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Her Troublesome Ways

Chapter 1

"This is so troublesome." Shikamaru Nara mumbled as he walked down the streets of Konoha. It was the first day of school again and he was finally a senior.

He woke up rather late as usual, sitting on his bed trying to wake his sleeping brain up. He blinked twice, successful before getting ready. His mother, a rather petite woman with dark brown hair and dark almost pitch black eyes, yelled at him for coming down so late. He was used to it, though. She was always the strict type. As he sat down in front of his Dad who was drinking black coffee while reading the papers, he mumbled a 'troublesome woman' almost too faint for his father to hear. Shikaku smirked without looking up as soon as he heard the chair scratched on the floor. He knew that it was his son.

Shikamaru groaned as he reached the Konoha High School gates. They repainted the gate with a bright red color that it hurt his eyes. "Don't tell me they painted the rooms red too?"

A heavy hand 'patted' his back. "Shikamaru!" Said a familiar voice. A loud familiar voice. He turned around to see one of his close friends and fellow classmate, Naruto Uzumaki. His hair was a lot blonder and his eyes still had that boyish feel when looking at it. "I hope we're still in the same class!"

"Good way to start a day." He huffed, not agreeing on his friend's comment.

Naruto looked around, obviously looking for somebody. He narrowed his eyes and gave up.

"Choji probably stopped by at the store." Shikamaru walked to the charts where all their names are posted under each class. He made one quick look at the chart far left and sighed, putting his hands on his forehead. They were the same people from last year.

"Eh?" Naruto shrieked pointing at the list of names. "EH? HE'S our adviser? The creepy guy?" Panic appeared on his face as Naruto continued to yell, "No! I want Kakashi-sensei!"

"Gah, you're too loud Naruto. Don't scream like that! You'll make everybody's ears bleed!" Kiba Inuzuka, a dark brown haired boy joined in the conversation. He was the usual messy Kiba but still had that friendly vibe with him.

"AH!" Naruto screamed. "The mutt! The mutt! You're here?"

Kiba looked at Naruto and glared. "What the hell do you mean I'm here? I've live in this neighborhood way before you got your ass here! And what do you mean, MUTT?"

They started hitting each other shortly after that, people starting to look at them. Shikamaru walked away, yawning. He knew that they were going to stop fighting anyways.

"Aren't you going to stop them, Nara?" A low deep voice came from his right side. Shikamaru stopped walking and turned to see Neji Hyuga one of the top students in his class. It was unusual for Neji to talk to people like him. "You're friends with them."

Shikamaru shrugged, "Too troublesome." As he stomped away. He heard Neji making rude remarks about 'low people like him'. Luckily, Neji stopped as the first bell was heard from the main school building.

"Shikamaru! Wait up!" He heard Kiba's voice. Ugh. Really?

As the two caught up with him, Naruto started punching the air. "Are you guys excited?" He shrieked.

"Uh-huh!" Kiba agreed. Wow. They get along fast. "Imagine, girls, party and… GIRLS!"

"I'm going to ask out Sakura-chan!" Naruto declared.

"You said that when we were freshmen." Kiba snickered. "What? Doesn't have the balls?"

"Shut up!"

"Make me!"

"Smelly mutt!"

"Annoying bitch!"

The two started annoying the hell out of each other again as Shikamaru tried to get away from the two. As people passed by him like a blur, Shikamaru took his time stopping to look at the clouds every now and then. He loved the clouds. The way they flow just amazed him. It was what he called a good time. Looking at the clouds.

He realized that he was the only one in the hall and walked rather quickly to the classroom.

"You're late." A young man with creepy eyes looked at him. He shuddered. Naruto was not exaggerating.

"Sorry." He tried to look around not keeping his eyes on his face.

"Take a seat over there." His so called adviser pointed to a seat near the window at the very back. He wanted to face him and thank him right then and there. But his face was just too terrifying. Instead he nodded and took a seat.

"Ok. Now that all of you are here, I might as well introduce myself. I'm Yamato. I will be your class' adviser from here on out." He smiled. He almost looked normal. "I like architecture books and hate any food that's oily. I like walnuts so if you're thinking of giving me a gift for my birthday, remember walnuts and architecture books." He smiled again. A normal smile this time. "However," He said. "When giving me a gift, be extremely cautious cause you're not going to want to know what I'm going to do to you if you get me a bad one." His face appeared dark and spooky. It was traumatizing. Everyone shuddered at the thought. "Just kidding." Yamato laughed. His students were still shaken by his sudden 'threatening'. As if anybody will buy him a gift, now. "Anyway, I hope we have a good time together this year!"

As Yamato started calling out people's names for attendance, Shikamaru's mind wandered off to his clouds. The people's voices in the room began to fade. He closed his eyes and started imagining if he was a cloud. Just floating by...

"Nara? Nara Shikamaru?" Shikamaru made his way back to Earth as Yamato's voice became louder and louder. "Nara Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru mumbled a 'here'. Yamato eyed him warily. Shikamaru looked away, scared that he might turn to stone just by looking at him. Thoughts of Medusa suddenly filled his head, Yamato having the snake-hair. He tried hard not to laugh.

"You're the one who was late. We're you just daydreaming?" Yamato asked calmly.

"No, sir." He kept his face hard.

"Oh. Okay then." The spooky weird faced sensei called out another random name again.

Tsk. Troublesome. Shikamaru thought. He looked outside not listening to his sensei and not caring who's in his class. He tried to focus to a thing - no a person - that caught his attention. A girl was sitting still, facing away from him as she studied the lilies growing near the school's garden. Her medium length dirty blonde hair swaying with the wind as she touched the flowers delicately with her hands. He couldn't see her face. Was she supposed to be a student here? She wasn't wearing their school's uniform, instead she wore a lavender top and a black mini skirt that hugged her at the right places. She stood up, turning around. But as soon as he can get a glimpse of her face, he was interrupted by Yamato who started writing blah on the board and talking louder for the whole class to hear.

He sighed. He can't believe he even turned around. I thought he caught me again. Shikamaru said to himself. He decided to continue observing the person outside.

But as he turned his head back to the garden, she was gone.

Who was she?

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