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Outside the Condor, the sun was starting to peek through the retreating clouds, brightly reflecting off the large puddles left behind. Birds ventured out of their nests, and their bright cheerful songs reverberated across the rainbow marked sky.

All the joy was lost on Stork, however, as he scrutinized the damage the Condor had taken. There were the usual bumps and bruises the ship endured every battle, and while the pontoons had lost some of their lower armor on the ship's slide across the terra, it wasn't critical.

The right engine, however, was a different story. There was a huge gash where the lightning had struck, and wisps of smoke were still curling out of the hole from the engine. The charred metal looked warped, and Stork feared that he wouldn't be able to get the gash closed by himself. That was something Junko could do easily; or at least, something he used to be able to do easily. An annoyed frown spread across his face as the excited squeals of the former Hawks and Cyclonians grated against his ears.

He looked to the boarding ramp as Radarr scurried down, about to be mowed down by the small mob of kids. As the sky monkey looked over his shoulder to see if they were gaining on him, he tripped, landing face first in the mud. He just managed to get his head up just in time for it (and the rest of his body) to be pushed back into the ground by enthusiastic little feet.

Dave was soon seen running down the ramp, stopping at the bottom to catch his breath. "Don't (pant) get your uniforms (wheeze) dirty!" He managed to yell between gasps as Radarr looked at his now-brown fur and uniform in disgust. He decided to ignore it for now and padded over to Stork's side to see the damage for himself. After catching his breath, Dave accompanied them with a low whistle. "You think you'll be able to fix that?"

"The engine, easily. It's the hole I'm worried about. All it will take is one shot through that hole to take out the engine again, and we most likely won't over a terra to make another crash landing." As Dave gulped from the implication, Stork's ears perked as he realized something. "Wait. What are you even doing here?"

"I'm going to be staying on this ship for a while, too, you know. I'd like to know fit it is."

"No, I mean, aren't you supposed to be watching them?" Stork asked with a finger in the kids' direction.

Almost on cue a shrill shriek pierced the air with an outraged cry of "FFFIIINNNN!"

In a flash Dave was sprinting away. "Finn! Whatever you're doing, stop it right now!"

By the time they got to the edge of a small tree grove, the kids had completely forgotten about Radarr and the fact that they had just trampled him. They spread through the trees and bushes, flipping over rocks, climbing the low-set branches, and soon starting a small game of hide-and-seek.

Finn had been chosen to be It, and started counting while the others scurried around looking for hiding places while trying to muffle their giggles. The others had managed to find good hiding places. It was a good five minutes before he finally spotted Ravess crouching between two saplings.

Finn was just about to tag her when he was suddenly struck with a better idea. With a wicked grin, he sneaked to the other side of the grove and overturned a rock, sticking out his tongue in disgust at the mass of writhing worms underneath. Then, without hesitation, he stuck his hand in and grabbed a bunch of the worms. Putting his other hand over his mouth to stifle his snickers, he quietly stepped back to the saplings. His grin widened when he saw that Ravess was still there, oblivious to what was about to happen. Quickly, before he could give himself away, he reached out until his closed fist was directly over Ravess's neck and opened it up, letting the worms fall.

Ravess tried to stay as still as possible, her keen eyes scanning the grove for Finn. She couldn't help but smirk when she saw the blonde on the other side of the far trees, confident that there was no way he was going to find her.

That was she thought, at least, until she felt several slimy wriggling things make their way down the back of her uniform.

Shrieking, she jumped out of the saplings and did an awkward dance as she tried to get the things out of her uniform. She had just managed to get the last of what turned out to be worms when she saw Finn rolling on the ground, clutching his sides and nearly crying from laughter. Her hands clenched into fists, shaking with fury.


The blonde's laughter quickly dissolved into yelps as Ravess tackled him. Almost out of nowhere the other kids popped up to as the two rolled around, Ravess trying to beat up Finn, and Finn desperately trying to get away.

With a sudden crash through the branches Dave appeared and pulled the raging girl off of the blonde. "Alright," he said in a stern tone, "what's going on?"

Squiring to get out his grasp and back into the fight, Ravess pointed an accusing finger. "He put worms down my shirt!"

Dave raised an eyebrow at Finn. "What? It's not my fault she can't take a joke."

"Don't you know how slimy and gross it was?"

Finn couldn't help but grin. "Yep. That's why I did it."

The response not being what she wanted, she started struggling even more. "Lemme go! I'm gonna pound him!"

Dave was starting to have trouble holding on to her. "You're not going to do anything like that." After getting a secure hold on her, he turned to Finn. "You are coming with us. The rest of you can play for a few more hours, but you need to get back on the ship before sunset. Understood?"

Satisfied with the chorus of "yes sirs", he turned to head back to the Condor, a fuming Ravess in his arms and a moping Finn slowly following.

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