Life sucks. Simple as that. Okay maybe not if it did we would all be slaves to someone, but no that's just me. Right now I'm running while actually more like trying to hiding, but mostly running. I just wanted to find a place where if I am found it looks like I just wanted to move. I wonder where I am I couldn't tell with all the trees around me, just lucky me I haven't tripped yet, yeah blood would be bad like really bad, it would just make everything harder for me.

I look up and see the sky, oh well that is terrible, great it looks like the sun is going down I need to hurry still before it gets late. Before I knew anything I was on the earthy ground which by now I hated, but that didn't matter at the time because when I hit the ground add a few seconds then I screamed. Oh man I could feel the pain from my ankle, I think I broke it not sure, but it did hurt I could feel tears that wanted to run down my cheek, but no I couldn't have that I had to deal, keep going.

"Just pick yourself off the ground Bella the pains nothing, you can fix it when you find a place to hide" I did just that picked myself off the ground and started to limp my way forward not knowing where I was, just knowing I was in a lot of pain, knowing I had to hurry the pain couldn't stop me I couldn't let it.

I needed to stop and lean on a tree I looked at the ground looking for something that would help, a walking stick. I could see a branch on the ground ahead of me prefect size. I limped toward it, picked it up and looking to see if there was anything wrong with it, nothing wrong, good. I began to limp again, but the walking stick helped.

"I might as well keep going I made it this far with out being found, I might as well go and find the next town, I'll stop and pick up some stuff like food, good thing I brought a bag I'll fill it with first aid stuff and good lasting food and drinks. Next I'll find a place where I can hide, where I won't be heard." I hated when I broke body parts, I mean I could fix them, but the pain sucked. Being human with powers wasn't all that great, it did cost me my freedom.

No it was just me she did say I was interesting but I was just a pet to her, a slave, she was lucky I didn't have the power to hurt her but I did try, well at first then she used that stupid power of hers, then I was hers. I could feel the wind go by me, gees it was cold here I'll have to buy a jacket, something light so I can run.

"I don't need anymore weight with me. Gees this ankle is killing me, no just keep talking Bella or think more anything besides the ankle you have been through worst, she put you through worst." I could never get her out of my head the pain she put me through, okay maybe not pain but what she put me through, I don't remember much but I do remember crying.

I could never fulling remember, all I can remember is flashes of memories, that is probably what she wanted, me not remembering, she didn't want someone beside her that was weak I could feel the anger for her setting in. I counted to ten I need a clear head when I find a town, oh speaking of towns I could see the opening of a town I looked around for a sign to know where I was. Deciding to stop to get my breathing back I dropped the stick.

"I really don't want people asking why I have a stick, at least if I'm limping I can say I have a bad leg or something" I decided to limp my way in town find a store, I needed crutches, food, water, first aid, maybe even pills. As I limped my way through town I could feel eyes on me, I didn't even look I just knew they were looking, seeing someone limp I'm sure is a bad thing but I didn't care.

After about five minutes I found a store I was looking for, I didn't really pay attention to the name to the store I just went in. It wasn't too big or too small it was the right size for a town like this. I didn't see really any food, that was okay I just needed first aid right now, going to the first aid lane I took all kinds of band aids, rapping, braces, mini first aids, peroxide, pills for all sorts for pain, sleeping pills, cold and fever stuff, I even grabbed a few toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste. I went to pay for my things, the lady at the till was not to tall, long brown curvy hair, blueish-green eyes, in short words she looked normal like everyone else in this town.

When she saw me her eyes went wide, maybe I should have cleaned up a little before coming to town, well here we go. I put my buyings on the till and her eyes widened even more if that is possible. When I was done, she stayed like that for a while until she remembered her job. After she was done putting everything in bags I remembered I need crutches.

"Excuse me miss but does this store sell crutches by any chance?" Of course she looks at me and notices my sore ankle

"I think you needed to go to the hospital it looks like your ankle is killing you do you want me to call them?" Would it be a good idea to go to the hospital, no they would ask for my name. As I was thinking should I or not I saw her grab a phone, I was fast I surprised people grabbing her arm I stopped her.

"No, no, you don't need to I'm fine I've had worst" While saying this I grabbed my stuff and handed her two hundred bills and almost ran out of the store. I slowed my limp still feeling eyes on me, they must have seen what happened, I mean I couldn't go to a hospital.

I stopped limping and leaned against a building wall, and sat on the side walk. Checking to see if I have everything, I put it into my bag, sighing I decide to check my ankle, damn it looks worst.

Okay think Bella where can you get crutches, besides the hospital, I could just go through the stores and ask if they have them, not a bad idea. Standing then, I started to limp while putting the bag on my back.

Going through stores asking if they have crutches didn't get me anywhere, nothing but looks, and here I am again sitting. Even though the last store didn't have crutches they did have little bags of ice, I bought two. I needed to rest, putting the ice bags on my ankle I put rapping around it to keep it there.

"I must be stupid, I mean if I didn't trip I wouldn't need to buy ice. I probably have two more days I can stay here then I can leave" I looked around the town, it was small but what I have seen, it looked nice and friendly but I couldn't trust anyone, she could just ask one of these humans and they would tell her.

I let out a sigh, today has been long and painful. I still didn't know where I really was I was in a hurry I needed to beat my body before it started to heal on its own. I looked up and saw a woman walking, she looked like she was going to pass by me I decide to stop her

"Excuse me miss?" She looked at me, head to my feet. Hey she stopped that all that matters.

"Yes? How might I help you?"

"I was wondering what the name of this town was, could you by any chance tell me the name?"

"Well the name would be Forks" Could she know where to find crutches?

"Thank you. Might you know where I could get some crutches?" She looked at me in a way that made me want to run.

"You could try the hospital." of course she would say the hospital, but I couldn't trust the doctors.

"Anywhere else I could try, I was hoping to stay away from hospitals. Might there be a store I could go to and try?" She shook her head for a moment think.

"Well if you find Doctor Cullen he probably could get you some, but I think you should get that ankle checked out. I could take you myself." I stood up so fast that to anyone around it wouldn't look normal but because of my powers it was normal to me.

I turned and walked away ignoring the lady's pleas to stop. I couldn't stop it was stupid to trust that lady I should have known that she would have said something. I kept on walking not paying any attention to things. Next I knew was I was on the ground dizzy and the pain in my ankle was worst then before, in front of me was a car, but not just a car a very, very nice looking car.

I think someone was beside me but I was still a little dizzy I had to shake my head to clear the dizziness it help and what I saw shocked and scared me at the same time. The women kneeling beside looked absolute beautiful, she looked like she should be in a magazine it even was perfect since she had long waving golden hair. I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was real to tell the truth she looked like an angel.

"I'm I dead?" She seemed to think this was funny, but she still looked concern

"No your not dead." The voice sounded amused but like wind chimes, unhumanily beautiful wind chimes. My eyes widened. Unhuman that could only mean one thing. I painfully stood up. There was probably shock and fear written on my face.

"You say away from me!" I had to whisper, I know I couldn't do anything if she wanted me. I could feel my feet making me walk backwards away from here away from her.

"Wait you should go to the hospital. Now just calm down." I knew she was trying to calm me down but I couldn't trust her

"Don't tell me to calm down when I know what you are!" My teeth were clenched.