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Freddie's POV


My alarm clock blared in my ears. It sucks that I have to wake up at a certain time on the weekends. My mom has a day planner of when I am supposed to get up, eat, do homework, and sleep. Sometimes I don't follow the rules though. You know why. Because I'm bad. Anyway, I turn off my alarm clock and get out of bed, still rubbing sleep out of my eyes. I walk right past my calender without reading it, which was not I smart idea. I walk into my bathroom and brush my teeth. Still swaying slightly due to lack of sleep. I then, strip off my clothes and get in the shower.

The water was very soothing. I was so close to passing out. I really need to talk to my mom about this schedule. Anyway I start lathering my hair with my favorite shampoo that always smell like strawberries. It doesn't seem to smell like much today. Weird. I lather, rinse and repeat my hair blindly since it was hard to keep my eyes open. I hate waking up a 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday. I make sure to shampoo my hair twice since my mom still makes me sign those agreement sheets. Yeah, I don't know. After rinsing for the last time I get out of the shower while drying myself. I walk past the mirror and as I do I see, from the corner of my eye, a flash of bright pink go across too.

What the? I back up a bit and turn back to the mirror. I scream like the man I totally am.

PINK! My hair was Pink! And I'm talking about one of those really bright pinks to. Suddenly there was really frantic knocks at my bathroom door that almost made me practically jump out of my skin.

"Freddie Bear! Are you okay in there sweetie pie?

"I'm fine mom!" What a horrible lie.

"Are you sure?" No

"Yes, mom. Just go."

"...Well, okay." Silence. "You'd tell me if you were hurt right" Oh my God- I mean Gosh!

"Yes I would but I'm completely fine." Lies!

"Okay, bye."

"Bye mom." I wait a bit. It takes five minutes before I finally hear the door open and close. Thank You! Don't get me wrong, I love my mother. It's just that she could get a bit nuts.

I glance back at the mirror and my eyes go wide again. What the hell am I supposed to do with this pink hair! How did I get pink hair anyway? I turn and look inside my shower. There are pink stains on the shower floor. No way. I pick up my shampoo bottle and open it. Inside is some pink clump. I really hope it's not hair dye. I would never be able to wash it out then! I can't go walking around with pink hair! Who the hell even switched my shampoo bottle with this pink stuff any way. I walk out my bathroom cause I just can not look at the bright pink hair anymore. It's hurting my corneas. As I go into my room I catch sight of the calender that I didn't bother to look at when I woke up.

Oh no. How could I have forgotten? In big red letters spell out today. April 1st, otherwise known as April fools day. How could have I been so stupid? It all makes since now. The name pops into my head in big fat letters. The dreaded blond-headed devils name. Sam. She did this. She got into my house and swapped out my shampoo. I knew there was a reason why I wanted to sleep in so much today. It's cause I didn't want to face it. Not only do I hate this day, but I hate this entire month. It's the month in which Sam takes her pranks to the extreme. She says its because every day in April is prank day. This was her explanation when she pranked me in the middle of April. She said" Fredbag think about it. When a person pranks another they say 'April Fools'. It's not like their saying 'April 1st fools'. That means that there is no proof that it's only on April 1st. It must be the whole month."

I know. I didn't really understand it either.

I would try to wash it out, but then I would miss my breakfast time. Then my mom would go into a hissy-fit. I don't really know what a hissy-fit is but it sounds like something crazy she would do. I definitely can't show her my horribly bright pink hair. She would immediately would know Sam did it and wouldn't let me hang out with her anymore... actually that doesn't seem so bad. Although that means I won't be able to hang with Carly either. I swear Sam spends so much time with her, it's like their glued together.

I put on some Jeans and a stripped blue shirt. I manage to find a blue beanie in a drawer. My mom gave it to me for embarrassing reasons. I have a feeling she got it from because it has 'Scotland' written on it. I put it on and make sure that all of my now pink hair is tucked away in the beanie. I walk out of my room to have a tasty breakfast.

"Hello Freddie Bear."

"Hey, mom." I seriously wished that was the end of the conversation. Sadly, it wasn't.

"So...are you positively sure your okay?"


My mom dismissed me from breakfast at 7:30. I purposely spilled syrup on myself so that I can have a excuse to take a shower. After my mom calmed down after having a fit about being careful while you eat, I went into my room. I discarded my now sticky shirt and pants, and jumped in the shower. I tried my best to scrub out the pink in my hair. The water in the tub did come out pink. That must be a good sign. Apparently it wasn't. When I stepped out the shower my hair still blinded my poor eyes with its pink hue. It didn't all come out.

Well this sucks.

Two miserable hours later.

After putting on some clothes and staring at myself in the mirror horrified for hours, I decided to head over to Carly's. I couldn't bare to stare at my reflection for another second. My eyes hurt. When I turned away from the mirror it took me a while for my eyes to adjust. Bright pink sucks! I make sure to slip on my beanie before leaving my room.

"Honey, Where are you going and why do you keep wearing that beanie. You've never worn it before. Fredward Benson! Are you hiding something from me!"

"No ma, I just felt like wearing it today. Why are you questioning me anyway? Shouldn't you be happy and relieved? Weren't you the one who bought this beanie for me so that I won't get a head burn? Weren't you the one who freaked out about how the sun rays could go through the spaces in my hair and burn my scalp?" I know. I have a weird mom.

"I guess your right. Sorry Sweetie." Phew. That was close. I was sure she was going to check under the beanie anyway.

"Its fine mom. I'm just going over to Carly's. See ya later." I leave the apartment before she could answer. I couldn't risk her changing her mind. I knocked on Carly's door. It took a minute but the door opened. The first thing I noticed was a small flash of bright green. Then I realized it was Carly's hair! Sam must have got her too. There was only a bit of green in her hair though. It was at the roots and the tips of her hair. She steps aside to let me in.

"It was Sam wasn't it?" I say with a knowing smirk.


"Yeah, she got me too." I take off my beanie for her to see my now pink hair. She blinks a bit. I must have been due to the brightness. Then she stares at me unbelievably.

"Freddie, you idiot!" Ouch, that hurt. I was a little taken a back. She fell for Sams prank too so why am I the idiot to be yelled at. I was about to reply but she kept talking. "You were supposed to was it out quickly or it will stay like that for a week!"

"Really? Oh Man!" That explains why only parts of her hair is green she must have washed it right away. I was going to tell her why I couldn't wash my hair immediately (because of my psycho mother) when the door opened and interrupted me.

"Yo, what-is up?" It was Sam. And I can just tell that she is trying not to laugh. It really was a failed attempt because now she is literally laughing her ass off.

"It's not funny, Puckett!" Great, now she's wiping tears out of her eyes. It just shames me that my hair looks that funny. She regains her posture and her laughs clam down into chuckles.

"Yeah it kind of is. I see that Carly was smart enough to wash it out right away. Now she only has a little green in her hair that should go away in about two days. You on the other hand, being as stupid as you are, should start looking forward in the future of about a week of pink hair." Now she's chuckling again. As if I don't feel humiliated enough.

"Sam you are so mean." Carly whines. Wow I totally forgot she was here.

"You just watch it Puckett, because I am going to get you back for this." Yeah I'm threatening her. Which is probably not a good idea considering it's her prank month.

"Oh No. Not the antibacterial nerd. I'm shaking in my shoes." Her words are just dripping with sarcasm. She really loves making my life a living hell.

"You just watch it"

"Yeah whatever. I'll be in the ICarly studio." She starts heading upstairs. Thats odd.

"Don't you want to steal food from Carly's fridge first?"

"Na, I left some ribs up there yesterday" Of Course. Only Sam. "Anyway see ya Carleen and Fredink." And she jogs upstairs, her laughs getting fainter.

'"Can you believe this."

" It's Sam. Of course I can. Anyway it's not that bad." Is she serious?

"Easy for you to say. You weren't the target of her past pranks. I'm just tired of her pranks and now that its April she can kind of get away with it. But not anymore because I am going to get her back for all of the pranks she did to me."

"Freddie your over reacting."

"Maybe I am but I don't care." I grab my beanie off the floor and head up the stairs, already thinking of what I am going to do to get my revenge on Sam.

Look out Sam. Revenge is coming and his name is Freddie Benson.

...Well that sounded lame.

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