I coughed as the thick, pink, (but admittedly good-smelling) theatrical smoke. I coughed, my eyes squeezed shut. I waved my hand around, searching for something to brace my self against so I won't fall over during my cough-fest. My hand was stopped by something soft, but hard. And warm. Covered in some sort of fabric.


I opened my eyes, and through the haze of pink, I saw the tall out line of Percy. Just because he had been in a coma hadn't meant he hadn't grown. He was now at least half a foot taller than me. His shoulders were much broader, making him look much more muscular, even though he had been out cold for the past year.

I looked down at myself self-consciously. I usually didn't care much for my appearance, but I knew I still looked sixteen, now a year younger than him. The smoke faded away more, and I could make out his sea green eyes.

He looked down, and pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arm around my waist. I put my arms around his neck, squeezing him tight. I never realized before, but the thing I'd missed the most about life while I was on Ogygia, was him. The smoke cleared further, and I gasped, finally able to see out surroundings over his shoulder. We were at camp. At our beach.

I pulled back, but kept hold of his hand. I remembered that he hadn't been here in a year either. It was the middle of the night from the looks of it, where it had been daytime in Ogygia. I felt tears threaten my eyes as for the first time in a year, I looked out over an ocean that didn't go on forever. As beautiful as the sparkly turquoise ocean around Ogygia was, and as murky and polluted as this one was, there was something that made this ocean a million times more beautiful. I felt the tears come down, and looked over at Percy, whose own eyes were watering.

"I…I never thought that I'd ever see this place again." I whispered. He looked down at me with a look that absolutely made me want to melt. It was just over flowing with love and emotion. I never thought I'd see him look at me like that again.

"I thought I'd never see you again." He whispered. It was so unlike him, to be this serious. Then I saw him crack a silly smile, and changed my mind. I let out a watery laugh, and leaned into him.



"You…you know how sorry I am about the Hydra thing, right? I mean, I was really stupid, going alone like that, and then letting my guard down…If I knew I'd of gotten in a coma, and left you on that island, thinking I'd forgotten about you for a year—"

I jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist, securing myself against him, and wrapped my arms around his neck. I closed my eyes and moved my lips against his, and he kissed back, wrapping his arms around my legs so I wouldn't fall. I ran my hands through his somehow still soft and shiny black hair. It had grown out, but some how that only made him look sexy. I cupped his smooth face and pulled his face even more into the kiss, then I ran a hand down his chest, keeping the other fisted in his hair, and couldn't help but feel all the muscles under his shirt. I just wanted to feel him. Know he was there and wasn't leaving. I slipped a hand under his shirt and felt his warm smooth skin. He groaned, making me do the same. He pulled away, nuzzling my neck, making me shiver. He placed a soft kiss on my neck, making me melt. He kissed all the way up to my jaw line. He hadn't ever kissed me like this. I hadn't felt like this in a year. How did I survive? He moved back down to my neck, and whispered against it,

"I love you." It vibrated against my skin and made my insides turn to jelly. I took his face in my hands and pulled it away from neck. I held his face right in front.

"I love you too." Just as I was about to pull him into another kiss, there was a

"PERCY! ANNABETH! YOU'RE BA-BA-BAAACK!" And then Grover tackled us into the water.

PERCY POV: (4 years later)

So, after G-man got Chiron to come fish out outta the ocean, we got caught up with everybody at camp, who all thought we were both dead. We said how I got in the coma, and how I rescued Annabeth. We went home to see my mom immediately after, and she suffocated up both with hugs, and then yelled at me for breaking out of the hospital. Grover told me he'd found out what happened to Calypso. Apparently she had found a job at a bar and lived a very happy life as a stripper.

Annabeth and I were both going to NYU. We had said she was my age, 20, even though she was physically 19, due to that lost year on Ogygia. We shared an apartment, and were only a half-hour drive away from my mom. We were still going strong, I was head-over-heels in love.

I thought about all this, and how much I loved her. There was no other girl for me. I walked into the jewelry store that was on the campus. I walked up to some dude who had the hair of a girl.

"I'd like to buy an engagement ring, please."


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