Title: Dark Owl
Pairing: Minerva McGonagall/Amelia Bones
Prompt: A letter, death and cornflower
Rating: G
Word Count: 322
Beta: My dear, tania_sings
Warnings: Character death. Canon. Suggested femmeslash.
Summary: Minerva founds out about Amelia's death (could be considered a missing moment from HBP).
A/N: Originally written for the community hp_worldcup_bets at . Of course, I lost (England let me down and España won...Olé!); so I had to write a drabble for kelly_chambliss.

Dark owl

Minerva felt a shiver ran down her spine as the dark owl approached her window. It was the owl no one ever wanted to see. He Who Must Not Be Named was back and there wasn't a single soul who didn't have his or her days counted.

Closing her eyes briefly, she could hear her own brain working frantically, wondering who was the victim this time. Dumbledore had gone on another secret mission for the Order, leaving her in charge of the school. There wasn't much to do during the summer holidays, but even when it was unexpected, duty called and she had to be ready for anything that may threaten Hogwarts or its students.

Opening the window, the owl flew to her desk, already offering its leg for her to untie the letter. With quivering fingers, she opened the fancy parchment. Her eyes looked over the two small paragraphs until they found a name she was too familiar with. "...the Ministry has been attacked... sorry to inform you... Amelia Bones... Madam Bones fought with remarkable courage... the memorial..."

Gasping, Minerva fell to the floor. Her whole body was shaking while she tried to breathe properly.

"Lia," she whispered as she felt the tears now running down her cheeks. "No, no, no..."

Standing up was more difficult than she had expected. Helping herself with the desk, Minerva made her way to the chair. She searched blindly in the first drawer to her right for Amelia's picture.

"You promised," Minerva said softly as she looked at the photograph in which Amelia sat, smiling at the camera, surrounded by hundreds of Cornflowers. The bright blue colour of the flowers brought more attention to her blue eyes. "I can't keep going alone, Lia. I need you. Please, don't leave me," Minerva pleaded at the moving picture over and over again until she fell asleep from exhaustion with the smiling image of Amelia on her hand.

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