Prompt: Aizen smokes: What could Ichigo's reaction be...?

Something wasn't right. I stirred in my sleep and blinked trying to clear the haze from my eyes. Propping up on my elbows I glanced around the room over my small sea of white and black blankets.

At first I had to double take since it didn't seem right. But there he was wrapped in his robe, lounging on the chaise by the balcony taking a long drag from a cigarette. The awful acrid smell suddenly hit my face. I coughed and held up a sheet over my mouth.

"You smoke?" I called out behind the muffling fabric.

Aizen glanced my way, calm expression suddenly a tad more smug than usual.

"Yes, in fact, I do," He took another drag and sighed the stuff out towards the open doors.

I grumbled and shrugged a blanket over my bare body, shuffling over to him.

"Not like I have a huge issue with smokers but...why? That just doesn't seem to fit you at all." That wasn't entirely true. Hair tousled and as handsome as always the slender, deadly, burning implement between his fingers created the image of some classic, black and white movie star.

"Really now? Tell me Ichigo, what kind of people do I deal with on a regular basis?"

"Erm...I dunno outright sociopaths in every possible meaning of the word," I sat myself on the edge of the chaise, holding my blanket tighter in the cold desert night.

"Indeed. And do you think I would be able to deal with such people for hundreds of years if I didn't have some way to relieve the constant irritation they so willingly provide me with?"


"Live more than a couple decades and ask me again Ichigo," he chuckled and took one last drag before tossing the thing into the desert below.

Suddenly I felt him grab me by the waist. It was quick and before I could figure out what was happening I was lying on the chaise, pinned beneath him. He kissed at my bare neck and I twitched my shoulder a bit, gulping nervously at the compromised position.

"Or perhaps," he murmured deep and warm in my ear. Sly hands made their way into the blankets, running gracefully down my thighs and I felt my pulse quicken. "I just have an oral fixation..."

Started this because I came up with a ton of random tangents while writing High Tea and getting spurred on by all the silly random prompts we get in the AizenxIchigo thread on the BA forums. Pairing doesn't get that much luv. Hoping to fix that ;)