The Marauders

A story about the progression of the Marauders' friendship, from entering the Great Hall to graduation. :) It will be centered mostly around Sirius and Remus and will be more serious (Sirius?) than funny but there will be pranks (in true Marauder fashion) and James along the line. And I WILL go against my morals and try to fit Peter into there too...

Fiction Rated: K+

Genre: Friendship/Drama.

Started: April 27, 2010

One thing you should know: For the sake of the story, I wiggled the ages a bit, so Andromeda is five years older than them, Narcissa is two, and Bellatrix is six — therefore, at the first year chapters, Andromeda is in sixth year, Narcissa is in third year, Bella is in seventh year, etc. Basically the only canonical (that a word?) thing is Regulus's age. He's two years younger. :)

Chapter 1

September 1st, 1971

One fine evening on the first of September, four boys tiptoed meekly into the Great Hall. Or at least two of them tiptoed meekly. None of them knew that these four friends would someday be some of the best friends in history.

The boy at the head of the line had a rather extremely nervous expression on his face. He had very light brown hair that was cut viciously short, large brown eyes, and a very pointed nose. Rude hisses of "what happened to your HAIR?" and likewise could be heard up and down the line. He was the first meek tiptoer..tiptoe-er..tiptore..he was the first one to tiptoe meekly.

There was a rather fat boy at the end of the line, with rather watery brown eyes and short, but not as short as the other boy's, brown hair. He was slumping, and looked just as nervous as the boy in front, if not more. He was the second meek tip-whatever.

The only sound of commotion was in the middle of the line, where a tall, messy black-haired boy with thick, round glasses was arguing with a small, greasy-haired boy with beady eyes. A boy with long black hair was watching them with an air of somewhat detached interest.

"-I did not—"

"You did too!"

"No, Potter, I did not insult Lily!"

"You did too! You called her a fire cat!"

"That's because of her hair and her eyes, and anyways, I was kidding! We're best friends!"

"Very right," put in a redhead who was standing in front of the pair darkly. "Lay off, Potter."

The bespectacled boy smiled suddenly. "Anything you say, my dear Lily."

Lily looked somewhat terrified at this show of emotion, but remained mute, perhaps rendered speechless in terror.

"Hello," said the boy with long dark hair in front of the bespectacled one suddenly. "It is my personal belief, I must say, that calling anyone a fire cat is really kind of rude, you know."

The bespectacled boy nodded emphatically. "See, you have sense."

He bowed. "Thank you, James. I'm Sirius. Well, I'm never serious..but my name is Sirius." He winked.

"You two know each other?" asked Lily faintly. She couldn't quite stand the thought of a stalker and a bad pun maker out there together in the friends.

Sirius frowned. "No, I can't say I do," he said thoughtfully.

"Nor me," realized James.

"Then how did you know his name?" asked Lily, not really wanting to know the answer.

Sirius cracked his knuckle and cackled evilly. "MY SECRETS."

"Reading his name off the sewing of his robes is not secrets," commented the greasy haired boy dryly.

James scowled. "Is it still on there?" he growled. He proceeded to tear off the patch that read JAMES HENRY POTTER.

Sirius narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the greasy haired boy. "And what is your name?"

"Snape. Severus Snape," replied Snape, Severus Snape.

"I'm gonna call you Snivellus," declared Sirius cheerfully.

"NO, you aren't!" Snivellus exclaimed.

"I like that," murmured James. "Snivvellllluussss.." He looked up at Sirius. "What did you say your surname was?"

"The Sorting," said a stern voice from the door before Sirius could reply, "will now commence."

The doors swung open and the nervous first years spilled in.

The first chapter is kinda weak, but it gets more interesting. Really it does! R&R please. :)