The next day, Anthony went to the market place, being soaked in rain. He was hoping to find someone who might know who Toby is. Maybe even where he is. Anthony had seen Toby once, while on his way to tell Todd where the judge had left Johanna. Even so, it was only a glance, not enough to really know anything about the child.

So Anthony was surprised when he recognized the little boy being thrown out of a shop.

Toby had changed a lot. After his first kill, nothing mattered to him anymore. To be honest, he lost the only thing he really cared for when he saw Sweeney Todd throw Mrs. Lovett into the furnace. Mrs. Lovett was the closest thing to a mother the little boy had ever known. Though now it seemed almost painful to think of her as his mother. After he found out her secret.

With no desire to have any human company again, Toby stayed on the streets with only the clothes on his back and the razor in his waistcoat, serving as a constant reminder that he would one day pay for what he's done...

"Are you Toby?" Anthony asked, offering the boy a sandwich. He had bought it earlier, refusing to eat anything left in his own home. Though to Anthony, the boy in front of him needed the sandwich more. After the boy took the sandwich, they walked over to a wooden bench and sat down.

"Thank you." Toby said, unwrapping the sandwich. "My name is Tobias Ragg, but yes I go by Toby."

"Did you use to live with Mrs. Lovett?"

Toby looked up at Anthony in shock. Was this a detective? Did they find out that he had Todd's missing razor? Was he going to arrest him for killing the barber?

Anthony took a deep breath, and leaned back on the bench. "I live with a woman who is now running the bakery and the barber shop. She is looking for an apprentice and was wondering if you would be interested."

Releasing a sigh of relief, Toby leaned back. "What's her name?"

"Johanna Barker." Anthony said. Whenever he spoke of Johanna, Anthony always used the name Barker. He would much rather have people think of her as the daughter of a man who was wrongly exiled because the judge wanted his wife. Not as the daughter of the demon barber of Fleet Street.

Toby took a bite out of the sandwich, deep in thought. He didn't want to spend large amounts of time with people, and he really didn't want to return to the bakery. At the same time, he needed a job. The only way he was going to make it on the streets was stealing what he needed, but that risked him being caught with the dead barber's razor.

"If you are interested, she's in the barber shop." Anthony said, realizing that he was running behind schedule. Johanna had asked him to buy a broom, eggs, milk, and a few other things on the list she wrote for him. He still needed to stop by the ship yard to make sure he wasn't missing any work.

After Anthony left, Toby quickly finished his sandwich. Anthony seemed to be very nice, so this Johanna woman couldn't be too bad either, right?

Hours later, in the barber shop on Fleet Street...

Johanna was sitting in the barber's chair when Anthony came in. There was blood everywhere. On the floor, the walls, the window, the mirror, and Johanna's black pin striped dress. Even on the girl's face. She sat there, singing to her knives. All seven knives were there now. "There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people who are..."

Horrified, Anthony ran down to the bake house, hoping he didn't see what he thought he would. When he got there, his worst fears were realized. There on the cold, concrete floor was a boy's body. His throat was slit, and he was stabbed several times. Anthony knew that that was Toby, and that Johanna had used him to get the boy to her.

Anthony ran back to Johanna. "What did you do?" He demanded.

Johanna gave him a crazed smile. "I freed my father. I avenged him."

"You killed a child!"

"He killed my father!" Johanna shouted back.

Anthony stared at her, unable to believe her. This was the woman who used to sing to her birds in the windowsill. The same one who used to have nightmares about Sweeney Todd. Now Johanna had practically become the demon barber himself. "Johanna, I'm sorry."

Johanna turned back to her box. "I'm not."

Two hours later, at Fogg's Asylum...

"She will be well taken care of." The Doctor said, leading Anthony down a hall. "I'll make sure of it."

Anthony nodded, looking around. He remembered when Fogg himself lead him down this hall, when he was posing as a wigmaker's apprentice. Anthony had thought that, once they got away from London, he and Johanna would have the rest of their lives together. That Johanna would be able to put the past behind and they would be happy. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

Now Anthony just wanted to forget ever coming to London...

"Is there any way she'll get out?"

"Not that I am aware of." The Doctor answered. "That is, unless you ask it to be."

"Good." Anthony said. "Though I doubt I'll ever ask for that. Not after what she's done."

Pretty soon, they got to a thick, metal, door. There was a little sliding door at eye level that the Doctor opened. "You may look, if you'd like."

Out of curiosity, Anthony peeked in. "Is there any way she'll recover."

"It's unlikely." The Doctor said. "She's a serious case. I've never seen a woman quite like her." He then sighed. "We couldn't even take her box away from her."

Inside, Johanna was sitting on the floor, wearing a white straight jacket. She rocked back and forth, staring wide eyed at the reddish box on the floor in front of her. The box that held Todd's razors. As she rocked, she sang with a mad smile on her face. "There was a barber and his wife, and he was beautiful..."

At first, I was going to end this story with Johanna singing "Epiphany" but changed my mind at the last minute...

While writing this story, I listened to the "Dark Passion Play" cd by Nightwish...and of course "Epiphany" and "My Friends"...

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