by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Rosario+Vampire or it's characters.

Summery: After the 17th Angel battle, Shinji runs away from NERV and ends up in the valley of the Snow Women. There he is selected to marry one of them in order to help continue their race.


Chapter 1
New Suitor

Shinji ran as fast as his feet could carry him. Tears continued to stream out his eyes, his feet long having passed sore and aching. He didn't care where he was going, just so long as it wasn't anywhere near Tokyo-3.

12 hours ago he had discovered that the new Eva pilot, Kaworu Nagisa, was actually the 17th Angel, had managed to infiltrate NERV and Terminal Dogma in an attempt to locate the First Angel Adam. Only when he found out that it wasn't Adam, but Lilith, did he allow Shinji to stop him. To kill him. To Shinji, that single moment was more difficult than anything else he had done for NERV. Kaworu was asking him to kill him, Misato and NERV were demanding he kill him, and even Shinji's own instincts were telling him to kill him.

What made it worse for Shinji though, was the fact that Kaworu, just before he had died, told Shinji that he loved him.

While Shinji was as straight as a board, those simple words had actually made him feel worse when he had finally used his Eva to pop Kaworu's head off. No one had ever told Shinji that they loved him. Not the his fellow female pilots, not his guardian, not his father. The last person who did tell him that they loved him, was his mother. Over ten years ago.

What really made it worse, was that Shinji had felt the sincerity in his words when he said it. He had seen the look in his eyes as he said it. While he hadn't taken it into a gay-implication, Shinji had felt that Kaworu truly cared for him. As if they had had a connection on a level he had never felt before.

It was then that Shinji realized... the Angels had been more honest with him than any human ever had.

That had been the last straw for him. It was enough. Fed up, enraged, depressed, upset, and emotionally drained beyond his means, Shinji ran. Ran from the place that had taken his mother. Ran from the place that had stolen his innocence (metaphorically that is). Ran from the place that had taken everything, given him nothing. Nothing, but a lifetime of nightmares.

And so he ran. Ran into the forests outside of Tokyo-3, ran faster and faster, not caring where he was going, just so long as it was away from there.

He didn't care where he was going, and didn't notice as his feet carried him into a secluded valley many miles from the outskirts of Old Tokyo.

As he approached the outskirts of the valley, the heat from his body negated the unusually cold weather that surrounded him. Exhaustion took hold, his legs buckled, and Shinji Ikari crashed to the ground, ignoring the cold sting of the ice and snow that his face fell in to.


Not an hour had passed when three beautiful women found themselves standing over the face-down young man they had never seen before.

"What do we have here?" the tallest of the women asked.

"A young man." a lavender haired woman in a purple and white kimono said.

The woman bent down and rolled him onto his back. She smiled as she brushed the snow out of his face, taking in his features.

"Young, but handsome. The girls will love him." the second woman, wearing a green and black kimono, said.

"I call dibs for my daughter!' the first woman said.

"That's not fair!" the second woman said.

"Ladies!" the third woman, a tall elegant noble wearing a rich and lavish white and silver kimono with a tall ornate staff that looked to be made of crystal, said to them.

The pair stopped bickering and just looked at the taller woman as she stepped forward.

"First... we must know who and what this boy is... and what his life has been." she said as she lowered her staff over the boy's head. The large jewel in the head of the staff glowed, a stream of light images, like magical holograms, previously trapped inside the mind of Shinji Ikari were displayed before the women.

It took an hour to fully view his life, and all three women were in tears at seeing the boys life. The last image they saw was of Shinji killing the only person who had said they loved him.

"We will take him with us." the taller woman said. "Tsurara?" she asked, turning to the first woman.

"At once, Snow Priestess." the woman in the purple and white kimono said, creating a sled made of ice and gently placing the boy upon it.

(Two days later)

Shinji awoke to find himself looking up at a rather beautiful ceiling, one that looked to be made of marble and had an elegant five-blade fan gently blowing air onto him.

Another unfamiliar ceiling. He thought as he moved his head and looked around the room.

He wasn't in a hospital room, but more like some kind of guest room. It was rather fancy and the color scheme was a blend of white, silver and blue. Everything, from the carpet to the curtains, to the chairs and the dresser, gave Shinji a winter-theme impression.

Just then the door to the room opened.

"Oh. You are awake." an attractive woman in a purple and white kimono said as she entered the room.

"Where am I?" Shinji asked.

"You are in the home of the Snow Priestess, recovering your strength." she said.

"Snow Priestess?" he asked.

"The leader of our village. I am Shirayuki Tsurara." she said with a bow.

"Ikari Shinji." he introduced.

"I know."

"You do?" he asked. "How do you know me? I left all my ID's back in Tokyo-3."

"I will explain that later. But for now, welcome to the Valley of Ice, home to the Snow Women."

"Snow... Women?" he asked, confused. "Like the myth?"

"Oh. We are hardly myths, dear boy." Tsurara said with a smile.

"You are? How? I mean... you aren't really 'Snow Women', are you?" he asked, figuring it was not because of their pale white skin.

"Allow me to show you." Tsurara said, waving her hand as a powerful mist of ice swirled from it and started to form something in the corner of the room.

Shinji just stared in shock as the form was that of Tsurara herself, right down to her hairstyle and color of kimono. But what happened next shocked him even more.

The ice statue moved and walked up on the other side of the bed as if it too was a living creature.

So the legends are real! He said, mentally freaking out. "I... am I... dreaming?"

"You are not." Ice-Tsurara said, leaning forward and pinching Shinji's cheek.

"O-okay. I'm not dreaming." he said, rubbing his cheek and realizing that her touch was ice cold. Which wasn't surprising. "And you... did you save me?"

"Yes." Real Tsurara said. "We found you passed out just inside the borders to our valley. After the Snow Priestess read your thoughts..."

"Read my thoughts?" he asked.

"Yes. It was necessary to determine exactly who and what you are. But in doing so, we also saw what your life had been."

Shinji grew sorrowful at what she was saying.

"Oh." he said sadly.

"Your life has been so harsh and cruel. And all because of your father." Ice-Tsurara said.

"Please, don't mention him." he said sadly.

"Of course." Real-Tsurara apologized.

"I'm sorry. It's just that... I left away from Tokyo-3 because I couldn't take it anymore. I... I don't want to return there." he explained.

That is good to know. Real-Tsurara thought. "Perhaps we can help you." she said.

"You can?" Shinji asked.

"Yes. By our law, only Snow Women can live in our valley. But so can their husbands." Real-Tsurara said.

Shinji had a funny feeling as to where Tsurara was going with this.

"If you were to marry one of our daughters, you could live here in our valley." Ice-Tsurara said.

At hearing this, Shinji was shocked.

"You want me to what?"

"To marry one of our daughters." Real-Tsurara said.

Having been used, manipulated, and twisted by his own father, having his very soul stripped from his body little by little, Shinji was naturally shocked that he was actually being given something. Or at least offered. Though part of him felt like this was kinda like coercion, there was a question in his mind at what the catch was.

"Why?" he asked. "I mean... why me? Aren't I... a bit young?"

Seeing the confusion in his eyes, Tsurara explained.

"Actually, that might be a plus in your favor. You see... almost 75% of our village are women. Which means that our race is slowly dying out. In order to survive, it is necessary for us to bring in males from outside our valley in order to mate with our women."

At hearing this, Shinji was now more concerned than confused.

"But... doesn't that mean that your future generations won't be snow... people?" he asked.

"This is actually encouraged. You see, Snow Women are mostly ice. We can survive briefly outside the cold temperatures of our valley, even if we must use our own powers to regulate our temperature. Otherwise we would melt."

"Seriously?" he asked, clearly confounded.

"Yes. Mating with human's, or other monsters, is encouraged, since it will give the next generation the ability to survive in much warmer climates."

Tsurara seemed to sense Shinji's apprehension to such an idea, so she decided to sweeten the pot.

"And of course, if you choose to marry one of our women, you would be more than welcomed to stay here in our valley in order to raise your future children."

"Okay." Shinji said simply.

The woman looked surprised.

"You agree so quickly." she noted.

"I... I don't want to go back to Tokyo-3. But I don't have any place else to go." Shinji said sadly.

"Then you agree to marry one of our women!" Tsurara said.

"But... who would want to marry me?" he asked. "I'm... I'm not really a good choice."

Tsurara smiled. "Don't be so certain." she said. "At least give them a chance to meet you."

Shinji naturally had his doubts, but nodded nevertheless.

(Entrance To Ice Valley)

"I'm still not certain why your mother wanted you to come back so soon, Mizore." the brown haired human Tsukune Aono said as the bus arrived at the border to the Ice Valley.

"Yeah. And why did we have to come along?" the busty blue-haired succubus Kurumu Kurono said.

"My mother said that it was imperative that I return now. I have my suspicions, but..." the purple-haired snow girl Mizore Shirayuki said.

"But what?" preteen black-haired witch Yukari Sendo, wearing her witch's hat and cape asked.

"It is almost time." Mizore said.

"Almost time?" beautiful pink-haired vampire Moka Akashiya asked. "For what?"

"For... mating season." she said sadly, knowing how this was going to sound.


"That doesn't make sense." Yukari said.

"I agree." Moka said. "It's ridiculous."

"Absolutely absurd." Tsukune said.

"What? Why? Can't you see her plan?" Kurumu asked. "She invites Tsukune to her village, where she and her mother will use pressure-tactics to get Tsukune to marry her, and then we'll lose him forever!" she whined, throwing herself at Tsukune. "I Won't Give Him Up Without A Fight!"

"Kurumu! Will You Stop It!" Tsukune shouted, trying to get his head out of her very supple cleavage so that he could breath. "And Mizore Isn't Trying To Marry Me!"

"How can you be so sure?" Kurumu asked.

"Because if that was her intention... she wouldn't have invited us!" Moka said.

"Oh!" Kurumu said, noticing the odd looks coming from the others. "Then... maybe she's going to freeze us and make us watch the wedding?"

"You really are an airhead, aren't you?" Yukari quipped.

"I Am Not!" the busty blunette said.

"The blood doesn't go to your brain does it? It just goes right to your boobs!"

"Why you flat-as-a-pancake, little..."

While the pair argued back and forth, Tsukune and Moka moved closer to Mizore.

"So... you're mother asked you to come back to your village... because she wants you to get married? But doesn't that mean... she's picked someone out for you!" Tsukune gasped in realization.

"I believe it does." Mizore said simply.

"But... you can't marry someone you don't love!" Moka declared.

"I know. But there are other things you are not considering." Mizore said.

"What things?" Moka asked.

"My race, like Kurumu's, is dying out. Snow women have a very limited time frame in which we are able to get pregnant. It would help if we were to marry young, so that the future generation will be stronger. Depending on the person who will father our children, the range of time will be greater than simply that of the Snow Women."

Tsukune and Moka looked at each other.

"I... guess that makes sense." Tsukune said.

"But... you said... other things." Moka said. "Was there something else?"

"Continuation of the species was the first one. And making the future generation stronger was the second." Mizore said coolly. "What else is there?"

Moka looked at Mizore, as if unconvinced.

"That's not it." the vampire girl said. "There is something else you're not telling us."

Mizore sighed. The vampire girl was more perceptive than she let on.

"Mizore?" Tsukune said, almost prompting the snow girl from her train of thought.

"I... have always cared for Tsukune. But I know that in my heart he is not meant for me. He is... your boyfriend, Moka-chan."

Moka and Tsukune blushed. Mostly at the accusation they had never addressed.

"I have stalked him many times, and I see that his love is for you. So many times have I seen him fight for you, endure great pain for you, and even submit to his monster form, for you."

Moka and Tsukune blinked as they realized what she was talking about.

Moka's blood! His Ghoul form!

"It was thanks to the Chairman and Ruby-san that you were fully transformed into a half-vampire." she said. "Even with your powers sealed like Moka's, this only confirms to me that you are meant for each other. But where does that leave me?"

"Mizore-chan..." Tsukune started to say, only to be preempted.

"I don't want to be alone, Tsukune-kun. I want what you have. But I want my own. I want my own boyfriend to love and care for me, as you do for Moka."

"But... Mizore-san..." Moka said. "You don't know if this new suitor will be your true love."

"I know that. And if I can't have that, I'll gladly take any boy my mother deems worthy so that at least my race will continue."

"But a loveless marriage is just that! Loveless!" Kurumu stated, having stopped arguing with Yukari long enough to hear Mizore's 'plight'. "You'd actually resign yourself to that?"

"And be what? His second wife? His second love?" Mizore asked. "I have a better chance with a person I don't know, than with someone who has already given his heart to another."

"I still think you could join us and do the harem thing!" Yukari stated.

"YUKARI!" Tsukune, Moka and Kurumu shouted at the young witch, though for different reasons.

Tsukune wasn't fond of the idea of multiple-wives. While he did care deeply for each of them, it felt like cheating. Moka wasn't fond of them all having an orgy like she knew Yukari was suggesting. Kurumu wasn't fond of sharing Tsukune, period. And Yukari was practically begging for all of these to happen.

Tsukune vaguely wondered what Ruby's opinion of this would have been.

"That still doesn't mean you have to go through with this!" Kurumu said to Mizore.

"That is why I asked all of you to come along." Mizore said.

"You did? But why?" Moka asked.

"Because... you are my friends. If nothing else... I may need your help... if this arrangement doesn't go as I want it to. If this person proves... unworthy... I was... kind of hoping..."

"That we might step in and do something about it?" Tsukune asked.

"I cannot go against the will of my mother. But perhaps..." Mizore said.

The quartet looked at each other and said nothing. Mizore had basically asked them to come along to make sure that she didn't defy her mother's wishes. She couldn't. But if she didn't approve of the person who was going to be her future husband... then it would be up to them to make sure this guy 'learned his place' as Silver Moka was so fond of saying at times.

She was asking them to save her if this new suitor turned out to be 'Mr Wrong'.

"Alright. We'll do it!" Tsukune declared.

The others looked at Tsukune with some shock, making this declaration in all their names as he did. But he had spoke for them, and they all agreed, unanimously, that this was what needed to be done.

"Yes, we will." Moka said.

"Alright." Kurumu agreed.

"You Bet!" Yukari shouted.

"Thank you." Mizore said with a smile.


Authors Notes:

This idea was suggested to me some time ago by a friend, Reisfriend, who wanted me to write up a Shinji/Mizore story. He wrote one that doesn't include monsters.

This story starts at the end of the Evangelion and shortly after Tsukune and the others meet Mizore. Not too shortly, though.

I've already got Chapter 2 in the works, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

And leave me lots of reviews please.



"I told you!" Kurumu grumbled.

"Oh shut up you succubus!" Yukari shouted.

"If you'd just listened to me..." Kurumu started to say.

"But we didn't! And now we're stuck!" Moka shouted. "You don't have to remind us!"

All three of them were trapped in blocks of ice while Tsukune and Mizore were getting married before them.

And Kurumu wouldn't shut up.

"Oh god! Kill me now!" Yukari grumbled.

"I was right, you were wrong." Kurumu huffed. "And do you know what this ice is going to do to my breasts? Shrinkage!"

"Let's hope it's shrinks your voice as well!" Yukari shouted.



"Snow... Women?" he asked, confused. "Like the myth?"

"Oh. We are hardly myths, dear boy." Tsurara said with a smile.

"You are? How? I mean... you aren't really 'Snow Women', are you?" he asked, figuring it was not because of their pale white skin. "Like the kind of snow women who kidnap people and seduce men in the middle of a freak snow storm?"

"Yes. Would you like to see?" Tsurara said as she slipped off her kimono to reveal her shapely body.

"Uh.. that's okay. I'm convinced!" Shinji gulped as she crawled onto the bed and over Shinji himself.

"Oh, but I can't let you marry my daughter without seeing just how good you really are." she said as she took his face in between her hands. "Oh, you're so cute."

Now if someone had done this for me back in Tokyo-3, I might have stayed. Shinji thought as the woman pressed her lips to his.