Halloween Double Feature: Part 2

(Fluff and just a bit of crack)

"I am not getting out of the car."

"Ichigo, you're a little too old for that kind of attitude don't you think?"

"I think I'm a bit too old to be dressing up in cheap, neon polyester and trying to stay entertained in a room full of sugar-high freaks dunking their heads in germ-infested water and dancing around mutilated vegetables," Ichigo grumbled sliding lower in the passenger seat.

Aizen sighed sharply and unbuckled his seatbelt, "How about a compromise then? You can select a costume for me and I'll do the same for you."

"Knowing you you'll find something I hate, somehow talk me into it anyway and I'll end up humiliated in front of your asshole employees, or getting fucked in it. Or both at the same time if booze gets involved."

"In that case we will find each other one costume we will loathe and another we will adore. A chance to show off how well we know each other what do you say?"

Ichigo pondered a minute and fiddled with his phone, still sinking lower and lower until his knees hit the glove conpartment. As much as he hated the gaudy, loud and overhyped Halloween he was secretly a hopeless romantic at times and wanted to see what his boyfriend would be able to come up with.

"Fine, but only because you already wasted gas coming out here," Ichigo muttered, snapping his phone shut.

Aizen locked his car as they walked off towards the seasonal store. "Besides I thought you loved trying on outfits?"

Half a dozen obnoxious animatronics went off on their motion-sensored wails and corny monologues as they entered and Ichigo glared at a rack of overly slutified costumes for women. "This isn't exactly Dolce and Gabana..."

They went their separate ways and eventually reunited near the fitting rooms. Ichigo held a wadded up bundle trying to conceal the contents as best as possible. He raised an eyebrow at Aizen who was holding nothing.

"Don't worry it's all set up in your fitting room."

"Wait, what I have to try them on?"

"Of course. What fun would it be otherwise?" Aizen smiled and pulled aside one of the curtains. "I would think its reasonable considering we both have to do it."

Ichigo huffed and stomped into the room, threw the pile onto the chair and stomped back off into the other room.

He closed the curtain and felt an instant pang of loathing as he pulled the first article off the pile that had been left for him on the chair.

"Why are there three of thes...oh dear," Aizen voice questioned between the divider. "I should never have told you about that. I have to wear all of them at once?"

"You figured it out then you'll figure it out now. And you know I thought you were going to pick something obvious and straightforward like a giant strawberry or banana costume. I didn't consider there was anything worse than that..."


"I hate you so much right now."

Ichigo slid the curtain divider over.

There was a pause.

Then Ichigo doubled over laughing so hard he had to grab the chair to keep himself from collapsing. Aizen sighed and folded his arms over a white angel robe that clashed with the three pairs of sparkly, multicolored butterfly wings that had somehow been layered over each other.

Ichigo calmed down a bit, but he was still grinning like a wolf. Aizen had made the mistake about telling him about his first and last drinking party in college. To keep a long story short it had resulted in him waking up in a similar outfit to what he was wearing now. Ichigo was just disappointed it was back in the day before camera phones existed.

Aizen grinned and started shrugging the tangle of elastic from his shoulders. "Laugh all you want, but it was worth it to see you in that ensemble."

Ichigo scowled and instantly blushed. He had been so lost in the hilarity of the moment he almost forgot what he had been forced into. A skimpy red dress with a poofed petticoat skirt and a frilly, white apron adorned with a strawberry motif was tied snug over the front. Green and white striped stockings ran up to his knees and ended in pink bows. On his head sat a puffy pink hat with a plastic strawberry on top.

"I'm not sure what disturbs me more. That they manufacture a costume called 'Sexy Strawberry Shortcake' or that it comes in my size."

"Take off the hat and this might be the most intriguing I've ever seen you."

"Hate you so much right now."

"Hate you too," Aizen grinned and stole a kiss on his lips before Ichigo could rip the curtain closed.

Ichigo grumbled and hastily tore off the garish polyester getup, throwing it into a wad in the corner. He glanced at was left on the chair and his expression softened a bit.

After a bit of figuring out the fastenings and what went where Ichigo donned a volumous red wine colored shirt under a black and gold brocade doublet that hugged his form nicely. The burgundy pants seemed a bit large, but the effect made sense when tucked into the high black leather boots.

He admired his reflection, feeling a warm pang of something from the realization Sousuke did know him pretty well to have found not only something he'd love but that fit perfectly. He could easily see Petruchio, Hamlet or even Mercutio wearing the same thing. Or perhaps Valentine and Prot-

"There I knew you'd look wonderful in that," Ichigo flinched as a large black cape enveloped him. Aizen joined his reflection over his shoulder, half of his face concealed under a close-fitted white mask. Ichigo sighed and rested back against his chest as warm arms encircled his waist.

"I'd have to say the same for you. Where the hell did you find this anyway? This isn't just some flimsy polyester crap."

"Its actually from the rental section. But if you would like I can talk to the manager about purchasing it," Aizen turned his head wih the tips of his fingers and leaned in for a kiss.

Ichigo broke it and leaned back "You'd do that?"

Aizen gave another peck then replied "Only if you'll wear it."

Ichigo rubbed his neck a bit and grumbled "I'd wear it all the time if I could."

Aizen planted a small kiss and nip on his ear and muttered "As lovely as that would be I would prefer you wear it to the company party at the very least."

"Okay FINE I guess I can tolerate your drunks employees just this once. As long as you wear what I picked."

"That's hardly a condition, Ichigo. I adore your taste," Aizen stepped back and unclasped the cape. "Though I don't see much point in buying more than the mask and cape as I'm fairly sure I have the rest already."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow, "The tailcoat and gloves I can understand, but you own a frilly cravat?"

"Why do you sound so surprised?" Aizen gave a sly smile and suddenly swooped in.

"What the- Sousuke!" The next thing Ichigo knew he was tilted with his head near the ground held in an elegant ballroom dip. Ichigo gulped as he felt blood rush to his head and glanced up at Aizen's masked, intrigued expression.

"Let's set the scene. You're a young actor aspiring to make something of yourself in Paris' Opera House. The first night in your dormitory you hear the haunting soun-" Ichigo cut him off by throwing himself upright and shoving Aizen back over to his side.

"We are not starting that right now."

Partly inspired by Leonette's Lovelock though not necessarily part of that universe. The other part inspired by those makeshift Halloween costume stores. That Strawberry Shortcake costume actually exists but they call it something like "Berry Sweet Sexy Country Gal" yeah...

Don't worry Aizen's RP fetish isn't going to be the punchline of every oneshot I just though it'd be nice to bring the "Double Feature" full circle.^^;

R/R, C/C whatever always appreciated :)