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Youkai Academy

Youkai academy…a place of learning. A place where monsters across Japan come to these separate dimensions and learn to co-exist with humans along with learning the basic necessities to survive in the human world.

On this day…it didn't look much of a place for learning. More like a warzone. Exodus watched half amused as the bell tower of the school came toppling down. All Kohaku and Kali could do was chuckle at the condition of the school as they looked towards the headmaster of the academy.

"…meh, it was time for it to be remodeled," he replied with a huge grin on his face. Issa only looked down and noticed the creature that he still had by his throat. The creature hissed before Issa rolled his eyes and flicked his wrist, breaking the creature's neck before turning to ashes.

"Unworthy soulless creatures," he muttered before his hair returns to jet black. He turns and found his youngest daughter, Kokoa, crouched on the ground staring at him with glowing yellow eyes. Her enemy's blood began dripping from the corners of her mouth as she grinned at him. Issa could only smile as he turned to his other daughter who just returned to her normal form.

"I would have to agree with you on that one, father," she began. "But if it was for the sake of protecting the place I've come to love, then it was worth…"

"Wasting our powers on the weak?" Ayane finished for her, causing the others to laugh as Ayane's pride as a vampire returned to her for a brief moment before resting her eyes on Exodus who only looked at her. "As for you…you…are a fool for starting this in the first place." Before he could even defend himself, he was stopped with a direct burst of demonic energy from Ayane. "BE SILENT!" Exodus growled before restraining himself in front of his ex mate. "I had to sit there…time and time again…calming Xanatos down from his Kaimerian rages. I've seen him as only the strongest of your kind and yet I've only seen him outside of battle crying that his life was never the same after what you did to him…YOUR OWN FUCKING BROTHER!" All eyes turned to Exodus with hatred in their eyes until something in the way that Exodus was acting made them stop in their tracks.

"…you…might want to get out of the way," he replied calmly as he bowed his head and braced for…something to attack him.

"Now why would we do something like that?" Omelia asked through clenched teeth. Before he could answer, he was seen flying back from an unseen hit towards the wall of the school. Unable to take the vibrations from his body hitting the wall, the whole school toppled to the ground.

"Well…there goes the deposit for the school, eh, Tenmei?" Exodus whispered as he was lifted in the air. He looked down and noticed Xanatos appear before him with eyes glowing red with rage.

"You…ASSHOLE!" Xanatos bellowed, his demonic energy swirling around him with his rage. Exodus calmly clucked his tongue as he looked over at Ayane out the corner of his eyes.

"That," he then motioned his head towards his enraged brother. "Is why." He then grunted in pain as he felt his brother's grip around his neck tighten. "I take it…things didn't go so smoothly…in the human world?" His answer was only answered with Xanatos squeezing tighter around his neck.

"Do you realize what you and your sideshow freaks have done?" Xanatos all but yelled. "It was by your companies hand that now an emergency meeting with the makai's will now be held." He then turned his back on his brother to eye his fellow makai. "To issue our punishment." Rex only shook his head slowly as Cervantes growled in anger, realizing what Xanatos' words meant. Kal only voiced his anger quite well.

"You're lucky that I'm not as powerful as your brother let alone that I respect his wishes," he began as he spit out towards Exodus' foot. "Otherwise, I would drop you right where the fuck you stand!" Hitomi looked over at Cervantes as she noticed emotions that were playing on his face.

"Baby, what did Xanatos meant when he said to issue your punishment?" she asked, afraid of the answer she was about to receive.

"Inconceivable!" Exodus exclaimed. "There is no way the elder makai's could punish you for your activities on earth unless…unless…" He then saw the look on brother's face and his eyes widened. "By the gods, no."

"Yes, brother," Xanatos replied bitterly. "You catch on quickly!" Ayane only cried into her hands as she knew why they were to be punished. After drying her eyes, she stood between her mate and his brother and looked him in the eyes to calm him. She needed him calm for what she is about to learn…although…she may already know what has happened.

"…what happened to Lord Tsukki, my love?" she asked. Moka's head shot up immediately and rushed towards the trio of gods. As the rest of Tsukune's friends ran towards Xanatos while Issa only shook his head, Xanatos only closed his eyes before looking into Moka's bi colored eyes.

"…I'm sorry…Moka," he murmured as a tear slowly fell from his face.

Flashback three hours ago Human world.

Varron was seen bouncing off the streets off Tsukune's neighborhood like a rock skipping over water until he rammed his hand into the earth to stop him only to look up and see Tsukune's massive familiar flying towards him from above.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" he exclaimed as he dodged at the last minute…running into Kyouko. She smiled as inhaled deeply and let out an ear splitting shriek that broke the glass off of cars and windows all around her but sent Varron flying back into Tsukune's foot.

"Really, brother, you do need to watch where you're going," he began. "If you run around blindly and not pay attention, you could end up running into a wall." Screaming out in frustration, Varron reared back to hit him but Tsukune only caught it easily in his hand. Both he and Varron looked at the appendage in shock before looking at each other. "I really have been itching to say this in homage of my girlfriend, Moka." He then turned and found a kaimerian coming towards him so he leaned back to allow the creature to hit Varron. After Varron recovered, he saw that his brother sprung back up and grabbed the creature by its legs and used it as a makeshift bat and swung towards Varron who flew up into the air for the third time during the fight. Not far from the big fight, Kyouko and Xanatos turned and found Tsukune flying towards his older brother. Kyouko grinned at her mentor before she allowed him to hold on to her gun as he channeled his energy into the shot before she fired towards Varron. Tsukune looked back and grinned as he conjured his energy into his right hand.

"What are you doing!" Varron shouted as the energy from his sister's gun came in contact with Tsukune's hand. He then muttered to himself, "Oh…this is going to hurt…or leave a mark…or maybe both."

"Simply put…know…your…PLACE!" Before his fist connected to his brother's jaw, Xanatos sent a quick mental warning to the humans around them.

Brace for shock, people! Quickly, Kasumi and her husband ran back into their house and ducked underneath the table just in time to feel a tremendous shockwave rock the house to its foundations. Outside, creatures were screaming while only Xanatos could only chuckle as Tsukune's energy was causing the winds to pick up tremendously, his coat whipping about as Kyouko's hair was blowing in all directions.

"…I'm so proud of him," she replied finally as the winds died down and found Tsukune landing gracefully on his feet while Varron and the others landed roughly on the ground.

"Hmm…I'll give him an eight on his performance," Xanatos replied before he turned and found Sasha quietly behind a group of surviving Kaimerians. She slammed her tail onto the ground, causing the creatures to cry out in surprise before being knocked into the air by Sasha's spiked tail. She looked down at Xanatos and animalistic chuckle before flying up to the heavens and disappearing. "Scratch that…now that I will give a ten. Fought truly like a makai lord."

Youkai academy.

The kaimerians didn't know what to expect…especially since the arrival of the knights into the foray but one thing was clear that was going through their heads.

They were not going to survive the oncoming onslaught.

Kokoa, who was too drunk off her power, was the first one to take off, handling at least three of them before the others decided to join in but not without Kurumu shaking her head with amusement.

"…and I thought she was energetic when trying to get Moka to fight," she said to Mizore before they took off as well. Ayane had flown after Kokoa but was ambushed by a dozen of the creatures. Before she reared back with her claws, a pillar of dark energy erupted from the ground, incinerating the creatures. She looked back and saw Exodus grinning at her from ear to ear.

"Do watch your back, young goddess," he replied as he leaned on the hilt of his sword. Ayane snarled before she turned and grabbed an unsuspecting creature and slammed it to the ground and drove her foot through its chest. She then loomed over the scared creature as she sniffed its blood before burying her fangs into its neck before ripping a chunk of meat from it. Before the creature breathed its last breath, she lifted the creature into the air and threw it back at Exodus' general direction as he moved his head at the last possible minute. He looked back and stared hard at Ayane's prideful smirk on her face.

"Do know I can handle anything, traitor," she replied darkly before taking off towards Issa, leaving Exodus to nod his head.

"…ouch," he muttered before getting on his horse. Not far away, Hitomi was surrounded but her metallic hair whipped about, either constricting them and turning them to stone, or impaling them. When one got too close, she leaned her body to the right and struck the small of its back with a palm strike that knocked it into the air. As she looked up, three of her snake like hair rushed forward one at a time and struck the creature in three different places before turning completely into stone. She looked to her right and saw Moka who was facing off against an extremely big Kaimerian.

"Heads up, Akashiya!" she yelled before her hair wrapped around the stoned creature she had in the air and threw it towards Moka's general direction. She looked back and saw the statue coming closer to her as she forced her youki into her legs and did a back flip, her foot connecting the huge creatures jaw that lifted him in the air for a few seconds before she recovered with the statue in her hand.

"As the Americans say it, 'batter up!'" Moka exclaimed as she reared back and swung with all of her energy as it connected at the creature that was still in the air. With a sonic boom, the creature took off to the skies as Hitomi followed the creatures orbit. "And it's a hard drive to center field and it is going…going…" Both Hitomi and Moka cringed as they felt the creature land somewhere in the horizon, the earth slightly trembling before they looked at each other and grinned.

"Gone, babe," Hitomi murmured before her hair rammed into the ground. Moka looked directly where Hitomi was staring at before running towards them, her blue eyes glowing as Uroburos erupted from the ground, slithering alongside Moka.

'Moka, jump upon my back,' it replied in her mind. She did just that and the grand snake rose up off the ground. 'Our Missstress and your energiesss can combine through me, young one. Put your handsss on my temple and charge your energy.' With curiousity getting the best of her, Moka had placed her hands onto its temple and gave it some of her dark energy while Hitomi did the same through her hair. The results were catastrophic. Uroburos opened its mouth with the combined energies of Moka and Hitomi in its mouth forming. From a distance, Kokoa was twirling her scythe around as she battled her own fair share of kaimerians. She backed up to her father and he gave out a sadistic laugh as he fought with his daughter.

"I never had this much fun since my fight with Akasha," he replied. Before she could create a comment to that one, she had found one of the kaimerians too close to her liking so she had back flipped over her father only for him to grin before disappearing from the creatures view. It cocked its head to the side before feeling a blade against its neck. It turned slowly to see the glowing yellow eyes of a demented vampire.

"Sadly…I'm not having fun," she muttered as she grinned. The creature reared back to hit but it felt a hand clasp around its wrist. Looking back, it saw Issa sporting the same grin he had from before focusing his youki in his legs.

"…minohodo…o SHIRE!" he shouted as he kicked it in the abdomen as its head was sliced cleanly off from Kokoa's weapon. With a flick of her wrist, the blood that was on the weapon had scattered to the ground as she looked over to where Keito and Kal were brandishing their knives and slashing at the kaimerians with precision, however, Kokoa being Kokoa, gathered youki into her hand…the same hand that was holding up her scythe. She figured that if Rex could make the ground shake, why can't she. Rex had only laughed as he back hand one the creatures.

"Heh Heh…Kokoa about to make big boom boom!" he exclaimed as Terra perched on his shoulder and screeched.

"Spiders!" she screamed as she raised her weapon in the air. "JUMP!" As she twirled the weapon slowly, she raised it one more time before slamming it into the ground. And as she thought, stalagmites covered in blood covered the ground and went straight for the group of kaimerians. Keito and Kal looked over and saw what was coming and jumped as high as they possibly could…being spiders and all, that wasn't a problem with them. As the creatures went straight up in the air, both spiders had spun their web around at least one of them before landing and with inhuman strength, they swung them around as if they weighed nothing, knocking into other kaimerians before letting go, the two kaimerians screaming in the distance before disappearing from view. Keito then looked down with a confused look on her face, to which Kal had noticed.

"Noticing how strong you've gotten?" he asked calmly. This caused heads to turn, especially Kuyo. Before anyone could ask, Kal had only laughed before he said, "You'll have to wait until later…the gods are pretty iffy about that!" The pair of succubae and snow maidens only shook their heads before looking at each other and then back at the creature's number…and grinned wickedly. In an instant, an army of succubae and snow maidens had appeared either due to illusions or ice clones. Either way, the kaimerians couldn't tell the difference.

"CHARGE!" the exclaimed as they army rushed after a bunch of scared genetically created creatures but all activities stopped cold as they felt the energies that was being built up for a long period of time. Even before they turned to the source, the heard two voices that spelled imminent doom.

"If anyone of you who is fighting to protect the school doesn't want to die," Moka began ending with Uroburos finishing the statement.

'GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR WAY!' the snake shouted as its mouth was now filled with an eerie grayish colored energy. As Uroburos reared back, it shouted once more, 'CORRUPTIS STONE!' The remainder creatures had looked at each other before looking back at what would be there impending doom and spoke for the first time that the knights had ever known.

"…oh…shit!" they exclaimed as Uroburos had fired off the beam of energy with the fighters and knights barely getting out the way in time as it collided with not only the remainder of the kaimerians but that of the school itself. As the smoke cleared, they saw that Hitomi had crouched to the ground due to exhaustion as Moka looked over at the destruction that the two created. And what she saw made her eyes wide.

"…whoa," she murmured as she felt Hitomi come up besides her. The kaimerians were only standing black diamond statues before being shattered by unseen forces. She had then looked over to the others who had a look of shock on their faces. Only Cervantes and the others were clearly impressed…and humored.

"Umm…that's how the cookie crumbled?" Kal asked finally as he found his voice. The others quietly chuckled before they succumbed to laughter that had spread out throughout the school.

Aono residence

Before the celebration could commence, Tsukune and the others had felt a chilling form of energy coming towards them. They looked over and found a woman with tan like skin and silver hair approach them. Varron had taken this chance to escape from them while the woman grinned at them.

"It's so good to see the current lord of the makai's," the woman replied. "Gyokuro Shuzen, head in charge of Fairy Tale. I can't help but noticed that you have an immense amount of…"

"Shut up, bitch," Xanatos replied as he formed his massive blade from out of nowhere. "I know that you and synntech had merged your companies and I must say that I am not impressed. Besides…you already had corrupted me…I will not be corrupted any more than I already am."

"I suggest you leave my neighborhood while you can, Shuzen," Tsukune replied through clenched teeth. "No one is joining your damn corporation." He then noticed a look of anger before melting away into calmness. She then grinned.

"I see…very well…then I suppose that the life of your mom and dad have to persuade you," she said finally. Before Tsukune and Kyouko could question her, they both heard something very fragile being pierced. They turned slowly to the source and found Varron with both his arms rammed into the bodies of Kasumi and Kenji. Tsukune's eyes widened as he saw that Varrons makaim surging.

"…I thought I told you that I hated humans and would make you suffer, little brother," he stated before he grabbed the heads of Tsukune's mom and dad and yanked his arms back, snapping their necks.

"NNNOOOOOO!" Kyouko screamed at the top of her lungs. Xanatos could only stand still after seeing the massacre of his younger lord's family. He then felt a pulse in Tsukune's energy. He turned and found him with his head lowered but his shoulders shook with anger before looking back up at Varron with murderous intent in his eyes.

"You bastards!" he shouted before rushing towards Varron…only for Gyokuro to appear before him and snap her hand back which held an item that was unknown to the others but very familiar to him.

"Tsukki, don't!" he exclaimed but it was too late to shout his warning as she rammed the said object into Tsukune's heart. From an inside perspective, Gyokuro had shattered the object, an alien like transformer, and its energy was coursing violently inside him.

"ARRRGHHH!" he screamed as it felt like something was crawling inside of him and eating him from the inside out. His whole body twitched and convulsed as he felt pain upon which the likes that he has every felt until he felt the vampiress ripped her arm out of him. With the kaimerian energy now coursing through him, Tsukune had fell to his knees, his eyes changing from black to yellow before his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell face first into the ground. Xanatos had watched it going in slow motion, painfully being reminded of the same thing happening to him…to feel what humanity you had in your body being slowly corrupted and ripped away from him. Kyouko's sobbing had brought him back to the present as he looked around and noticed that Varron and Gyokuro had disappeared from plain view. He had bowed his head slowly before Kyouko had screamed at the top of her lungs once more, this time with a purpose. Cars around them had exploded from the shockwaves of her voice as windows had shattered. She stopped only when she felt Xanatos' hand on her shoulder. He shook his head slowly as he looked down at Tsukune as white colored energy was coursing through his veins. He growled before that same energy had coursed through his veins as well as he walked forward slowly towards the remainder kaimerians as dark shadow dragons erupted from the dark pillar of his energy.

Xanatos was clearly living up to his namesake as the new horseman of death.

Present time, Youkai Academy

Moka had cried furiously in her father's eyes as Kokoa had placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Not only her beloved she had lost, but the lives of the two humans that meant more to him than anything. Hitomi had clutched Cervantes by the arms as he bowed his head. Only Kal had responded.

"I so wish I could kill you now," he replied to Exodus who was still being held in the air by Xanatos. "I don't see why you don't just kill him, Xanatos. He just fucked us all!" Exodus only chuckled, shaking his head at Kal's anger.

"My brother doesn't even have the guts to-urrk!" he began before he felt his life-force violently drain from him. He looked up and saw a look of hatred from his twin brother. Xanatos' eyes become as black as coal as it glowed along with the kaimerian mark. Then a pillar of darkness erupted from the ground around him, forcing everyone to back up slowly from the energy. When the pillar faded, it wasn't a pissed off makai that Exodus was staring at…but a seriously pissed off kaimerian. Two sets of horns, one coming off in front of him and then to the sides of his temple had decorated his mouthless face and the hands that were holding him were instead claws made of an unknown organic material. The tendrils that made up his hair blew wildly within the storm of his own power as he glared at his brother with enough hatred that would've made the devil cry.

"…is that a kaimerian?" Mizori asked while she clutched her moms arm. Ayane could only nod her head as she slowly walked towards her enraged mate. "But the others were monstrous…he's…"

"This is a kaimerian with a soul," Ayaned murmured. "A kaimerian that has independent thoughts and feelings…a creature of honor." She then placed a hand on her mates arm and that noticeably calmed him down enough for him to throw his brother towards the gate. A portal of darkness appeared behind Exodus as he slowly got up from the ground.

'…this…is far from over, brother,' Xanatos replied bitterly. 'Next time…I WILL have the guts to kill you. It is because you're family that I don't do such a thing now!' Xanatos inhaled then exhaled as the corrupted energies of his kaimerian powers swirled around him before dissipating, revealing him in his true form. "I suggest you start running…I will not hold them back if you stay any longer. If you stay in your weakened state…why…I believe that Yukari could kill you…and that will be a hell of a feat for a thirteen year old." Exodus could only look at the witch child and noticed that her eyes glowed purple and at the moment, he believed every word that his brother had said. He was weak enough to be killed by her. He then nodded his head before turning around but not before saying something to his brother.

"…you're welcome," he said before stepping through the portal. As soon as he was gone, the students who had come to know Tsukune had mourned once more for his loss. It was a dark day indeed as Xanatos looked behind him and saw Ayane hold out her arms to him. Fuck honor…fuck if everyone saw him, he simply placed his arms around Ayane…

…and cried.

Three days later. (Cue music My Immortal by Evanescence)

A memorial service was being held for not only Tsukune but of his human mother and father. All had attended this sad event save for the makai counsel who had to be tried for their inability of protecting the lord of makai. Even the staff had shed tears for the student that slowly tore down the walls of hatred to work with humans…especially Issa Shuzen.

'Gyokuro Shuzen," he murmured. The vampires hearing had picked up on the name and that sent waves of anger flowing through them. "I swear, Moka…she will pay for what she has done to him." Moka could only nod her head as she turned to Kokoa.

"…she is no longer my mother," Kokoa replied as her eyes glowed yellow. "That woman is now my enemy." She then turned to her sister and placed a hand on top of her sisters. "She will die for this." Kokoa had surprised her father but no one could blame her for her feelings on the matter. She had hurt her sister…no one does that and gets away with it. He turned his attention back to the podium to find Tenmei giving his speech.

"Tsukki Keraburu…or for those who know him as Tsukune Aono…was a man filled with compassion for his friends and believed in the mission of this academy," he began. "To hear of his passing as well as his families passing brings pain to even my heart. His death shall not be in vain. A moment of silence please." Everyone had bowed their heads and gave a prayer to their fallen friend…in Issa's case, a future son; Kokoa's case, a future brother and in Moka's case…a lover…and a blood mate.

(End My Immortal)

A few hours later, everyone that was involved with the climactic battle to save their school got together in the newspaper clubroom. Hitomi had hung back and leaned her back against the door.

"It's time for us to go," Omelia replied sadly. "We have to report to my mate that our mission was a failure."

"Not all in failure," Moka responded as she stood up and faced Omelia. "We have thought about this for a long time and I feel that we all have come to an understanding." Omelia cocked her head to the left as she stared at Moka…and she had a funny feeling on what this decision that these young ones had come to an agreement on. A smile slowly crept up Ayane's face as she faced Omelia and winked at her. "We would like to be on your team of knights, Lady Omelia." That did it…that was the last straw as she did something she thought she would never do in a situation like this…

…she laughed whole heartedly. Finally shaking her head from her fading laughter, she looked at everyone ranging from Issa to even Yukari who had nodded their heads in unison.

"Issa, Tsurara and Ageha can join our ranks," she stated. "But I will not have children join our squad."

"WHAAT!" Even Ayane had to cover her ears and chuckled.

"Easy, everyone," she began. "Omelia stated that you guys can't join now." She motioned for the adults including Ruby to step forward and walked through the portal. "No one said anything about you joining after high school." A feral grin formed on everyones face as the knights, both old and new, stepped through the portal and disappearing from the Youkai world.

"Huh," Keito began. "Going from enforcers of peace in this academy to knights for the humans…should be interesting."

"Interesting indeed, my friend," Kuyo stated as he nodded his head. Yukari, however, had a frown on her face. Before anyone could ask, she looked up at Moka and grinned sheepishly.

"I guess this may be a bad time to say this," she began. "But how am I supposed to fulfill my dreams of being the meat between the vampire sandwich?" Everyone fell back anime style while Yukari could only drop her head in embarrassment.

…but it was Moka who had laughed whole heartedly despite that she had lost the one she lost and soon, the whole room shook with laughter that seemed contagious.

Tsukki, she thought to herself. Your death shall not be left unpunished. As soon as I become a knight, I shall cut my enemies down. It was a promise that she was going to keep.

To be concluded



Makai kingdom

Xanatos had walked the halls of his castle, passing servants by as they bowed towards him. He had reached a dead end but the walls have opened up and revealed a secret chamber that had looked like a lab. He then walked slowly through the lab and came to a halt in front of a man-sized cylinder chamber that held a creature that was silver in color and had a tigers head. He slowly looked down and noticed a dragon's head that had covered the chest of the creature. The creature also had sharp claws and a sharp two and a half foot blade that came out from both elbows. Xanatos had smiled before shaking his head as he looked at the left hand of the creature and noticed a mark glowing on the left hand. Its design was a dragon's head that was devouring a bloodied moon. Xanatos could only chuckle as he tapped his foot impatiently.

"You know," he began as he felt his fellow makai/kaimerians walk into the room. "I really…really…really hated lying to them about what happened to you…young lord…Tsukki." As soon as his name was spoken, his eyes shot open and started glowing.

And that is the end of this story…sorry that I took so long into writing it. The story shall be concluded in a story that I'm thinking about having two worlds colliding. You'll just have to standby for that to occur. Until then, peace.


Minohodo o shire: Know your place