This is a story that I thought of while doing a little brainstorming for another story. Tsukune Aono, not so mild human, just learned that there are more than just Yokai monsters. Now knowing his true nature, he now has to help the academy that once deserted him because of his 'humanity,' or a war that's as old as time, will repeat itself once more. I don't own Rosario vampire and its characters. I only toy with their existence. Heh heh heh!

A typical day at Yokai Academy. Your typical classes, your typical off the wall school activities. But fortunately (or unfortunately in Tsukune's case) your typical staying alive exercise regime as he surprisingly dodged another blow from an attacking monster. The Frankenstein monster, standing at least eight feet, looked down at Tsukune whose red eyes glared at the monster, causing the monster in question to back away before being lifted in the air by Tsukune himself.

"You picked the wrong day to piss me off," he muttered before throwing him head first into a tree. "I mean, Moka in her super vampire mode decides to kick the living shit out of me for no reason at all what so ever, stating that I wasn't worthy of being with her. Then Kurumu constantly seducing me every chance she gets which results in Yukari saving me but asking me for a threesome with Moka…not happening." He then crouched down looking at the sea from the top of the hill. "And let's not forget Mizore's stalking me…at least she would be there for me. But after that little spat I had with them…" He remembered the harsh words from the rest of the monsters that found out of his humanity…despite the constant injections from Moka, he was still shunned that the headmaster kicked him out. Then he felt anger when he looked at the holy lock that kept him human.

"After all that I've done for him, the fucker still kicks me out!" he shouts angrily. "To think I thought I had friends. To think that I actually fell in love…all those feelings was a lie." He then stepped to the edge of the cliff and looked down at the ocean below as he held on the lock on his right arm. "I guess my only friend and love…is in the ocean below…death." At that moment, he yanked the chain off and jumped off the cliff. As he felt pain from the ghoul inside him being released, he was greeted with a feeling of calmness as he hit the water. Not far off from the cliff stood the headmaster with a wide grin on his face, twirling the Rosario of judgment in his hand.

Tsukune, my boy, he thought as lightning struck the waters and a figure with shoulder length red hair and silver highlights, semi pale skin and silver eyes with lightning pupils erupted from the water. I was hoping you would take this route.

The next day, the figure woke up inside the headmaster's office with Ruby staring at him with concern and shock.

"…Ruby?" he asked. The witch then smiled at him as she placed her hand on his cheek lovingly.

"Hello, Tsukune," she replied softly. "Who would've guess you were an actual monster." At that, Tsukune got out of bed and immediately and stood in front of a full length mirror. And the reflection that stared back at him scared him shitless. It wasn't the skin that scared him…nor was the hair that scared him (ok…maybe it was)…it was the eyes that stared right back at him. He opened his mouth to scream but stopped when he noticed the fangs in his mouth. Fangs that almost looked deathly like that of a…a…

"…vampire?" Tsukune questioned.

"You can say that," a voice said behind him. He didn't even bother to turn around to know who that was. A low growl escaped his lips as red lightning like energy encircled his entire body, causing Ruby to be fascinated and frightened at the same time. "Calm yourself, Tsukune…I don't need that untamed power of yours going out of control…young lord." Tsukune's eyes widened as he whirled around on Tenmei, the academies headmaster.

"Young…lord!" he bellowed. "What the hell am I!"

"A Makai Vampire. More powerful than your average yokai vampire…more powerful than…"


"She's an ant compared to the things you're capable of doing. Sure, you can turn your energies into pure raw power like your average vampire but you…well…the energies you're giving off should state just how much powerful you really are." Tsukune looked down on his right arm and found that the holy lock that was to suppress the ghoul within was no longer there, causing him to grin.

"…I take it that the ghoul is the least of my worries now, huh?" he asked finally as he realized that there had to be a good reason why the headmaster was telling him about what he is.

In other words…Tenmei wanted him to do something for him.

…wouldn't be the first fucking time he wanted me to do something to break my damn neck, he thought to himself while he glanced at the headmaster with a bored look on his face.

What do you want from me, old man? Tenmei's eyes widened into saucers before closing his eyes after realizing that the voice that he heard in his head belonged to Tsukune himself.

"You know me all too well…it's scary," he said finally as he motioned for Ruby to bring over a box and handed it to Tsukune.

Three days later

Tsukune was seen walking back towards the school gates in his human form as he processed the information in his head.

"You know of the monstrels that keep attacking you are part f the anti-thesis, or anti-schoolers if you don't understand," Tenmei had said. "I believe that the attacks from them are only the beginning for a much larger threat. The only thing I need for you to do is to…snuff them out, per se." Tsukune had opened up the box that Ruby handed him to reveal a black choker with a blood red gem. When he placed it on, he felt himself change back into his human form in a blinding flash of light.

"That choker acts like a limiter," Ruby began explaining. "It will hold back some of your powers…but not all of them. You're going to find out that your weaknesses are the same as a vampire of this world when you don't feed. This transfusion pack should last you for a few days."

"Remember…you must help this school," Tenmei finished explaining.

"And if I don't?" Tenmei gave Tsukune a look of distress that spoke great volumes.

"You don't have to help…if you want to see a war between monsters and humans break out."

He certainly has a way with words, Tsukune thought to himself as he formed a ball of energy in his hands and released. Immediately, he sensed that there was no danger around him nor the school. He was getting more and more used to his powers…especially facing off with Tenmei himself had brought out his latent powers of blood lightning. He has a point though…I can't let there be a war out in the human world. As he stopped in front of the gates, he was greeted by Kuyo and the rest of the Enforcers.

"I still can't get over the fact that this human is going to be an enforcer," he said through clenched teeth. "So…how much monster power did you borrow to get back into this school, trash?" Keito and the others laughed as Kuyo formed a ball of flame in his hand but stopped when he noticed a few things that seemed…off. First off…the clouds that was forming was glowing red as thunder was heard in the skies. Second…Tsukune seemed too calm to be standing up against his crew without the help of his harem. Third…Tsukune was no longer smiling…he was glaring at the crew with silver eyes as a few lightning bolts struck the ground where they stood. Snarling, Tsukune balled his hands into fists as one more bolt struck his hand. Even with his limiter on, he was still someone to be feared.

"Kuyo," he began as he tried to grab a reign on his anger. "I hope this is not your way of welcoming a new member into the enforcers. If it is…we are not going to get along. Human Tsukune is gone…fuck with me…and you will know your true place… dead. Are we clear?" Everyone including Kuyo nodded their head vigorously. "Good…can we try this again?"

"…welcome back, Aono…and welcome to the enforcers."

Readers please review this story. I'm also working on a persona fan fic but it's difficult with me being in the navy and what not so please cut me some slack I hope to get some reviews shortly. By the by…I recently started reading Rosario Vampire and fell in love instantly. Hope you enjoy and look forward to updating.