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I sighed as I stared out of the dining pavilion towards the lake. I could see the sun starting to set, and I couldn't help but think how the disappearing rays of the sun looked like a certain daughter of Athena's hair. I felt my heart race as I thought about Annabeth. The war had just ended this morning, and miraculously enough, I was alive. True, many of my friends had journeyed on to Elysium, but at least Annabeth and I were safe. Oh sorry. At least Annabeth, Grover, and I were safe. Happy now? Good. Stupid empathy link…

Anyway, I was sitting by the Poseidon table, looking at the lake. All the other campers had gone to the celebratory campfire in the Amphitheater. I was by myself, content to have a moment of peace after days of fighting.

Days of wondering whether my friends would make it back to the camp alive.

Days of putting their lives at unnecessary risks.

I heard someone walk up behind me, so I glanced around my shoulder, and saw the last thing I was expecting to see.

Annabeth. Holding a cupcake. A blue cupcake.

"Hey, Hero." She said. I managed a weak smile. I was still surprised, and, needless to say, I hadn't yet gathered my wit to make a snappy comeback. But, gods, it was Annabeth. I felt bad for thinking this about my best friend, but what can I say? The girl's gorgeous. Her skin was evenly tanned, and her hair was, as I said before, golden as the rays of the sun, and no matter how cheesy it sounds, it's true. She had, a cute, round nose, and perfectly pink, plump lips. She was as lean and toned. But, the thing that always made me stop and stare were her eyes.

They always seemed so out of place, but fit perfectly at the same time. It was a trademark from her mother, grey eyes. But I have seen many children of Athena, and not one of them has near as amazing eyes as Annabeth's. I could just make out the flecks of blue, until I processed that Annabeth had sat down beside me. Wait, when did that happen? I shook my head clear of my thoughts of Annabeth, and focused on the actual thing right beside me.

"Um…hey." I managed, looking down at the table. My eyes flickered to her lips, and I thought about when she kissed me on Mount St. Helens. Then I looked back down at the blue cupcake and wondered what it was for. "What's with the…"

"Happy Birthday, Seaweed Brain." She said, lifting the cupcake up from in front of her, and plopped it down back in front of me.

I gaped at the said item, realizing it was my birthday today. I was sixteen, and had completed the prophecy this morning, just as I was supposed to.

"You forgot your own birthday? That proves it." Annabeth said, leaning back and crossing her arms.

"Proves what?" I said, almost afraid to ask.

"That your head is full of kelp." I should have seen that coming.

"I know it Wise Girl." I sighed. We spent the next few minutes eating the cupcake with our fingers, enjoying each other's silent company.

"So…you…saved the world." Annabeth broke the silence.

"We saved the world." I corrected her. "If it wasn't for Luke's Achilles' Heel about you and Thalia, and you…well…y'know we would've all been dead." She sighed, as if saying she knew better than to argue.

"And, um, Rachel is the new oracle, which means she can't date anybody." She whispered. I felt my heart skip a beat when she said this. She couldn't mean…

"You…uh…don't sound too disappointed." I tried, testing out new waters.

"Oh, I don't care." She said it like it was no big deal. I smiled nonetheless, I had known her long enough to know that she did care.

"Sure." I said sarcastically. Somehow, we had gone from saying near to nothing, to flirting.

She raised an eyebrow, which, again, brought my attention to her beautiful grey eyes. "You got something to say to me, Seaweed Brain?" She said leaning up and setting her elbows up on the table. She looked me straight in the eye, and I could feel a spark, a connection that I had never felt for anyone else. Not Rachel, not Calypso. Just Annabeth.

I snapped my self out of it so I could concentrate. C'mon, man. It's now or never.

"Y'know Annabeth, I think there is something I need to talk about. Y' know how when Luke became invincible and stuff, how he had his weak point, but he also had a…a memory? And that memory was about as important was his Achilles' Heel? Well, I…had one too, and then they wanted to make me a god and everything, well…"

"Oh, you so wanted to." Annabeth teased, leaning closer to me, making it harder to concentrate.

"Well, maybe a little, but then everything would stay the same, and I don't want it to be that way, because things could always get…better." I looked at her, and she was staring back at me.

"Anyone in particular?" she whispered, but I noticed she was holding back a smile.

"Your laughing at me." I whined.

"I am not!"

"You are so not making this easy." I complained. She laughed, turning sideways on the bench so as to face me. She reached up her arms, and put one hand behind my neck and the other she used to cup my face. I almost forgot to breath. Gods, what this girl can do to me with only a touch! All along my face and my neck, my skin was tingling. She leaned in close, so close out noses were touching. On impulse, I wrapped my arms around her waist, and I could've sworn I felt her shiver.

"I am never making things easy for you Seaweed Brain." She whispered, her hot breath flooding all over my face, causing my breath to shorten. "Get used to it." I closed my eyes and she started to lean forward, until there was only a paper sheet of distance between us. Then, I heard rustling in the bushes behind where we were sitting. We jumped apart, startled as a very large Clarisse, the two Stoll brothers, and most of the Hermes cabin popped up.

"All hail the conquering Love Birds!" she announced to her band of spies. Me and Annabeth groaned.

"Tired, are you?" Connor piped up.

"How about a dip in the canoe lake to wake you up?" Travis suggested. With that, the intruders had lifted Annabeth and I onto their shoulders, both of us avoiding looking at each other and blushing like mad. They tossed us in the lake, and as Annabeth started to swim back towards the surface, I grabbed her hand. I formed a bubble around us before she ran out of air. Must be so inconvenient to not be able to breathe underwater.

She took a large breath of air when the bubble formed. I looked down at out still entwined hands. She followed my gaze and blushed.

"What are you doing?" She asked, referring to the bubble.

"Well, I kinda wanted to tell you something that would be hard to tell you with all of them around." I said. She was dripping wet and shivering, but when I said this, she smiled. I willed all the water to roll off of her and form a ball in my hand, where I then threw the ball out the side of the bubble where it dissolved in with the rest of the lake, leaving her dry as a bone.

"Thanks," she said, "Soo…what was it you wanted to tell—mumph!"

The "mumph!" was due to me crashing my lips to hers. I had been wanting to do this since I was thirteen. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait. This time, my hands reached up to cup her smooth face, and she latched onto my shoulders. It was the best feeling in the world, her lips moving against mine as I deepened the kiss. It felt like she belonged here, in my arms. I was ecstatic when she kissed back, with the same passion me.

And it was definitely the best underwater kiss of all time.