by Gunman

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Summery: Shinji gets to know his new fiancée, even while other forces seek to disrupt the peace he has found, which will lead the other members of the club to become involved in various ways.


Chapter 3
Meet Your Fiancé

Shinji opened his eyes and found himself staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling once again. However, the pattern and color he recognized as being from the Valley of the Snow Women.

At least it's not the hospital at NERV. Shinji thought.

"You're awake." a soft voice said to him.

Shinji turned to the side and saw a very beautiful girl lying next to him in his bed, her arms wrapped around his left arm (which he hadn't noticed right away). She had short cut lilac hair which came and dangled around her shoulders, and had crystal blue pupil-less eyes. She was dressed in a white sweatshirt with dark blue sleeves that hung loose off her shoulders, exposing the black straps of her undershirt. She had a gold pendant on a silver chain around her neck. She also wore a blue and green pleated-checkered skirt which seemed a little short on her, revealing her purple striped leggings that stopped just short of her skirt, with a black belt around her left thigh. She had a lollipop dangling from her mouth, her skin was as fresh as newly fallen snow.

She was, in Shinji's opinion, beautiful.

"Hi." Shinji said.

"Hello." the girl said. "I am Shirayuki Mizore."

Shirayuki? She's Miss Tsurara's daughter? He thought. "Ikari Shinji." he introduced.

"I know." she said.

"You do?" he asked.

"Yes. My mother told me your name... and showed us your past." she explained.

"Show you my...I'm sorry you had to see that." he apologized.

She tightened her hug on his arm, as if accepting his apology.

"You said 'us'. Who is 'us'?" Shinji asked, realizing what she had said.

"My friends from Yokai Academy. They were present when the Snow Priestess showed me your past. They too, are outraged and saddened, at what you have endured."

At hearing this, Shinji was naturally confused.

"But... why? Why would they care about me? They don't know me." Shinji asked.

"Because they are good people. They care about their friends, and they fight for them loyally. I know that you don't understand that, given what has happened in your life, but there are good people in the world."

"Wish I could meet them." he said, somewhat dejectedly.

"You will." she assured him. "Even monsters do not treat their own children in such a way. The Snow Priestess used her magic to reveal your past to us. We saw what you had done and we are all shocked and impressed. To be abandoned at such a young age, to be forced to fight in a war that you did not know about. To be teased by your guardian instead of encouraged, abused by your roommate instead of supported, used by your friends, and manipulated by your own father. Your battles against the Angels, each of them more painful than the next. And despite that... you did not become anything like your father."

It left a foul taste in his brain at hearing himself and his father mentioned in the same sentence. As if they had something in common.

But Ms Shirayuki said that I didn't have to return to that world. If I married... her. he thought as he looked at Mizore. Then again... she is beautiful, kind, and seems to be sincere. But I...

"I know that you are not comfortable with all this, Shinji-kun. Having been through all that you have and now being forced to marry someone you do not know. That is something I hope to change."

"You... do?"

"Yes. I wish for a loving relationship with my husband. At first I thought that it was Tsukune-kun, but his heart belongs to another. When my mother told me that she had found me a new suitor for me to marry, I was hesitant to return to Snow Valley. But I am obligated to return and marry the prospective husband that my mother has selected." she said.

Shinji looked at Mizore, and felt his heart drop a little.

This girl seemed to mimic his own feelings. She wanted to be loved, like him, but his feelings had gone rather unreciprocated, unrequited, even unnoticed. And now they were both being offered a chance to find happiness, even if it is by arrangement. Such a thing rarely came with any measure of happiness.

Shinji had been hurt too many times in his life to truly open up to anyone. Even those he wanted to open up to.

And yet for all his insecurity, he was still honest.

"I... all I've ever wanted... was to be loved." he said, not sure why he was opening up to this girl whom he had only known briefly. "I went to Tokyo-3 because I thought... maybe... my father wanted to see me again. Instead he used me. Like a tool. Misato took me in, tried to help me, but she was more of a teasing big sister who couldn't help but get drunk almost every day. And she needed me to destroy the Angels for her, because she hated them. Rei wasn't very emotional, but I kinda thought we were becoming friends. I get the feeling she would have picked my father over me. That she would do anything for him. And Asuka..."

"Was not very nice. To anyone." Mizore said.

"I tried to be her friend, but she kept pushing me away." Shinji said. "Some times violently."

"She was a prideful girl. She would have ended up alone anyway."

"Then why do I still hope she finds happiness one day?"

"Because you are a good person with a good heart." Mizore said as she snuggled into his chest.

"I... thank you." he said, just taking the compliment and not saying anything else.


It was a day later and Shinji was out of the Snow Priestesses house. It was easier to take him there after his altercation with the Yeti, since her powers could heal him.

Once Shinji was out, Mizore introduced him to her friends from Yokai Academy.

Moka and Tsukune seemed like a nice enough couple. Moka was incredibly beautiful, on a level far above Asuka. Though it was probably because of her much-kinder personality as well. Tsukune seemed to be a kinda, upstanding, decent individual. Someone you could trust with your life. He did seem far nicer than Toji and Kensuke. And for some reason, he didn't seem that shocked when Mizore told him that they were vampires.

Yukari seemed to be the energetic little sister who didn't like being patronized, but was also very smart despite only being 12 years old. Like she was ready for college and such. Her outfit gave away the fact that she was a witch, which didn't really surprise Shinji either.

Kurumu, to Shinji at first glance, seemed to scream 'flirt' and 'sexpot' all in one body. She was the kind of girl that would draw all attention away from girls like Asuka, for no other reason than her playful and cheerful personality, as well as her Double-D sized breasts (Shinji wasn't sure what the exact size was, but she seemed as ample as Misato, and his former guardian was a full-grown adult) seemed to make her more 'noticed'. She seemed friendly enough, which Shinji was wary of, since Mizore told him she was a succubus. Of course, she apparently only had eyes for Tsukune.

Shinji soon found himself walking through the village with Mizore hanging onto his arm, rather tightly. It was as if she was scared he would run away. But Shinji knew that wasn't the reason. The real reason, as he had been told by Tsurara earlier, was that there were other snow girls in the village who were anxious to find boyfriends and husbands of their own. And while Tsurara wanted Shinji to be her daughters husband, she knew that she did not have exclusive rights over him.

There were three girls in particular that Mizore was afraid of.

The first was a girl named Taki, who was an artist like her mother, and as such was a type of free-spirit. She had jet-black hair, soft pale white skin, and seemed to have two different colored eyes. The left eye was jade-green, the right eye was light blue. The rumor was that her mixed parents had given them to her.

The other two were the twins, Kaori and Saori. The pair had pale blond hair, almost platinum, with bright blue eyes that sparkled like sapphires. They were a little taller than Mizore, and shapely like a pair of super models. It was rumored that they shared everything. With emphasis on 'everything'. Which meant that the man they chose to be their husband would get a threesome every night.

It was The Twins that Mizore feared more than Taki. Not only were the pair true heartbreakers, but there were two of them. Double the competition, as it were.

That was why Mizore was fearful of losing Shinji. The Twins would have been good to him, she was sure of that, but it meant that she would be alone, stuck to marry someone else who would probably not be as nice as either Shinji or Tsukune. The odds of finding someone else like that were low. Very low, as a matter of fact.

As the group of mixed monsters (and one human) were walking through the village, they noticed that several people were staring at them. Newcomers were always stared at, but Shinji noticed that some of the girls were glaring at Mizore in particular.

"Mizore-chan... why are they all staring at you?" Shinji asked.

"Because they've heard about you and think that you are mine. So they are more than a little jealous because they think I've claimed you." Mizore stated.

Even though I haven't agreed to anything. Shinji thought, but kept it to himself because he didn't want to upset Mizore.

"With you holding onto him like that, I'm not surprised." Kurumu smirked.

Mizore snuggled into Shinji's side, hugging his arm, which made the young man blush. And for very good reason: he had nothing like this in Tokyo-3.

There, he had nothing, but a father who didn't give a damn about him, a guardian who got drunk on a regular basis, a roommate who constantly abused and degraded him, a fellow pilot who didn't seem to care too much for him, and the only person to say they loved him turned out to be his enemy.

But here... here he had a beautiful girl snuggled up against him because she was concerned about him. She had seen his life, knew what he had gone through, and knew what he wanted. To make it even better, Shinji had met her friends, who, while being odd in their own ways, were far better people than those he had encountered in Tokyo-3.

Here... he believed he could be happy.

(Far side of the valley)

"Are you sure this is going to work, Kuyo?" the taller and older blond man asked.

"Do you doubt me, Kuron?" Kuyo, the yoko and former head of the Yokai Enforcement Committee asked his older brother.

"Considering you chose to use a pack of Yeti to try and kill this Aono person, I do have reservations of a sort." Kuron said.

"Granted. But I didn't want to tip my hand too early in the game. I didn't expect those Yeti to kill him. Merely hurt him enough so that when he finally dies by my hands, he will know exactly who it was that is responsible for his death." Kuyo grinned, sadistically.

Kuron smiled at his little brother, pleased that at least something that their father had taught them had remained with him.

Though he did wonder, just what exactly Kuyo had in mind.

(White Field Studio)

Taki grinned as she looked over her latest works of art. Wiping the sweat from her brow, she grinned at the six sculptures before her. A 7-foot tall bull, a 9-foot tall polar bear, a 5-foot tall hawk, a 20-foot long snake, a 6-foot tall tiger, and a 7-foot tall horse.

I should thank Ishigami-sensei for those lessons in bringing your creations to life. With the help of my mighty ice-beasts, I will steal Mr Ikari away from Shirayuki-san. Taki grinned maliciously.

The spell she needed to bring these beasts to life could only work once the sun was up. So she had the chance to get a good night sleep. And in the morning, at the first chance she got, she would sic her creations upon Mizore's friends in order to eliminate the only real obstacle to her plans of capturing Shinji for herself.

(Mizore's house)

The Shirayuki household was a rather nice two-story house covered in a gleaming layer of snow. It was large enough that Mizore's friends would be able to sleep (in the guest room and living room if no where else)

At present, Tsurara was in the kitchen cooking for her daughter, her daughters fiancée, her daughters friends, and of course herself, with Kurumu and Yukari helping to cook dinner. This was actually a little shocking, considering how much animosity that Tsurara and Kurumu's mother, Ageha, had between them. But apparently Tsurara didn't transfer that animosity towards Ageha's daughter.

Moka and Tsukune were in the living room enjoying a quiet moment in front of the fire place. This was actually a surprise, since they weren't expecting Snow People to have any measure of warmth in their homes. Tsurara explained that it was all for the sake and comfort of their guests.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Shinji was relaxing on a small stool, taking a cup of warm water from the bucket sitting next to him, and poured it over his shoulders. The warmth of the water soothed his muscles, but did little to alleviate his troubled mind.

I have to make a decision, and soon. Shinji thought. Mizore seems to like me enough, and she does have nice friends, but... what could I possibly offer her? Other than future children. I've got so many problems. I'm damaged goods. I'm... he paused in mid-thought as he heard the door to the bathroom open up.

"Shinji-kun?" Mizore's voice echoed from the other side of the door.

"Uh... yes?"

"May I come in?" she asked.

"Sure." Shinji said before he realized the exact state of his undress.

He was sitting on a stool, in a bathroom, with only a towel draped across his lap.

The door opened and Mizore entered, dressed only in a white towel herself. Shinji blushed at the very sexy image he saw before him. Mizore was dressed only in a towel that covered her from her breasts to just above her knees. It was wrapped tightly, allowing her to walk in without holding it up by her hands. Shinji could see her smooth, flawless, creamy white skin, her sparkling blue pupiless eyes, and her short wavy lilac-colored hair.

"I apologize if this seems forward of me, Shinji-kun. But I thought it was best that you understand exactly what my intentions are." Mizore said as she moved up towards Shinji, kneeling before him.

"Mizore-chan?" Shinji gasped, the angle she was sitting at allowing him a peak, downwards, at her C-cup breasts.

"I know you have not made a definite decision as to whom you will marry. Personally, I wish it to be me." Mizore said.

"I understand that, Mizore-chan." Shinji said.

"No, Shinji-kun. I don't think you do." she said, moving closer to him. Taking one of his hands in her own, and removing the grape lollipop from her mouth, she took one of Shinji's fingers and gently licked it.

Shinji was blushing furiously now, as well as trying to keep 'Little Shinji' from standing to attention.

"I am a Snow Woman. Educated, and encouraged, in the art of seduction of men. If I seem to be quite forward, in any way, please note that it is the way of Snow Women who wish to find someone who will become the father of their children. And while I do have an obligation to my village, and my mother who wants grandchildren to spoil, I also want something for myself."

"What do you want, M-Mizore-chan?" Shinji said with a nervous stutter.

"I want to be loved." Mizore declared, moving closer to Shinji in order to see all of his scars.

Tsukune had scars, of that she was sure, and after seeing Shinji's life, she knew why he had scars as well. A large burn-mark on his chest (the Fifth Angel), whip marks across his sides and arms (the Fourth Angel), a small scar going from his right eye to his ear (the Third Angel), burns on his hands (from opening Ayanami's heated entry plug), three teeth marks across his chest (from the joint synchronization with Asuka in Unit 02), a small acid burn on his shoulder (the Ninth Angel), a nasty-looking slash mark across his left arm (courtesy of the Fourteenth Angel), and several other bruises from Asuka's constant abuse of him.

While Shinji had never really noticed them, from the fact that Dr Akagi had managed to 'remove' the scars using advanced medical techniques, so that Shinji would not focus on them too much, and just stick to his piloting jobs. These scars had been Kaworu's last gift to Shinji.

While that might have seemed strange, Kaworu thought that it was important that Shinji have a constant reminder of what the war had done to him. When Kaworu was close to Shinji in the shower and when they slept in the same room, he had subtly triggered the scar-memories within Shinji's body to manifest the scars that he had received from all of his battles. They were to be physical reminders of what NERV had done to him. And with him having given Shinji these reminders, it was safer for him to tell Shinji he loved him. More from the fact that he wanted Shinji to feel that he (Kaworu) was the only one who really cared for him.

And in a way, Shinji was grateful for that. But right now, he was more than a little nervous as having Mizore stare at his scars.

"Please. Don't look." he said softly to her, covering his body to hide his scars.

"I've seen worse, Shinji-kun." she said softly, touching his arms to let him know it was alright. "And I want to see them. I want to know everything about you... so that we can be married honestly."

Shinji just looked at her. She really does want to marry me. Shinji thought as Mizore moved even closer to him.

"I am sure that my mother told you of the methods that Snow Women use to attract and seduce their intended husbands. These methods do not exclude kidnapping as well." Mizore said, getting right up close to Shinji, kneeling before him and staring up into his eyes.

Shinji knew that Mizore wasn't going to kidnap him, since they were already in Mizore's house. But it did make him wonder if she wasn't warning him about the other Snow Women of the village.

Would the other Snow Women try to kidnap me just to spend time with me? Shinji thought. Would they steal me away and force me to marry them, even though it would not be my choice?

"I like you, Shinji-kun. You are good, kind, brave and selfless. I also think you are very cute." Mizore said, leaning herself up, her mouth an inch from his own.

Shinji was blushing madly now, making him desire some form of cold water just to cool down.

"I have no desire to kidnap you and force you to be with me. But that does not mean I will not take the advantage where I can find it." she said, placing her hands on his chest as she pressed her lips softly to his.


"Kurumu-san? Do you know where Shinji-kun and Mizore-chan are?" Tsurara asked as Kurumu came down the stairs and into the kitchen. She had sent Kurumu to fetch both her daughter and future son-in-law and wondered where they were.

"Uh... they're going to be a little late." Kurumu said with a knowing smile.

The others looked at her in confusion for a couple seconds, until Yukari perked up.

"AWW! That means we can't use the bathroom!" the preteen witch whined.

At hearing this, Tsurara was mentally cheering. Yes! That's my daughter!


Authors Notes:

Not what I was expecting. Again, I thought that I was going to make this chapter longer, but again I wanted to get something written and posted as soon as possible. And thanks to Reisfriend for the suggestions.

Hopefully everyone enjoys this chapter, and will excuse me for any kind of set-up before I stopped it right there. Also, there will not be any lemons in this story. It will still be a T-rating. I'm saving the lemons for my M-stories, which will have Mizore involved as well. And now, a few omakes to tied everyone over now that the initial chapter is done.


OMAKE 1 (Inspired by Iron Man 2)

The group looked at the guns on the wall in Tsurara's den.

"Claridge Hi-Tec, semi-automatic, 9mm pistol. It's my preferred form of personal protection." Tsurara said as she pointed at the handgun.

"M24 shotgun, pump action. Five-round magazine. I use this mostly to go food hunting." she said, pointing to the high-tech looking shotgun with the side grip.

"This is the FN-2000 from Belgium. It's the only thing I have from Belgium, actually. Which also includes waffles." she said, pointing to the sleek and high-tech looking black machine gun.

"This is the Milkor 40mm grenade launcher. Tear gas, smoke, shrapnel. Hippie control. It's also useful in chasing away solicitors." she said with a smile.

"This is the AA-12. 250 rounds a minute, each round containing a miniature high explosive. I call it my sister, Omaya Kaboom!" she said pointing to the gun that was longer than her daughter.

(This one is from The Expendables)

"This is an M134 7.62 Minigun. Six individual barrels with smooth rotating action. This is the torso taker, the powder maker, the military call it Uncle Gespacho or Puff the Magic Dragon. I call it, Rain of Pain." she said with a smile.

Shinji, Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari just looked over at Mizore.

"Your mother is a little scary." Tsukune said to the snow girl.

God! Kensuke would have an orgasm at seeing these weapons. Shinji thought to himself.



Shinji was sitting in the bathroom just letting the showerhead run it's water over his head, just trying to let the events of this day wash away.

Just then, the door opened and in walked a busty female figure with blue hair, wearing only a white towel.

"K-Kurumu-chan?" Shinji gasped.

"Shinji-kun... there's something I have to speak to you about. We can talk in private here, right?" The bluenette asked.

"What are you..." Shinji gasped.

"Or maybe... I shouldn't have come?" she asked as she walked up to him, kneeling before him. "Am I making trouble for you, Shinji?" she asked.

"W-w-well... I..." he stuttered.

Kurumu took his hand and started licking his fingers.

"I knew you didn't mind." she said seductively. "So you won't mind... if I do this either."

Lick, lick, lick.


"I wanna be more than just friends. Don't you?"

Glub, glub, glub, glub!

"Shin-Ji-Kun..." a moaning voice said as a lilac-haired figure emerged from the bathtube, the image of Mizore Shirayuki dripping water off of her naked body, just staring at the pair.

"GAAAH!" Shinji gasped.

"What?" Kurumu gasped.

"M-M-Mizore?" Shinji said.

"I figured she'd pull something like this." Mizore said calmly. "Nice of you to try it in the bath..." Mizore said, throwing her hands forward.

"ACK!" Kurumu gasped as ice spread up over her body, holding her tight.

"...where a Snow Fairy has the advantage!" Mizore said as the ice trapped both Shinji and Kurumu and forced them apart.

Tink, Tink, Tink, Tink.

Mizore moved in close to the imprisoned Shinji.

"Sorry to put you in the deep freeze too, Shinji-kun. But I can't pull my punches if I'm gonna win you over." she said as she pressed her lips to Shinji's.

She then pulled his towel off of his lap and straddled his lap, continuing her kissing as an upset Kurumu just looked on.