dominant male's eyes. She wasn't stupid.

"Da, Charles, Anna, this is Candice Michel's. Candice this is-"

"Don't belittle my knowledge please Samuel, I know the Marrok, his other son and that son's mate by sight." She looked over at Anna and smiled, feeling like she was the only one that could be looked at without testing their patience.

"And you can call me Candi, everyone does." It wasn't like she particularly liked the nickname, it just happened to stick. Anna gave her a warm smile and a nod.

"You can call me Anna." She said pleasantly and looked over at Charles hesitantly, who was making a point not to look at the new werewolf who just entered the room. Anna rolled her eyes and looked over at the woman to really get a good look at her, since that was why she was holding so still.

Candice looked like a mix of Spanish and French. She was about Anna's height and build. Her hair was black as onyx and pulled back into a professional braid. Her eyes were a bright blue color, her skin was tan and her accent, clearly French. All in all at first glimpse, Anna liked her. When Anna noticed that the woman had started sweating, however Anna looked away to see Bran looking over her with his bright wolf eyes. Trying to hold back her fear Anna thought with a frown.

After a couple more minutes Bran looked away and Candi let out a silent breath of relief, her body relaxing visibly. Or was it only visible because of her wolf senses? Deciding that answer was unimportant she watched as the woman in the doctor's coat walk over to the bleeding wolf who smelled all too much like silver. There was something in the way that she moved that was off from what she usually saw. As if he caught her confused look Charles gave a knowing smirk. After Anna returned a glare his grin widened, but he elaborated in a hushed tone.

"She's a submissive, and what she did to Samuel was just a friendly gesture. She trusts him."

"So that was just a show?" Anna asked in surprise and looked up to see that Samuel had disappeared.

"Sort of. It was more her knowing that she was safe. The way Samuel reacted showed that she is his ally, and currently under his protection. Now that Samuel's gone, she feel unprotected, especially under the Marrok's gaze." Candi was busying herself with the patient pretending to not hear what they were saying. Anna frowned, suddenly glad she wasn't a submissive.

"Submissive wolves don't threaten the dominant males and they give them dominants the urge to protect them." Charles continued. "Normally they feel protected in their pack, but it seems that-"

"I have a pack." Candi said quietly as she checked his IV before clicking her tongue lightly. "Samuel's taking care of me just fine."

Charlies gave a wolfish grin. "Apparently we make her uncomfortable Da." He said looking over at his father.

Before Bran would reply the comment, the machine beside the bed started beeping wildly and the wolf's eyes shot open. Before she could get out of his reach the wolf grabbed hold of Candi's wrist and flashed fang. He was changing. And Candi was in danger. Before Anna could blink both Charles and Bran were over there removing the wolf's hand from the doctor. The second the two dominant males were near her, Anna could smell Candi's fear and panic. Not a good thing to reveal if you're a dominant, but she was submissive, right? So that must have meant that they felt like they had to protect her more. Anna suddenly felt a bit jealous, but she knew that she mattered more to Charles than she did. After all, he was just using his instincts.

The second that Charles broke Candi free she was flying out the door. Anna thought she was running but before she could say anything the woman appeared again holding a syringe full of an opaque white liquid.

"Hold him." Candi said firmly as she took a couple of steps toward him. Anna could hear the popping of bones as the Wolf shifted more. Cringing she looked away, so the next thing she knew the injured beast was laying on the hospital bed out cold still changing into his wolf. Bran was gripping the wolf in a fashion that if he just twitched his wrist he could break the beasts neck, and he wasn't letting go. Charles' face was unreadable.

"Da... Da let him go. He's no longer a threat." Candi took a couple of involuntary steps toward Anna who stood up and strode past her, touching her arm gently. Anna could feel the girl relax within milliseconds so she made her way toward the Marrok, forcing herself to be calm. If she wasn't calm, there would be no calm to give.

"Bran." She said softly standing next to him. "It's alright." Anna touched his arm and he stiffened more. It took a couple of minutes before Bran finally loosened his grip and let his arms fall to his side. Charles sighed and shook his head. He knew that the Marrok was too out of control. After a couple minutes more there were only two strong smells in the room. The main one was pain. That other wolf was in an extreme amount of pain and Anna wanted to soothe him, but she knew she couldn't. The second was, Anna assumed was, fear. It bit at her nose almost painfully and slowly her attention was turned toward Candi.

The woman looked calm on the outside, everything but her eyes and her tense muscles. She was afraid of Bran and Charles, but mainly Bran. Anna heard heavy steps running toward the room and Samuel burst in the room, taking everything in at once.

"I felt Da's power..." His voice trailed off when he took in Candi. He relaxed his shoulders, trying to seem calm for her, to relax her. "Candi..."

"I'm fine." She said quickly. Lie. Samuel frowned.

"You should know better than to lie to me. Go to the Storage room and cool off. I'll handle everything here."

"But-" Samuel looked her in the eyes and she immediately looked away.

"Go." Anna knew that was an order and immediately the other woman turned around and left the room in hurried steps. She was terrified. Bran remained silent but everyone knew how little control he had, and that was dangerous. With carefully planned steps he moved back over to the rolling chair and started to spin again. Charles took a seat closer to him this time and Anna was sitting close to Charles. Samuel shook his head and started to remove the silver bullet from the injured wolf.

The silence dragged on for an hour or so until Samuel knew he had to take a break.

"I'm surprised that he's still alive." Samuel said with a huff as he sat down.

"I was too." Charles said with a nod. Both of them were trying to avoid an unavoidable talk, and both Anna and Bran knew it. After a couple more idle words, it happened.

"Da..." Samuel said slowly to get his attention.

"I know." Bran said simply.

"Da you have to -" Charles started. Both of his son's were worried.

Bran moved to his feet and shook his head. "I will not talk about this." He said simply and strode out of the room. Silence loomed.

"Why did you send a submissive in here?" Charles asked simply, his business face on.

"She's dead afraid of almost all Dominant male wolves. She won't talk about it and I won't push it. I didn't know this problem was as serious or that Da was as close to the edge as he was. If I knew that was going to happen..." Samuel shook his head.

"He needs a new mate." Anna said airily and both males stared at her. "What?"

"I wasn't expecting..." Anna raised an eyebrow.

"What? That I knew what you guys were going to talk about? I have ears. I hear you and Charles on the phone mumbling about it. And I agree with you."

"Ever since Leah died he's been getting worse."

"I thought he didn't like Leah?" Anna certainly knew that she didn't. Standing up, Samuel moved back over to the patient and started working again.

"He didn't, but she was necessary." Charles said and leaned back, closing his eyes. With that, the conversation was ended.


Candi pressed her hands against the wall firmly to steady herself, her breathing labored and shaky. She wasn't expecting the Marrok to be in the room that Samuel told her that she needed to help out in. She wasn't expecting Charles either, and she was very successful in hiding that surprise. Her fear, however, she wasn't capable of hiding at all. Dominant wolves scared her. The males in her family... Shaking her head she pressed her forehead against the wall as well. She was sweating from the fear, and she hated how sweat smelled. Distracting herself with her own smell she announced silently that she had to take a shower as soon as she was able. Turning away from the wall she pressed her back against it and slowly slid down it so sit on the floor.

When she first met Samuel, when she was transferred to his hospital, she tried avoiding him at all costs. He was dominant and she could feel it throughout the entire hospital. Unfortunately, he knew what she was trying to do and immediately talked to her about it. He was... nice, and after a few short talks they started getting longer and she grew more and more comfortable with him. That was how he found out that she was a Lone Wolf. Submissive wolves and lone wolf don't go in the same sentence unless there's a don't in between them. It's impossible for a Submissive to last outside of a pack because that was just who they were. Samuel ended up telling Adam about her and she was taken into his pack as a submissive, though Candi only considered Samuel her pack, even though he wasn't anywhere near being so.

Wait, why is the Marrok even here? She asked herself silently then went very still. She heard footsteps coming directly for her and they were already in the room. Something metallic shone as it moved through the shadows. She could taste it's blood lust and just before it attacked, the door opened. The smell faded immediately and she let out a breath before looking up to see who just saved her life. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the Marrok.

With a sharp intake of breath she bowed her head and scrambled to her feet.

"Are you alright?"

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