Welcome to my first FanFiction story! I don't believe I've ever seen a SkipBeat fanfic on "gender bending," so I decided to write one! For those of you who don't know what is this so called "gender bending," it's when a person dresses, acts, and lives as the opposite gender. Get it? Good!

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Timeline: Kyoko's nineteen. Ren's twenty-three. Other people are other numbers. First scene in Lory's office, LME.

Other info: When people speak in English, the phrase/sentence/word will be italicized.

You'll either love this story or you'll hate it with a burning passion. There is no in between.

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Chapter 1: The Ballerina

"Mogami-kun, I believe you should do it. For your safety, I believe you should take the role." President Takarada eyed the girl closely. Today, he was dressed as a ballet dancer. No one knew why, perhaps he just wanted to show off his sexy, hairy legs in his brand new tights.

Kyoko was still perplexed by the president's glittery, pink tutu. "He knows that male dancers have a special costume for ballet, right?" Kyoko wondered. "W-," she stuttered, "What if he finds me anyway?"

"Mogami-kun, just trust me." He leaned toward her in his seat, causing glitter to sprinkle off of his chest and onto his lap.

The serious tone in his voice and eyes made her want to trust him, but she felt a sense of longing. "Okay," she whispered reluctantly.

"That's more like it." He smiled with care in his dark brown eyes.

Kyoko smiled back at him. "What about my other dramas?" she asked with panic in her voice. "I still have to complete the role of Hikari. If I dropped out, who would replace me? I can't go hiding just yet. They'll probably hate me! Plus I love Hikari! She's so lady-like and feminine! And her twin brother, who actually isn't her twin brother, Hikaru, who is played by Katsumi-san, is really nice! Sadly, he doesn't look anything like me at all. And also-"

"Mogami-kun," Lory interrupted. "You may continue to act in your drama 'My Twin Lover.' It's a wonderful drama. You're perfect as the main character, Hikari. I wouldn't dare replace you with another amateur!"


"No buts! Just trust me!"

"Okay... But...-," Kyoko began. "But why must you insist I play a boy? Why can't I just dye my hair, get extensions, and maybe change my body shape instead?" The last part made her want to bang her head against the wall, which, she though, could also change her appearance.

"Mogami-kun, don't you want to improve as an actress? It's like killing two birds with one stone! You go into hiding and learn to play a man as well!" Lory gave the girl a gleaming smile like how the guy in a "Vacuum 3000" commercial smiled suspiciously and offered a gullible customer a "great deal." Somehow that man managed to sell millions with the outrageous price tag.

"But President, I already know how to play a boy's role!" Kyoko soon realized that the president wasn't suppose to know that, not that it really mattered.

Lory thought of all the dramas, commercials, movies, TV series, and PVs Kyoko played a part of. He couldn't think of anything. Then he remembered Kyoko asking for an American outfit and Kuu telling him about a raw diamond. "Oh," Lory thought, "that's it." He chuckled to himself. "I guess that's okay," he continued to think, "but Kuon was a little girly with his longish, blond hair." Somewhere else in the LME building, a tall man with dark hair and a charming face sneezed. His manager ask him if he caught a cold, and the actor shrugged it off telling him that someone is probably talking about him.

"Oh really?" Lory replied. "What role might that be? I know nothing about you acting as Kuu's son!" Lory began to act all defensive and stuff.

Kyoko just stared at him, and thought of how strange he was. "I see... Then I have nothing to say..."

"Mogami-kun, just do it. It'd be interesting. You might even be able to surpass Tsuruga Ren as a male actor!" Lory knew it would never happen though. But who knows? It's possible. Especially since it's Mogami Kyoko. She doesn't have much of a chest to hid anyway. Well it's been growing lately. (A/N: For this fanfiction to remain rated T, no additional information was given. The rest is up to your imaginations- Actual don't imagine it! Sick people! Only Ren can- Uh... I'm just going to stop talking...)

"No! I could never do that to Tsuruga-senpai! He's the best in the business, he will never fall." Kyoko was looking away from Lory. She didn't really care about surpassing Ren that much. But then something snapped in her head. (No, it wasn't her brain or her neck, the narrator doesn't know what snapped, they just know something did! Anyway!) Something snapped in her head and she thought of something! "If I beat Tsuruga-san," she thought, "then that means... I'll beat that Bastard, too!" She smiled while looking up as though she saw the best thing ever on the ceiling. Sadly, the only thing on the ceiling was a painting of the president's upper body and the word "Love" written across his chest. That annoying word brought her back to reality and she turned back toward the president. "I'll do it! Thank you President! I'm sorry for wasting your time!" She stood up and bowed. "When do I begin to create an image for Yoshii? What should I name my manly self? What will I do if someone recognizes me? That won't be good for any of my dramas! What if I need to turn back into Kyoko? What if something slips out of my mouth and I reveal my true self? What if-"

"Mogami-kun," Lory stopped her before the young actress went hysterical. "I have everything under control. Just believe in me and Jelly." The president stood up, dusted off his tutu, and did a plié... It was extremely disturbing...

"Jelly-san...," Kyoko thought. "Oh yeah! That magical lady who helped me and Tsuruga-san dress up as Cain and Setsuka Heel! She's going to turn me into a guy? Yay! If it's her, she'll definitely succeed!" Kyoko fantasized about the beautiful, short, and cheerful make-up artist.

"Ten, come here for a moment please," Lory spoke into the intercom. Moments later, the doors to the office began to open.

Jelly Woods walked into the spacious room and stopped when she was in front of Kyoko. She gave her a friendly smile and said, "It's nice seeing you again, Kyoko-chan. Follow me. I'll give you a brand new look!" Jelly turned toward Lory and gave him a cheerful smile. "I'll do my best! Bye, Darling." She turned around and left the room with Kyoko.

"Bye, have fun with... him." He smiled to himself as he went to continue his Dating Sims Game... err... work...

Kyoko followed Jelly to her mobile make-up studio.

"Kyoko-chan, we're here! Come on in." They walked in, and Jelly released a long sigh. "Sorry, Kyoko-chan. Even after two years, Darling still takes things over board. I mean, why go to the extent of becoming a boy?" She sighed again. "I love him very much, though. Guess what? He proposed to me! Lookie! Lookie!" Jelly held up her left hand. On the finger between her pinky and middle finger was a large, heart-shaped, diamond ring. On the inside of it, there was an engraving of the words "I love you."

"It's so beautiful. Congratulations to the both of you!" Kyoko smiled, but there seemed to be a little sadness in it. She truly was happy for them, it's just that, for some reason, it made her heart ached. Then realization hit her. "Um, I'm curious...," Kyoko began. "Isn't President a tad... I mean a lot older than you?" Kyoko gave Jelly a confused look as Jelly laughed.

"Pfft!" Jelly giggled. "Ahaha, Kyoko-chan, how old do you think I am?"

Kyoko pouted a little. "Well, you look around my age...! Unless! President's a pedoph-"

"Kyoko-channnn! Don't use such words to describe Darling." She smiled. "Also, I'm actually thirty-five years old."

"... What?! Th- Th- Thirty-five?! H- How? You look so young! Oh, sorry, I'm being so impolite." Kyoko still carried a hint of shock on her face after she apologized.

"Haha, it's okay Kyoko-chan. Lots of people react that way when I tell them. I always take them as compliments though." Jelly smiled sweetly toward Kyoko. "Now, let's get started. I'll give you a little magic, and change your life in just a few minutes." She smirked as she accepted the challenge.

"Thank you."

"Darlinggg!" Jelly waved cutely to her fiancé as she pranced into his office. "I've given life to a beautiful man! I believe Ren-chan will have some difficult competition now."

"Where is he?" Lory looked toward his open doors, but Kyoko never appeared. "Is she still afraid?" he wondered. "I thought she might be used to this by now."

"Oh, I told her... him to wait outside. I wanted it to be a surprise." Jelly smiled widely. "Okay, now let me introduce to you a new actor!" The woman turned to the doors she entered recently and called, "Anon-chan, you can come in now."

A few seconds passed and a boot could be seen. A few more seconds passed and the entire body of the man was seen.

He had silky black hair, and in a good amount of light, you were able to see some brown. His hair was cut short and was parted to the right. His bangs reached his eyes, but never covered them completely. His eyes were almond-shaped, like Kyoko's, but instead of a golden color, his eyes were a blue. His skin was flawless, and had no piercings. The man wore a navy blue, long sleeved button-up, dress shirt that complimented his eyes. One of the buttons were unbuttoned at the top of the shirt, and he never tucked it in. His black dress pants had pockets on each side, and his boots were black with laces on them.

His outfit may not seem original nor extravagant, but it was his pose that gave off a cool vibe. It was like a Tsuruga Ren feeling. He stood straight, leaning mostly on his left side. His right thumb was tucked nicely into his right pants pocket. His head was tilted just a little toward the left, and his hair covered almost all of his forehead.

His face remained expressionless as he spoke. "Hey," he said in English. He was pretty fluent. "How are you?" he continued in Japanese. His Japanese was even better.

Lory observed him carefully. Slowly, the president smiled and gave Jelly a nod of approval. "I like it. I can already think of a stage name, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and what ever else he'll need on his portfolio."

"Really?" Jelly asked. "What's his name? When I asked Kyoko-chan, she told me she liked the name Prince. I think someone has that name already, and if not... well, it's kind of funny. When I asked her for another one, she said she liked Romeo, too. I think it's nice. What do you think?"

Lory looked at Kyoko and sighed. "Why not just use Prince Romeo? It's very original!" He carried a sarcastic tone when he said the last part.

Jelly smiled unknowingly and replied, "Oh, I thought of that, too! We are so compatible, Darling! But after I thought about it, it was kind of strange."

"Oh really?" he continued with his sarcasm. "Well, want to hear my name or not?"

"Of course I do! What is it? What is it?"

"I was thinking of a darkish name that sounded somewhat foreign. He was born in the states, and his mother and father passed away when he was younger. He's half American, and half Japanese. His natural eye color is light blue, and his natural hair color is blond. He always wanted to be an actor when he grew up because his father was a director. He moved to Tokyo, Japan at the age of ten and became-"

"Darling... are you perhaps basing most of these characteristics on a certain person. Specifically 'him'?" Jelly asked.

"O- Of course not! What gives you that idea?... Ahem, anyway... What was I saying? Oh yeah. And became Rain! "Rain" meaning ame. (A/N: "Ame" is rain in Japanese. Kyoko's name is the English word for rain... Is that confusing...? Hope not.) Isn't that a cool name? And the way you act! It's so.. so... so Rain-like! You want a last name Rain-kun?" Lory questioned as he turned to Rain.

"Sure." The more Rain used English, the better it got. "Do you have anything in mind?"

"Well," Lory began, "I was thinking of just using Rain, but if you'd like a surname, how about Arashi? (A/N: Arashi means storm in Japanese.) Arashi Rain."

"Hm, I like that. Thank you, President." Rain bowed his head and gave Lory a kind smile. "Thank you for taking care of me."

"You're welcome, Mo- Arashi-kun." Lory bowed his head and they all said their goodbyes.

Rain walked down the stairs and thought about what he received.

Jelly gave her a wig of her original hairstyle for whenever Kyoko needed to get out of disguise. "Should I change back now?" she wondered. "I came here as Kyoko, but I also came here as Rain... Rain is such a pretty name! It's like a knight rescuing his fairy princess! I get to act like a knight until President tells me to stop? But I'll have to speak a lot of English and act "cool" all the time. Hm, now that I think about it... Muse told me to act like Tsuruga-san with a bit of adjustments. Why Tsuruga-san though? Maybe it's because he's Japan's most desirable man and he's a great person. Now that I think about it, isn't Tsuruga-san-" Rain's thoughts were interrupted.

Rain took a turn after walking down the stairs, and as he made a turn at the corner, he bumped into something... or someone. "Oof! H- Hey! You should watch where you're... Tsuruga Ren?"

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