Hey guys. Last chapter. I realy enjoyed writing this story. I mean, yes, I had writer's block and sometimes just wanted to burn it in a virtual fire but overall, it was a relaxing write up for a multichapter story. Anyways enjoy!


It was a sunny day on Saturday morning. The Anderson family had gone out to go to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather. Woody sat on the bed, resting his head on a pillow with his hand crossed on his chest. He then felt a small tap on the shoulder.

"Oh howdy Buzz," Woody greeted, slowly opening his eyes, "What's new? How did the date go?"

The space ranger only shot him a beaming smile.

"I can tell by that goofy grin on your face that it wasn't so bad," Woody teased.

"This dating thing…wow," was all Buzz could say at the moment, "I mean, can't you believe that technically dating didn't really exists until the 19th century? Before that, couples had only courted meaning-"

"You've spoken to Mr. Pricklepants, haven't you?"

Buzz shrugged in response. "I talked to all the guys before coming up here. I apologized for my behavior and they apologized for…well…you know. Everything."

"I'm glad that's all clear up," Woody mentioned with a chuckle as he put his arm around his friend. Buzz didn't seem to take notice; he caught eye contact with Jessie who gave him a small wave of the hand and a smile. Buzz, who immediately erected his body, gave her an uneasily wave and mouthed 'hi'. More like 'H-hi J-Jessie'. Woody rolled his eyes and gave his friend a small shake.

"You're hopeless, Buzzy boy, you know that?" Woody stated.

"Huh…?" Buzz mindlessly said, watching Jessie hop onto Bullseye.

"Nothing, Buzz."

Buzz then played with his fingers and gave Woody a troubled look.

"What is it, Buzz?"

"C-could you…maybe…help me plan out the second date?" Woody's arm dropped in disbelief.

"I cannot believe-"

"It won't be as elaborate as the last one, Woody. I promise."

"Uh-uh," Woody rejected, shaking his head and crossing his arms, "No way. No when. No how."

"So is that a yes?"

"What do you think?" Woody asked, heading over to grab a pencil and notepad, "The things I do for these toys…"

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