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I stared.

I blinked.

I slowly sat up but didn't take my eyes off of my bond. My beautiful bond. Our lovely bond. She would be worried; so very worried. Most likely she would be disappointed that she didn't take Victoria's head.


God I had killed her.

I clenched my fist because I could feel the heat in them. I slowly stood to walk toward the ash and clothing? I was surprised that her clothing survived.

"Bella?" I didn't look up from my search. "Darling." I stopped for a second when Alice kneeled beside me. I knew I couldn't touch her when my powers were acting up. "It's okay." I took hold of the pants that Victoria had worn and I searched the pockets. I handed the phone to Alice without much thought.

When I went through next pocket and took out a small black object I almost dropped it to the ground. I took a shaky breath.

"A fucking taser." I growled and glared at the ashes on the ground. I stood with the object and just stared at it, then my eyes glazed over.

I could see Victoria hiding in the back of a car, the one thing I noticed was the removed cage that should be there to stop the wanted from lashing out.

A police car.

When I saw the door open I wanted to shout at Charlie to run but I knew even if I could he wouldn't be fast enough. The worst was that Victoria was able to hide well enough so Charlie didn't see her; all I could do was watch a monster hunt. Victoria let Charlie drive for a while until there was only trees on both sides of the road.

I didn't want to watch this really.

When Charlie reached over to change something with the heating Victoria took hold of his arm.

It happened so fast that it was all a blur when it finished. If I was able I would have gagged when Victoria fed from Charlie; I never did like watching vampires feed off of humans. The last thing I saw was Victoria going through Charlie's things.

The only thing she took was Charlie and...a taser.

I gasped when I focused back to the present.

My gripped tightened on the taser until I noticed smoke coming from it. I dropped it to the ground; only staring at it for a second or two before stomping on it.

"If she was still alive." I hissed out between clenched teeth. I flexed my hands and noticed the redness they had from the heat.

I pulled my hands away when Alice tried to grab for one.

"Bella? What's wrong?"

"Nothing just a part of my power has come in and I really don't want you to turn out like Victoria." I grinned at Alice's shocked face. I studied her face then started to pace.

"How long was I away? A day or two?" No probably longer. I nodded. "Your probably right."

"Why didn't Victoria just take me to Grace?" She probably wanted you to wake up to Charlie. I hummed my agreement.

"What was the need to kill Charlie?" Probably knew we would find the taser. "Put me off-balance to."

"What was I going to do about Grace?" Run?

"Run?" Yeah.

"Run?" Yeah

"Run?" I said yeah.

"Could I really run?" You could.

"No. So what else?" Go back and deal with her?

"Deal with her?" Yeah you know kill her. "Yeah because that would work so well with Grace's power...Not to mention Summer." I rolled me eyes. God your such a scary cat! "She'll still be a problem." ...Stay and stand your ground. I paused in my pacing.

"Stand my ground?" Yeah put it to her. I started to pace again. "Would that really work with her? It could just cause more trouble." How? "Oh come on she is almost as bad as Aro and his want for power. Remember there is a group of Coven people...and not to mention the Cullens. Oh and lets not forget the Shape-shifters." I sighed. "I swear Forks is like a gold mine for her." What else is there to do? It's either you fight or flight. I winced. She would love to get her hands on Alice. My eyes narrowed and I growled. "Leave her out of this." But you know its true! Alice is the only thing that can be used as a weakness for you now. "Thats...Thats not true." I mumbled but I knew Isabella was right. Oh come on! If Grace threatened your life you wouldn't care but if she threatened Alice you would put up a huge huff. I slumped in my pacing but didn't stop. "Your right." I bit my lip and took a quick look at Alice.

What if...What if Grace hurt Alice?

I sucked in a breath. I felt a strange feeling in my stomach that felt a lot worst then the thought about being taken away from her.

What if Grace killed Alice?

I froze in my pacing and just tensed. I felt a stirring in my body. I clenched my hands into fist.

I felt...

I felt...

I felt like killing someone.

I felt a pain in my hands and hiss from the heat. I stumbled to the nearest tree. Bella!? I felt a heat go through me and I knew I was 'awakening' to a new part...a new power.

Element fire.

I knew my eyes would look like fire; they would be wild with red, orange, and yellow.

I stumbled to the ground and groaned from the intense heat; I knew steam would be coming from my body. We are dangerous right now Bella. We could burn someone. None of the Cullens would know what to do.

Was it just the Cullens?

When I heard someone step toward me I growled.

"Stop! Stay away!" I knew my powers wouldn't hurt nature but people were another thing.

Times like these my powers scared even me because I knew I couldn't control them until the 'awakening' was done. It was one of the five times I was most dangerous; I was down right deadly.

"Bella?" I hissed in warning. "I'm not coming forward, just give me one word."

"Awakening!" I groaned the word out and after I had to catch my breath. "Fire!"

"Okay; Bella I need you to focus on one a single thing. Anything will do, but I need you to calm down. Now close your eyes and try." I did what I was told and tried to focus; I only gasped out when I felt a heavy heat pass through me. Should I come out and play. My eyes flew open in shock.

My Coven side.

She was right there, just at the edge of my mind. I knew she usual was there at these times but right now with the most important people close by was not a good thing...it was almost a nightmare just waiting to happen.

What would she do to Alice? I could hear her purr at my bond's name. We would have fun, that's for sure. I tried to climb to my feet but with the 'Awakening' happening I just fell to my knee. Right now I couldn't stop her even if I wanted to. I closed my eyes and tried to breath; I could do this, I could keep her down.

Then I heard an angel speak.

"Bella." Her voice was a whisper in the wind. "She's not you. Okay?" I only nodded and was happy to know the animal in me was settling. "Now I want you to focus. Can you do that for me sweetheart?" At this time I would do anything for her, as long as she helped me. I heard her chuckle. "Well I'm glad to hear that. Lets get you calm shall we."

"Ali-" I put my hands on the ground since it most likely was slightly cold and I was right.

"Shh Bella. Don't speak just focus now." She paused for a second and moved closer. "Why don't you focus on me." The slight purr to her words had my attention. I did what she wanted; I focused on her.

Her scent.

Her voice.

Her unneeded breathing.

Her touch...?


Then suddenly her lips were on mine.

For just a second I panicked that if I touched her in anyway she would turn into ash but when the second passed it flew from my mind.

My 'Awakening' was forgotten and my Coven side calmed down so my feeling of panic settled until it was gone. I felt like I was in heaven and all my problems were nothing to worry about so in that moment I relaxed and just enjoyed this moment for what it was; pure pleasure.

When Alice slightly tilted her head and brushed her thumb across my cheek I moaned without caring about the watching eyes. This is real and we aren't heading for our prison. When Isabella's thought hit me I pulled away.

Then I was sobbing.

I pulled back and rest my forehead on her shoulder; I was glad that she just let me cry.

I had almost lost my one and only;

My soul mate.

My mind.

My heart.

"I was so scared I was going to lose you." Then I was silent. I turned my head a little and noticed that there was actually a large group of people in the area. I took notice of Jessica and even Rachel was here. I sighed; they were worried...everyone was.

You know she'll be coming to collect you. I growled and straightened on my feet. You'll need more power to beat her. I looked down my leg and noticed that I didn't have my knife with me.

I would need power.

"Bella?" I ignored the question from the many people. I walked straight up to Jessica.

"Someone give me my dagger." I held up my right hand waiting for a second for it to be passed to me. I looked Jess in the eye. Will you be able to protect your bond's happiness? I swallowed. "Become my sister." I saw Jess blink and I heard one or two people gasp.

"Bella wha-" I cut her off with a look.

"Become my sister." I need to protect Alice, that was all that mattered even if I lost my life facing my greatest fear: my master.

"Bella I don't think you are thinking this though. Your feelings-" I snapped my head toward Jasper; my face in a deep glare.

"Jasper, if you don't mind your own business I'll be forced to take your head off your shoulders." I snapped my teeth at him when he took a step closer. I turned back to Jessica and held out my left hand. "Become my sister." Jessica ran a hand through her hair and gave a quick look at the other Coven people.

"Bella you should think this through before you decide this." I growled. "No listen for a second. Us becoming sisters would be totally awesome and sure we would become more powerful but what if I'm in trouble? If I was about to be killed, you would have to pretty much give your life for me and it could get worst since you don't know who my bond is. Remember that Siren? What if I bond with someone who wants your life?" I looked down at my feet. "I would happily become your sister after I find my bond then we can do this." I frowned and shook my head.

"No. I don't care who your bond will be. We need this Jess, I'll need you when Grace comes along because we both will need the strength and it might help with her power. I want to do this; its in my blood." Jessica's eyes flickered to the dagger then back to my eyes a couple of times before she sighed.

"Okay." She held out her left hand for me to take in mine; which I took without a second thought. I held the dagger over her palm but stopped to look in her eyes, I was glad I got a nodded; no words were needed.

She winced when I cut across her hand but we didn't stop. I didn't pause when I was done I just passed her the knife and I didn't even wince from the cut; I've had worst. I noticed that I wasn't the only one out of us that swallowed for this next part.

We both pressed our palms together like in a handshake but held still. Everything buzzed and I could barely hear the soft words that sounded like they came from Emmett. "Is that it?" I looked in Jessica's eyes at the same time she did. Our words mixed together almost sounding like one person.

"Our Goddess made us sisters, Our hearts made us friends, Our love keeps us bonded thru thick and thru thin. Bless you my darling and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister. She is my mirror, shining back at me with a world of possibilities. she is my witness, who sees me at my worst and best, and loves me anyway." We drew each other in an one arm hug our hand still connected as one. "Sisters. For now and forever. Sisters of Coven and now blood." We pulled away from each other slowly until our finger tips weren't touching. We both were breathing heavily; still staring into each other's eyes.

After awhile everything settled but soon I was blinking when I realized our last couple of words.

Sisters of Coven.

Sisters of Coven?

Then I spoke them out loud.

"Sisters of Coven?" I blinked a couple of more times when it hit me. "I'm part of a coven." Of course. We aren't wolves Bella Bear. "I belong somewhere?" I gasped out a breathe when I realized what this would mean.

"Bella?" I noticed something in Jessica's eyes.

"You knew. You knew I was part of a coven and you didn't say a thing. When did you realize?"

"When I heard your name, so pretty much when we met." I glared but I wasn't really angry because how could I be angry at my 'sister'.

"Tell me why you didn't tell me?" She looked a little nervous but nodded anyway; she knew I couldn't really hurt her.

"The Council found out about your Grace problem and thought it was better not to tell you until that was dealt with. That's why my brother and I want to help; your part of the coven." I study her and knew she wasn't saying something.

"What aren't you tell me?" She sighed.

"Look at your ring and tell me what it says." I looked at the writing.

"It says 'H-R Coven-Isabella Swan' I don't get-" I was cut off by a look she gave me so I studied the ring and actually thought about it. H-R. H-R. My eyes widened. "No! Absolutely not!"

"Bella come on. Don't be like this." I frowned.

"You really think I'm suppose to believe that I'm some High Royalty person. This has to be a joke."

"Bella please believe me its true; I mean how do you explain the fact that your more intact with your Coven side; you even can talk to her without any difficulty, not a lot of Coven people can do that. You should be happy about this, any Coven person would be jumping for joy finding out about this; I mean your Alice pretty much has bubble wrap around her that's how protected she is." I couldn't help the smile when she said your Alice. I ran my fingers through my hair with a sigh.

"I guess your right but its a lot of work from what I hear, plus I don't even know if I can take care of people. It's always been just me, I'm even getting use to having an actual family that cares for me."

"Hey it'll be alright. What are sisters for, I'll help you Bella and you don't even need to ask." I turned to Alice without another word. "Are you alright?" I nodded and took the steps to reach my angel.

"Sweetie?" I smiled softly at her, I slowly brushed her cheeks with my hands.

"I can protect you now." I felt the tears but I held them back.

"Bella you don't need to protect me. I'm a big old mean vampire that can handle things on her own." I brought my forehead to her's and laughed at her joke.

"But that's my job. I promise that I'll protect your happiness even if it's the last thing I do." I felt Alice tense and was confused. "Alice?"

"You think I would be happy if you got yourself killed?"

"Alice I-"

"No! Don't you know I wouldn't be able to live without you. I'd rather die then lose you because you don't care about your own life." My face screwed up in pain with realizing that I was causing her some pain.

"I'm sorry. All I want is for you to be happy and protect."

"Then you promise me that you will do everything you can to keep yourself safe. You promise me. Promise me Bella." I felt something in my being react to her words.

"You wish it and it will be done. I promise." I felt her relax at my words. I looked around and noticed that Edward was talking to the others. Was her telling them what had happened? Was he the reason that Jessica and her brother weren't here anymore? I saw the slight tilt and nod that Edward gave me.


"Yes angel?" Alice turned away but not quick enough that I didn't see the smile on her face. She pulled on my hand.

"Lets go home okay." I nodded and started to follow her. "You need a shower and a change of clothes." I nodded again not really caring; as long as I had Alice everything would be prefect. "Maybe we can even try showering together again. I nodded.



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