Chapter Sixty Four

November was Quidditch season, so a general buzz of happiness went up around then. James and Sirius were determined to absolutely dominate this year and win the Cup, because they'd been out of the running quite early on last year, to great pain and shame from everyone in Gryffindor, even people who didn't care about Quidditch. James simply got into the showers and refused to get out.

It was not a pleasant time.

Thus, everyone was glad for the new season dawning. Captain Longbottom took Quidditch very seriously (not quite as seriously as James, but that was James) and for a time, the team was generally in the sky more than they were on earth. This was excellent, as the players on the Gryffindor Quidditch team all did love the skies, but it did have its downside. Mainly, the general idea of 'schoolwork' and 'having an actual life'. These two things were quickly ended for the members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Quite quickly, James and Sirius's entire lives became a mixture of studying, Quidditch, and hidden Animagi work.

Another one of the benefits, Sirius mused during a practice, slamming the Bludger to his fellow Beater Tom Marsipal, a seventh year, was that in general, you became good friends with the lot of the team, and that was just pleasant. Most of the team were much older than him and James, and they probably wouldn't've known them otherwise, which would've been a shame because most of them were in fact lovely people. There was their captain, Frank Longbottom, who was immensely friendly and very smart, albeit a bit mad. He too was a seventh year, and constantly prattling on about a Ravenclaw in fifth year named Alice Jefferson who he was in love with and was going to marry.. James, Sirius was told, found it very relatable indeed, and was very tempted to ask him tips (because somehow, he'd gotten Alice to actually go out with him) but he wasn't about to tell anyone that he liked Lily. Sirius exasperatedly pointed out that literally everyone in the castle, even Dumbledore, even McGonagall knew that he liked Lily, but James ignored him.

Then there was Sirius's fellow Beater, Tom Marsipal. He was very tall and skinny and had very blond hair and laughed at things that weren't funny and made jokes that weren't funny, but something about Tom Marsipal was friendly, and something about Tom Marsipal made you laugh, too. It wasn't that he was funny looking, or anything, but his state of constant laughter made you equally amused at life. Marsipal was best friends with Marie Gonzo, the Keeper. Marie who was a large sixth year who liked to laugh just as much as he did. Neither of them showed any particular sign of wanting to date one another – they were just friends. They never even seemed to talk much, they just laughed a lot together.

The Chasers, Dorcas Meadows and Audrey Taielon, were two tall skinny fourth years who were very quiet and serious, but you'd never have guessed it from their Quidditch skills. On the pitch, they became different people entirely – they had a certain ordered madness to them, and on the pitch, the only thing that mattered to their entire existences was getting the Quaffle in the hoop. They worked absolutely splendidly with James, so really, everything worked out perfectly.

So, Sirius thought, walloping the Bludger away from James, Quidditch definitely had its perks.


James Potter slept blissfully on.

"JAMES!" yelled Remus. "Get up or I'm pouring my orange juice on you!"

James Potter muttered slightly in his sleep.

"James, I'm going to steal your bacon," said Peter blithely.

It was a mark of just how tired James was that he didn't immediately sit up. He did after a moment, but it took him that moment.

"Quidditch is clearly taking a toll on someone," said Sirius through a mouthful of bacon.

"No," said James, finding his glasses, wiping a shred of cereal on them, and putting them on. He yawned. " least I'm not falling asleep in class, yeah?"

"I'll give it a day and a half," predicted Remus, but James's attention was already gone. He'd caught someone else's eye.

There were three coinciding sighs. "James, this has gotten out of hand – " began Sirius, but suddenly, James had gotten up and was walking away.

"Oh Merlin," said Peter after a moment.

"He isn't," said Sirius in a dismayed voice.

"Not here," groaned Remus. "Oh, Merlin, not here..he just woke up from falling asleep at breakfast, he's...oh, Merlin.."

"Someone should stop him," suggested Peter.

"He'd just try again in a probably even more public area," said Sirius resignedly. "All we can do is hope now..maybe she'll have a brain lapse.."

"Doubt that somehow," sighed Remus. "Oh, no.."

James approached Lily, the look on his face a mingle of determination and sheer terror. Determination seemed to be dominating, but sheer terror looked like it might kick in at any moment.

"Um, hi, Lily," said James, and Peter groaned. Remus buried his face in his hands.

The Gryffindor third years went relatively quiet, as did a group of nearby fourth years. Everyone looked at James.

Lily took a bite of her kipper, looking confused and almost nervous. "What do you want, Potter?"

"Not here, not here, not here," muttered Remus. "Ask her for a quill or something.."

"Well, Lily," said James, and sheer terror seemed to be taking over – but it didn't. "Um – wangomeadwime?"
Sirius closed his eyes.

"Pardon?" said Lily, looking utterly befuddled.

"Well – Hog – Hog – meade – Hogsmeade weekend is this Saturday," stammered James. "And I was just wondering – would you like to go with me?"

The look on Lily's face was later described as a whole multitude of things. Even more confused was how Remus put it, and Peter suggested vaguely insulted. Sirius insisted she looked simply terrified, and all three of them agreed that she was probably more shocked than she'd ever been that moment than she was in her entire life.

Marlene, Cara, and Merissa exploded in giggles, whispering to each other and Lily as she stared at James, emotions scattering across her face.

James swallowed and crossed his fingers in his pockets.

Then she said it –

"Blimey – no, Potter, of course I won't go to Hogsmeade with you! No!"

All the girls in the general vicinity burst into laughter, as did the strange onlooking fourth years. The terror and determination were both wiped from James's face, replaced with first shock and then a certain kind of tragic horror that comes in defeat.

"Ohh dear," muttered Sirius.

"Here we go," sighed Remus. "Poor guy.."

"Let's go," suggested Peter, and the three of them hurried towards James, knotted around him, and led him out of the Hall.

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